Cot Vs Air Mattress in 2024 – Which One Is Best For You?

Cot Vs Air Mattress - Which One Is Best For You
  1. Looking for a camping mattress but don’t know which to choose between, the camping Cot Vs. Air mattress? Both are good and provide great features like the cots are durable, and the Air mattress provides adjustable firmness. It depends on your choice of which onesies are better for you.

As you might want to know, are air mattresses good for your back? So, they are good for back because you have multiple hard and soft options in them. But at the same time, there might be a person who might think that it is bad to sleep on an air mattress? So, for the short term, an air mattress is good, but it can lead to back pain for a long time.

So, many camping ninjas are confused about which one they should use, so for all who are confused, you need to read this comparison, and all your doubts will be gone, and you will have your answer.

Difference Between Cot and Air Mattress

This comparison between these two will give you an idea of which one is the ideal option for you. Below we are going to explain both these and list down their pros and cons.

Points Cot Air Mattress
Set up The setup of the cot is very easy and you won’t need any extra equipment. The setup is easy but you would need a pump that makes it hard.
Comfort Cot lacks comfort. Air mattress is more comfortable.
Keeps you Warm The cot does not keep you warm. The Air mattress keeps you warm.
Lightweight The cot is lightweight as compared to an air mattress. The air mattress is not lightweight as compared to the cot.
Space The cot covers a lot of space in your luggage. The air mattress covers very less space in your camping luggage.
Durability A cot is a durable option. Air mattress lacks durability because they can leak or puncture.

What is Camping Cots?

The cot is a bed that people use in their camping adventures when real beds are not there. These costs are very lightweight, and portable and you will set them within some minutes at your camping site. The material in these corsair wooden frames and the fabric is nylon, canvas, polyester, or linen, so you have multiple options. These cots are available in many sizes like the king-size camping cot, queen-size camping cot, twin-size camping cot, and Full-size camping cot. 

What is Camping Cots

You might have assumed that the cot is for the emergency, so you are right; they can be used in an emergency, but they are the best option for recreational activities like camping. The other thing about the cot is that their price is very low compared to the air mattresses. 

How to make the Cot more Comfortable?

The best way we can see to make your cot more comfortable is with the help of sleeping pads. You can say these are the best camping cot mattresses that would make camping nights very comfortable for you. These pads are very easy to carry and handle in camping situations. 

The other option that you can use to make your cot comfortable is the air mattress that we are going to explain in the next section but there is a fight between sleeping pad vs Air mattress. 

There are many senior campers whom we talked to use these sleeping pads or air mattresses to make their time more comfortable.  So, you can go for both options. These are very good options to enhance the cushioning of your cot. You can enjoy the coziness of your bed in the camping area with these sleeping pads. 

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How to make the Cot more Comfortable

Are Camping Cots Comfortable?

Now, this is a very common question asked by some newbie campers if camping cots are comfortable? So, for the short term, yes, and for a long time, No. You might be thinking, why? Cots are designed for emergency periods, so comfort was not their priority. But it is a good option for the campers to sleep because of its lightweight and comfort. 

  • The cot is a very lightweight and portable option for the campers.
  • It gives you a place to lie above ground free from insects.
  • Good and durable option for camping environments.
  • It can also be your bench if you want to rest on hiking trails.
  • It is not a comfortable option for sleeping.
  • Using a cot for more than one day can lead to back pain.



What is the Air Mattress?

This air mattress is the best inflatable option for campers who want to sleep comfortably at camping sites. You can also call them inflatable camping cots because they are straightforward to handle similarly to cots. These air beds or mattresses can be made with two types of material. One is rubber, and the other is polyvinyl chloride.

What is the Air Mattress

These inflatable mattresses are very lightweight, and you can take them wherever you want without any hustle. Air mattresses are very common and popular among campers. You can also use these mattresses as the tent cot air mattress, and it would increase your comfort level in your tent.

Two types of air mattresses are available in the market, one that you need to pump and the other that will be self-inflatable. You can choose between both, but we recommend you go for the self-inflatable option though it will cost more bucks. But you need to know one thing even in the self-inflatable option; you need to adjust the firmness on your own.

How to Keep an Air Mattress Warm?

