How Long Do Sleep Number Beds Last? (Everything You Need To Know)

How Long Do Sleep Number Beds Last (Everything You Need To Know)

Sleep Number is a well-known bedding box brand. Regardless of whether you have ever possessed one, you have run over their advertisements on television. This brand makes numerous sleeping cushions, even those for youngsters and RVs. Their beds include advanced tech, which is one reason behind their notoriety. If you are keen on a Sleep Number bed, there would be one significant inquiry you want to pose to yourself: How long does a Sleep number bed last?

Right now, there have been many reports of beddings sagging rashly. To try not to succumb to such, you ought to decide on the durability of a mattress before getting it. Today, we will focus on the life expectancy of a Sleep Number bed.

How Long Should a Sleep Number Bed Last

Moreover, Sleep Number beds are intended to adjust to your body’s requirements and inclinations. The beds have sensors that continuously sensor pressure points and change the sleeping pad to offer help where you want it most. They will likewise change temperatures relying on your body temperature.

This can be interesting to numerous who have sleeping challenges or ailments. In any case, quality sleeping cushions, particularly ones with this sort of technology, aren’t modest, so it means it’s important to know how long they will endure.

The Sleep Number beds can keep going for as long as 10 years or more. There is likewise a 15-year restricted warranty for the items. You can look at the subtleties to find out about it. You need to search for the signs and choose when now is the right time to change your mattress.

How Long Should a Sleep Number Bed Last

Check for the signs like:

  • Sagging.
  • Absence of lumbar support.
  • Air loss.
  • Noises.

Sleep Number offers a 15-year warranty on its sleeping cushions to back their cases. This guarantee will cover any fixes or substitutions during the main year. From that point, you will be approached to pay for these administrations.

From the above mentioned, Sleep Number beds appear to be a great decision for any sleeper that needs to get an incentive for their cash. 

Steps to keep your Sleep Number bed in Good Condition

To keep your Sleep Number bed looking great and to make sure that it will endure longer, you ought to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.

  • It incorporates regular cleaning
  •  Rotating the mattress to assist with decreasing wear and tear.
  • Furthermore, you ought to utilize a proper foundation or adjustable base with your Sleep Number bed to boost its life span.

15-years is a better-than-expected life expectancy for a sleeping cushion. Usually, sleeping pads last between 8-10 years before being supplanted. So, we recommend giving the mattress a shot in-store before you buy just to ensure it is an ideal choice for you.

Since a bed is considered high Quality doesn’t guarantee to mean it will be agreeable for you. You additionally need to consider if the mattress is reasonably affordable for you. By the day’s end, everything no doubt revolves around your preference and comfort.

How Do You Know When To Replace A Sleep Number Bed?

There are tell-tale signs of when it’s the right time to replace your Sleep Number bed. Let’s take a look at them underneath.

Affecting Your Sleep in a Bad Way

Over time, your bed might begin to give indications of wear and tear. You may notice that your bed has bumps or plunges, which influences the support it offers while you sleep.

If you are finding it hard to settle in your bed and wake up feeling more depleted than when you fell asleep, then, it might be an ideal opportunity to supplant your sleeping cushion.

Affecting Your Sleep in a Bad Way

Despite the fact that Sleep Number beds have settings to change the firmness options of your bed, this doesn’t imply that you should ignore the signs of wear and tear.

Unpleasant Odor

One more significant opportunity to replace your Sleep Number bed is if you notice an unpleasant odor. Mattress retains sweat, body oils, and dirt over time, making them powerless against microbe development and other contaminants. 

These unpleasant scents can prompt medical conditions if not addressed and could be an indication that it is the ideal opportunity for another bed. Likewise, if you notice your allergies are more terrible while resting in your bed, this could be because of microscopic organisms’ development.

Your Body Is Stiff

If you are awakening feeling older than your genuine age, then it might be an ideal opportunity to replace your sleeping pad. Indeed, even with the Sleep Number bed’s underlying innovation that changes as you move over the course of the night, aging sleeping cushions will ultimately turn out to be too firm and not offer sufficient help.

You ought to likewise focus on any aches or pains that wait for extensive stretches of time after waking. This could be a sign that your bedding is done offering the support you want to sleep soundly.

Not keeping up with Air

Sleep Number Mattress doesn’t have springs or curls like other traditional beddings, so they depend on air chamber innovation to provide Support.

If you observe that your air mattress isn’t keeping up with its air pressure or there are times when your Sleep Number bed will be haphazardly empty, then, at that point, it will be an ideal opportunity to replace it. This could be because of a glitch in the pump system or wear and tear in the air chamber Walls.

Not keeping up with Air

If your bedding is still under guarantee and this is going on, you ought to contact the maker promptly to check whether they will replace it free of charge. However, if the guarantee has terminated, you might have to buy a new mattress.

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Over 15 Years Old

If your Sleep Number Mattress is more than 15 years of age and you are encountering any of the previously mentioned issues, then, at that point, it’s most certainly time for a replacement.

Sleep Number beds might last longer than other sleeping cushions, yet they actually need replacing after a specific timeframe. Regardless of whether you have been persistent with keeping up with your bed and following the maintenance instructions, after 15 years, now is the right time to replace your mattress.

Durability issues associated with Sleep Number mattresses

Despite the fact that there are reviews guaranteeing that Sleep Number beds keep going for over a decade, others claim the bed separates within a year or two. Underneath, we have gathered some of the durability issues gives that Sleep Number Mattress proprietors have frequently posted.

