Three Easy Ways to Cut A Memory Foam Mattress – 2024 Guide

Three Easy Ways to Cut A Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foams are one of the best materials for mattresses nowadays. There is much evidence that they are very helpful for people with back pain. In addition, it can improve your sleep quality and your overall health. There are many people that are looking for Memory foam mattresses of specific dimensions, but finding the mattress according to your needs is a very rare thing. 

If you want your memory foam to fit in some specific place then the best option is to cut it. There are many ways to cut memory foam, but the easiest or best way to cut memory foam is with an electric knife. So if you are very new and don’t know how to cut memory foam, this article is for you. 

But first, you have to think if cutting memory foam is safe for you or not. Let’s find out.

 Is it Safe to Cut a Memory Foam Mattress?

There are many people that have space issues they want their mattresses to fit in very limited spaces in which the mattress can’t be fitted without cutting. So, to fit the mattress in that space, they have to cut the Memory foam mattress; otherwise, their money and time both will be wasted, but the question that arises here is if is it safe to cut the mattress or not. 

So, the answer to this question is that yes, it is safe to cut the Memory foam mattress, but you need to be very gentle while cutting the Memory foam and don’t put pressure on the Memory Foam because it would damage the material of your mattress. Before all this, you need to know how much you want to cut the mattress because then you can perfectly cut the mattress for the perfect fit you want for your space. 

How to Cut a Memory Foam Mattress?

When you are going to cut your mattress, there are some things that you need to determine before cutting the mattress. We are going to tell you all those things, so keep reading. 

How to Cut a Memory Foam Mattress

Determine the Dimensions of your Place

Firstly you need to know how much size or dimensions of the mattress you would need to fit your place. You don’t have to cut it without measuring. Take a measuring tape and then attentively measure the area where you want to fit the mattress. 

Because once you cut the mattress, the manufacturer’s warranty is voided so, suppose if you cut anything wrong, your money and time both things will be wasted. So, you need to know that these things should be done very carefully. 

Take a Marker and Ruler

Now you have taken the measurements of the place where you want your mattress to fit. Now you need to take a marker and mark how much you need to cut your mattress but make sure to have some margin while drawing the lines with the marker. 

Because those marked lines would help you cut the perfect size that would fit into your place and avoid any kind of miscutting, it will save you time and, most importantly, money. 

Size of the Mattress

The mattress size is very important, and when you need to cut the mattress, you should know the different sizes of the mattress because that would help you determine how much you want to cut from which size of the memory foam. 

There are mattress types according to size, and every mattress has different dimensions. For example, the twin mattress type has a size of 38” x 75” and the twin XL has a size of 38” x 80”, the size of the full-size mattress is 53” x 75”, and the queen-size mattress’s dimensions are 60” x 80”, king size mattress’s dimensions are 76” x 80” and the California king size mattress has the dimensions of 72” x 84”. 

These are the different dimensions you need to know when you want to cut the mattress for some specific place. 

Remove the Mattress Cover

When you know all about the sizes and dimensions that you need to cut the mattress, you have to remove the mattress cover before you start cutting your mattress. There are many mattresses whose covers are fixed, and you need to cut them to open them.

Remove the Mattress cover

Now you need to take the help of scissors, cut the mattress’s cover, and then put it in another place. But make sure you remove all the zippers of the mattress because that might create some problems while cutting the mattress, and there are many zippers added to the mattresses by the manufacturers. 

Cut the Mattress

This is the most crucial task for you because one small mistake can ruin your whole mattress, and it will be wasted because you can’t use the damaged mattress. When you are cutting the mattress, don’t put much pressure on it as we told you earlier, it would distort the mattress. 

When you start cutting, you need to make sure that your saw is straight and prevent it from moving while cutting because that will also damage the shape of the mattress, you need to cut the mattress with a straight saw while holding it very tightly. 

When you cut the mattress, make sure you are doing it on a clean flat surface because that will provide you very hard support and prevent the saw from moving. Three methods are practiced while cutting the mattress that we’ll mention and explain below:

  • Large Saw
  • Hot Wire
  • Electric saw

These are the three methods now; let’s explain all these three methods and how you can use them to cut mattresses. 

Using Large Saw

I think this is the most professional way to cut the mattress and most of the shops that provide this service of cutting the mattress use this large saw to cut the mattresses. But not everyone has access to this kind of big business saw so, firstly we would recommend you to go to this shop where professionals will cut the mattress with you, but if you want to do it yourself, then you need to find this large saw and then cut the mattress horizontally with it but very carefully. 

Using Hot Wire

This is also a very good technique to cut the mattress horizontally, but if you are someone who does not have a good time and very limited space, then you should avoid this method to cut the mattress because time and space are the two important things in this cutting process. 

Using Hot Wire

In this process, you need to heat the wire to a specific temperature to cut the mattress according to your needs. We suggest that if you are planning to start a business to offer the cutting service, you should use this technique; otherwise, cutting one mattress for your boat might not be very suitable because it would need a very open space and a lot of time. 

Using Electric Saw

This is the easiest and best way to cut the mattress, and in this cutting process, you just need to hold the saw firmly, and the saw will do the rest for you. This electric saw cuts the mattress accurately compared to some other methods explained in this article. But first, you need to do all the things that we have mentioned before. 

Make sure you have marked all the dimensions that you need to cut with the marker. If all these things are done, you just need to play with the saw and cut the mattress. This is how easy the mattress cutting would be for you with the electric saw but do it with firm hands because moving the electric saw can be very dangerous for you and your mattress. 

