How to Store a Mattress? 6 Easy Steps For You

How to Store a Mattress 6 Easy Steps For You

Mattresses are the most comfortable yet expensive thing in your room, and almost every person has to downsize the mattress whether he/she is getting married or moving to a new home. It is compulsory to store the mattress with the movement of your life so it can last long.

There are many ways to store your mattress; some people put two mattresses on top of each other which would crush the structure of the mattress, while some others would pack the mattress in a plastic cover that would also shorten their life so, these both are not good ways to store the mattress so, here we are going to show you the best ways to store your bed so, it can last for a long time in storage.

But the question that arises here is how long can you keep your mattress safe? So, the answer is between 7 to 10 years through many other factors influence, but this is the number that we can give you if you store your mattress properly.

How to Clean a Mattress that’s been in Storage?

The best way to clean it is with a wet cloth and soap. Just see where the mattress needs to be cleaned, and then hand rub the soap and then rub the wet cloth on it.

How to Clean a Mattress that's been in Storage

If your mattress is in storage for a while, we recommend you clean the whole surface of the mattress with a wet cloth and soap and not just one part of it.

How to Store a Mattress?

If you do not know how to store a mattress, we will share the process of how you can store the mattress step by step, and it will be safe for a long time. So, keep reading.

1. Clean your Mattress

There are chances that when you take the mattress out of your storage for use, it would be dirty and full of germs so, you can avoid this by doing the cleaning when you are putting it in the storage. Some people might hesitate to do this cleaning, but there are easy ways to clean the mattress.

The first thing is to remove the mattress from your bed base and then remove the sheets, pillow covers, and blankets from it. Now when you have only the mattress, it is time to apply the baking soda fully to the surface of the mattress. Now let baking soda absorb in the mattress and clean every inch of it.

Clean your Mattress

After an hour, vacuum the mattress, and now, baking soda will be able to remove all the stains on your mattress. Now let air dry your mattress for at least 24 hours, and once it is fully dry, you can move to the next step.

2. Store it in the Storage Bag

Now when your mattress is clean, it is time to proceed further, and in this step, you have to pack the mattress so the dirt, dust, and moisture won’t reach the mattress during its storage time. There are many people that pack the mattress in the plastic sheet, which we won’t recommend to you.

You can store the mattress in the mattress storage bag that is easily available in many hardware stores and online. You just need to find the best fit for your mattress. Storing the mattress in the storage bag is the best option; though it might cost you some bucks, your mattress will be clean after many years in storage.

However, if you still want to store the mattress in plastic wrap, make sure you properly clean it after some time so the moisture won’t damage the shape of your mattress.

3. Transporting Your Mattress

This is also very important to address for the safety of you and your mattress. I have seen people put their mattress on the roof of their car and then transport or put it in some open pick-up and then move to the storage place, but they don’t know that they are endangering their and others’ lives too who are traveling on the roads.

Transporting Your Mattress

So, we recommend you avoid these modes of transportation that we mentioned above. The best way to move your mattress is by renting a truck. It might cost you a bit, but the mattress would reach its destination very safely.

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4. Climate-Controlled Storage

It is best to store a mattress in a climate-controlled storage unit since this will protect the mattress from the unpredictability of the weather during all seasons. Your mattress will be protected against extreme heat in the summer and icy temperatures in the winter when stored in this type of storage unit.

In addition to keeping your mattress dry, temperature-controlled storage units can help keep moisture out, which can lead to mold growth. Your mattress will remain in excellent condition if you maintain an optimal temperature and moisture level.

5. Store your Mattress

Now you have reached the destination where you want to store your mattress, so it’s time to place it. People try to place the mattress on the wall to save space around the mattress, but they don’t know that it would damage the interior of your mattress.

Store your Mattress

You can do it for the short term, but storing your mattress for a long time will cause severe damage. If you have some room in the storage unit, we would recommend you place your mattress on the ground but before lying on the mattress, make sure you put a layer of cloth or any material beneath the mattress.

6. Don’t Place Anything on it

Gravity can be a factor if you have your mattress resting on something or something above it. Ensure your bed is not weighed down to avoid wear and tear. A plastic cover for the mattress and box spring is the only thing that should be present.

How to Store a Mattress against a Wall?

There are chances that you plan to store the mattress against the wall. It is because you want to save someplace, but as we said above, this is not a good option to store the mattress against a wall for a long period because it would damage the structure of your mattress, and we don’t recommend you to store your mattress vertically.

How to Store a Mattress against a Wall

However, if you want to store the mattress for a short period of time, like one or two days, you can do it, but the period should be concise if you want to save your mattress.

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How to Store a Mattress in the Garage?

The right way to protect your mattress, whether it’s stored in a spare room, garage, or storage unit, will ensure that it lasts longer and will help you to maximize your investment. When a mattress is not being used, it’s still wise to take extra precautions to keep it in good condition.

If you are planning to store your mattress in your garage. In that case, you can follow all the above steps except moving the mattress and storing it in a climate-controlled environment. Still, we would suggest you store the mattress in your garage if it’s well ventilated because it is good for the durability of your mattress.

Is it Bad to Store a Mattress on its Side?

The fillings in a mattress can be disturbed and moved when they are leaned on their side. It may no longer provide the same comfort and support when it’s taken out of storage. As long as you don’t move them too much, foam and latex mattresses can be stored on their sides.

How to Store a Mattress in the Attic?

You should not store your mattress in the basement or attic: Although it may seem like a great idea to store your mattress in an empty corner of your basement or attic, it will cause mold to grow.

How to Store a Mattress in the Attic

The basement or attic is a dark, damp place where mold and mildew flourish. As this doesn’t seem like a good storage option for your mattress, we don’t recommend it.

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How to Store a Mattress – FAQs

How bad is it to store a mattress on its side?
When you are storing the mattress on its side, then the structure of the mattress might damage, and when you bring it back to use, it might not be able to find the mattress comfortable and supportive as it was before so, we don’t recommend storing the mattress on its side for a long time.
How long can a mattress stay in a box?
There are some people that recommend that you have to unpack the mattress and take it out of the box immediately as it has arrived, or you can do it within the first week of its arrival; however, there are many shopkeepers that keep the mattress inbox for two months or even longer than this period of time.
How long can you leave a mattress on its side?
Make sure you transport the mattress with the same safety measures after removing it from storage. After reaching its destination, remove its plastic packaging and let it air out. The bed needs to be left untouched for at least 24 hours before further work is done. You can leave the mattress on its side for only one day. We won’t recommend you do it for longer than one day.
How long does a mattress take off the gas?
The answer is that mattresses contain many chemicals that cause them to be off-gas. As they are commonly called, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) have various properties. However, most of those gases will decompose within one to three weeks after you have owned the mattress. So, a mattress would take five to seven days to off-gas.


Our Summary

If you are planning to move to your new house or want to store your mattress for any reason, you would need guidance to store the mattress safely for a longer time. This is why we compiled this guide on storing the mattress efficiently. We assure you that if you follow the above steps and store the mattress, it will be in the same condition when you unpack it for use after many years.

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