The air mattresses are the colder options, so they are great if you are camping in summers, but what about winters? They can be a very big problem for you so, what is the solution and how can you keep your air mattress warm? So, we would suggest you use sleeping bags.

We know that these sleeping bags are not a very good option for comfort, but they are good to retain heat, so if you use the sleeping bags with a combination of air mattresses, you can keep them warm and enjoy a very cozy night at the camping site.

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How to Keep an Air Mattress Warm

Is Sleeping on an Air mattress Bad for you?

Yes, if you plan to use the airbed mattress for a long time, they are bad for you, but they are a good, comfortable option for a short time. If you use them for a long period, it can lead to back pain and fatigue because it does not provide the adequate support needed for your body.

  • The air mattress gives you the comfort level of your home mattress.
  • You don’t need a dedicated space to store this air mattress.
  • The firmness and softness are in your hands on the inflatable mattress.
  • The mattress is very budget-friendly.
  • t would take too much space in your tent.
  • You might need to carry a pump with you.



Differences Between Air Mattress Vs. Cot

There are some differences between these two mattresses that we are going to explain below:


When it comes to the price, both these mattresses are affordable options in the market. You will get the mattress for 50 bucks, and if you want a premium one, you can buy it under the $500 range $500, so, in the price comparison, both are the same. Both mattresses are a good option for the campers, for the price because both will be within your budget.


There is no definition of comfort in the dictionary because it is a subjective word, and everyone can have a different feeling of comfort. So, you should have this thing in mind before you start reading. Who is the winner in terms of comfortability? We talked to many campers, so, according to them, the air mattress is way more comfortable than the camping cot.

Comfortability of Air Mattress

It gives the controls in your hands you can control the firmness levels according to your comfort; however, you can also make the cots comfortable by using the cot with the air mattresses, which would increase the cost. However, it is the best mattress for a camping cot.

The clear winner for this comparison is the air mattresses.

Set up

As you know that both are for camping purposes, and their setup is really easy compared to some other portable furniture on the market. However, there are some things that can make setting up harder for you while camping, so listen to these first before driving to any conclusion.

When you set up the air mattress, you would need a pump which could be a problem for you. But on the other hand, the cot is very easy to set up, and you don’t need any extra equipment.

So, when it comes to the setup, the cot is the clear winner because it is very easy to set up compared to the air mattress.

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The cot and air mattress both are made for tougher conditions, so they are durable, but the question is which one is more durable between these two so, we would say that cot is more durable as compared to the air mattress because there is a risk always that air mattress will leak or puncture while for the cot you don’t have any issues like these.

So, the cot is the winner again when it comes to durability.

Insulation and Warmth

You should see the insulation and warmth of both the options available for the campers. These both things are really important for the campers. So, in comparing warmth and insulation, air mattresses beat the camping cot because they provide people with great insulation from the ground, and if you use them with your sleeping bag, they are a good option to keep you warm.

Insulation and Warmth of air matress

So, for insulation and warmth, the air mattress is the winner.


This is the most important point for the campers because they have to walk while carrying these things, so portability is essential for them. As both options are made for camping, then both are portable, but the question is which one is more portable?

If you have less space, then the air mattress is the best option, but if you want to reduce the weight, then cots are a good lightweight option, so no one is the winner here; you can choose according to your requirements.

Cot Vs. Air Mattress – FAQs

Which one is better, Cot or Air mattress?
The purpose of the whole article is to know which one is better, so the answer is if you are looking for comfort, then the air mattress is the best option, but when easy set up is your concern, you should go for the cot. So, which one is better depends on your requirements
Can I put an air mattress on a cot?
Yes, you can put on an air mattress or cot if you want to increase the comfort level of your cot. However, it would not be a very reliable option for you. You can sleep for a short period of time but not for long because that can cause back pain and fatigue.
Should I Camp with a Cot?
Yes, you can camp with the cot, especially in the summers because it keeps you up from the ground so you are safe from the insects and it keeps you ventilated, a good option for camping in summers. These are very lightweight and can be easily set up, so they are a good option.


Our Verdict

Cot vs. Air mattress both options are really good for the campers because they are lightweight, easy to set up, and provide comfort, but which one is better? So, the answer would be according to your requirements.

If you are looking for a comfortable option, then an air mattress is good, but if you want a lightweight option that can be set up easily, you should go for the cot.

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