Can Memory Foam be Cut?

Yes, you can cut Memory foam according to your needs. For example, some people need to adjust the Memory foam in their boats or some other places where the normal sizes of the mattresses can not be adjusted, so they have to cut the mattress to get fit in that space. 

There are various methods that you can try to cut the mattress and all of them we mentioned above but make sure you have measurement tape, marker, and a suitable place to cut the mattress because these things are very crucial, and if you miss only 1 inch while cutting your mattress will be wasted. 

Can Memory Foam be Cut 

You need to take care of some other things, like not putting pressure on the mattress because that would damage its shape. Also, there are some other materials in the mattress like gel and some others; if your mattress has that, Some people might it hard to cut them compared to memory foam mattresses. 

Best Way to Cut Foam Mattress

If you ask us, the easiest way to cut the mattress is to cut it with an electric saw. You might be thinking that why is it easy to cut the mattress with the electric saw? Then it is because the electric saw works effortlessly and you don’t have to put in a lot of effort like the manual one. 

You just have to mark where you want to cut the mattress and then put the electric saw on that line, and boom, it will start cutting, and you won’t be tired too. This will cut the foam more accurately than any other cutting method, and the edges of the mattress would also be very clean and clear.

There are some important instructions that you need to know before starting to cutting with the electric saw, and that is there is no doubt it is a very easy way to cut the mattress. However, you still need to be very careful because once you start the machine, you have to hold the saw very firmly; if you have a loose grip, it can be very dangerous for you and your mattress, so be very careful with it. 

How to Cut Foam Mattress Topper?

The mattress topper is also a very important mattress for a better quality of sleep. It doesn’t matter if you or the manufacturer makes the mattress foam; there might be a need to trim it to fit your place. The toppers of the mattress are usually made larger than the mattresses, and they can be a problem for your fitted sheets.

So, you have to cut the topper of the Memory foam mattress, and we are going to tell you how you can do that in some simple steps:

How to Cut Foam Mattress Topper

Determine the Size

The first step is to know what size of topper you need because there are different mattresses. For example, if you are using an old mattress, you need to measure the topper size. 

Here we are going to share some standard sizes of the mattresses Twin: 39 inches by 75 inches Long Twin: 39 inches by 80 inches Full: 54 inches by 75 inches Queen: 60 inches by 80 inches King: 78 inches by 80 inches California King: 72 inches by 84 inches. 

Now measure the size of the mattress and see how much you have to trim the topper to fit your place. 

Mark the Extra Part

Now when you have measured the topper, you know how much extra part you have to remove. So take a marker and mark the extra part of the topper you want to cut to fit your place. 

Put it on Hard Surface

Now, when you have everything set for you, put that mattress topper on some hard surface because that would allow you to have a firm hold and grip. This way, you will cut the clean edges of the mattress topper but don’t put any extra pressure on it because that might damage your mattress and its shape. 

Put it on Hard Surface

Electric Saw

Now you have the last step, which is to plug the electric saw in and start cutting the topper, and within seconds, you have the trimmed topper that you can use. But don’t use this electric saw with loose hands because that might create some problems for you and your mattress too. 

Important Note

When you cut the mattress to fit your place at that time, the warranty of the manufacturer voids because it doesn’t cover the cutting damage. 

Cut A Memory Foam Mattress – FAQs

Can gel memory foam be cut to size?
Yes, you can cut the gel memory foam, but some specific methods to cut it. Using the tip of your scissors is the best way to cut foam in small pieces and more precisely. Long serrated bread knives work great for this purpose. A bread knife can easily handle memory foam if it’s sharp enough. Sawing motions are needed for cutting through memory foam.
How do you cut foam without hot wire?
The most straightforward way to cut through Styrofoam is with bladed implements, such as knives, box cutters, precision blades like XACT knives, or hacksaws. This is especially effective if you never need to cut curved lines. Also, use an old candle before you cut your styrofoam to ease the cutting process.
What kind of wire do you use for a foam cutter?
The wire that is used to cut the foam is the NiChrome Wire. Ideal selection for Hot Wire Foam Cutting Equipment. Nichrome Wire (NiCr) provides a number of benefits, but in particular, offers extreme corrosion and oxidation resistance at very high temperatures.
How do you cut a 4-inch memory foam mattress?
The heavy-duty scissors can be used in place of knives if they aren’t sharp enough or if yours aren’t suitable. To get a cleaner finish (and more precise cutting), cut your foam into smaller pieces. A serrated knife can be helpful to do this. Also, bread knives can easily slice through memory foam if they are sharp enough. So, if you have a 4-inch, then you can cut this mattress with this technique very easily.
Is gel-infused memory foam worth it?
The layer of coils enhances the breathability of a hybrid mattress within it instead of an all-foam mattress. Gel memory foam is less effective in all-foam models if the mattress’s cover material, breathability, and heat are considered. If you are looking for a high-quality mattress that would be durable, too, you should go with the infused gel memory foam, which would be worth it.


Our Verdict

Sometimes you need to put the mattresses at some places where the normal sizes that are in use could not be fitted so, that is a problem that how you are going to use the mattress there, but the simple solution to this problem is to cut the extra mattress according to your needs. 

Some people are new to mattress cutting, so we have explained the three best ways to cut mattresses: through the large saw, hot wire, and the electric saw. The best way to cut the mattress is with the electric saw because it is accurate and cuts the edges of the mattress very perfectly. 

If you find this article helpful, then make sure you share it with your family and friends who might need this kind of information. 

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