Sagging – This issue influences Sleep Number and all beds overall. Since Sleep Number sleeping cushions have two adjustable sides, some of the time, the bed can sink in the center. In the sleeping pad industry, this is referred to as the trench effect. You can send the bedding to the producer for fixing or supplanting it together.

Air Loss – If you take a look at the design of a Sleep Number bed, you will see air chambers underneath the foam. These air chambers can start losing air because of issues with the actual chamber or the hose that supplies the air. If your Sleep Number sleeping pad is encountering air loss, comfort will be compromised.

Technological malfunction – This is an overall issue with Sleep Number beddings. Since these beds integrate high-tech parts, for example, the remote or pump can glitch, influencing your sleep experience. Despite the fact that Sleep Number has done a commendable job by instructing its clients on utilizing these beddings, not every person is tech-savvy. Likewise, after some time, the technological angles will undoubtedly fall flat.

Durability issues associated with Sleep Number mattresses

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Does Sleep Number’s Total Protection Mattress Pad Help Prolong Its Lifespan?

Sleep Number beds are in many cases sold alongside a Mattress pad. The producer says that this cushion makes a line of protection against stains and different things. However obvious, the role the mattress pad plays in delaying the life expectancy of this bedding is negligible. Indeed, it might add a couple of months to the existence of your Sleep Number mattress. However, don’t anticipate that the bed should keep going for three or four additional years since you sleep on a Mattress pad

How Often Should You Replace Your Sleep Number Mattress?

Having established that Sleep Number sleeping cushions don’t keep going for over 15 years, as an intrigued purchaser, you might think about how frequently I should supplant this bed. As per our master examination, a Sleep Number bedding can endure from 2 to 8 years. The most extreme time frame a Sleep Number sleeping pad can last is 12 years.

Consequently, after every ten years, you might need to change your Sleep Number sleeping pad. You might be compelled to supplant a Sleep Number sleeping pad sooner than the above-provided estimate when it begins showing the above issues. For example, assuming this bed begins to sag or the chambers begin losing air, you can either send it to the producer for fixes. Or on the other hand, get another one. The best opportunity to purchase another sleep Number bed is during special events like public occasions and the shopping extravaganzas following Thanksgiving.

How Would I Fix Sagging of Sleep Number Bedding?

One of the most widely recognized complaints sent off against Sleep Number beds is Sagging. It mostly occurs after a couple of years. On their site, Sleep Number has recommended a few strategies you can use to fix the Sagging. The technique involves opening the bedding cover and shaking the foam to distribute it uniformly and on parts that might have formed dips. This method is more of a temporary fix, and if the foam layer is extremely worn out, Sleep Number encourages you to contact them for substitution.

How Would I Fix Sagging of Sleep Number Bedding

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Despite the fact that they might send you one more layer of foam to install in your bed, for how long will you have to keep up with such? There are a lot of durable mattresses that you can sleep on for over 10 years, and you won’t ever need to manage to sag. 

Does Sleep Number Honor Their Warranty?

Sleep Number does honor their guarantee. The issue is that it’s just accessible in the first year. From that point, the guarantee is pro-rated up to the fifteenth year. The meaning of a pro-rated guarantee is that you will cause some maintenance or substitution costs. You won’t pay 100 percent for maintenance or substitution of a Sleep Number bed, however, you should pay something toward the day’s end.

Basically, Sleep Number honors its guarantee, yet relatively few individuals are satisfied with pro-rated terms. Assuming you are yet to purchase a Sleep Number bed, you ought to consider a lifetime guarantee sleeping cushion that will last 10 to 20 years. Dissimilar to Sleep Number, which will not completely take special care of hanging and different issues, brands, for example, Saatva and Puffy have a lifetime guarantee. These brands have direct terms, and they will respect their guarantees without a second thought.

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How Long Do Sleep Number Beds Last – FAQs

Do Sleep Number beds need to be rotated?
You cannot flip or rotate Sleep Number mattresses. It is a one-sided mattress and each layer and part of the mattress has a specific function.
How do you fix a dip in a Sleep Number bed?
Steps to fix a dip in a Sleep Number bed. Remove all bedding. Locate the zipper at the head of the bed and unzip it to remove the top cover panel. Use your hands to inspect the foam comfort layer. Place the foam between both hands to feel from the corner to where your body lies. Hold the top cover panel on one side and shake it like a rug to fluff. Repeat on all four sides before zipping back on.
What is the lifespan of a Sleep Number bed?
Ordinary mattresses tend to need replacing every 8-10 years, but the Sleep Number 360® smart bed is designed to last 15 years or more.
Do Sleep Number beds sag over time?
Yes, Bed sagging can occur in Sleep Number ® Beds when the air chambers are not supported properly on all four sides
Do Sleep Number beds have mold problems?
Yes, Sleep Number beds do get mold because there’s not much ventilation within the mattress, moisture stays in the mattress, and it eventually builds up, causing the mattress to start growing mold. It can trigger allergies, and the company doesn’t accept returns for this specific reason
Are Sleep number beds causing back pain?
If you’re waking up feeling sore or in pain you may be sleeping at the wrong Sleep Number setting as Sleep Number and their adjustable mattresses are designed to help alleviate pain and provide contoured, pressurized support to your back.


Final Verdict

Sleep Number Mattresses have lots of intriguing elements. To begin with, they permit you to change the bed’s firmness levels by inflating or deflating it. This element ensures you sleep on a comfortable bed. Furthermore, these beds have tracking features that can assist with promoting quality rest. However, despite what the producers say, Sleep Number beds don’t frequently keep going for over 15 years. The longest a Sleep Number bed can last is 10 to 12 years.

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