Platform Bed vs. Box Spring 2024 – What’s the Difference?

Platform Bed vs. Box Spring - What's the Difference

The bed base is very important for you, and it changes the overall look and strength of the mattress. There are many mattress bases and designs in the market that you can buy for your bed. The most famous ones in the market are the bed platforms and the box springs. 

In the past century, many firm bases became very popular, and it holds the weight of the mattress and gives some extra strength to your mattress, which also improves the comfort of the mattress. But there is one common question: which one is a better platform bed or the box spring? And this is why we are comparing these two platform beds and the box spring. 

Do you need a box spring with a platform bed?

If you don’t know about the platform bed, it is a very firm and sturdy base that ensures your mattress is lifted and gives it strength. If you don’t have the platform bed, you might need the box spring, but with this platform bed, you don’t need the box spring, which is a unique thing. 

You just need to get the mattress, and your mattress is ready to use without any kind of mattress. 

Platform Bed vs. Box Spring

Platform beds are bed bases that allow your mattress to be supported by firm, rigid structures. The slats are laid out across a wooden frame in a pattern similar to what you would see in a traditional bed frame, which has a foundation.

Platform Bed vs. Box Spring

With a height ranging from 5 to 12 inches, platform beds tend to have a lower profile than other beds. This low profile may be what you’re looking for if you’re going for a sleek, modern look. A person with a disability or an older age might have difficulty getting in and out of bed.

On the other hand, in the beginning, box springs were made to support innerspring mattresses, and they are still only suitable for this type of mattress. In addition to being wooden, a box spring is stuffed with metal springs. The top and bottom of the box are normally covered with breathable fabric and a thinner dust cover, respectively.

Coils provide more flexible support than platforms because they absorb shock and compress with your body weight. Consequently, a box spring will extend the life of your mattress and make it more bouncy and comfortable. Keeping the mattress extra cool is also made possible by the springs.

Difference Between Platform Bed and Box Spring?

The common question is the main difference between the platform bed and the box spring so we will tell you about the main differences between both types of mattress bases. 

Platform Bed


The platform beds are the most durable ones in this competition because they don’t have any kind of springs that would rust and break, so this is the one reason for the durability of this bed. Some platform beds have flexible slots bowed downwards so, when you are looking for the platform bed, don’t select this type of platform bed because these might not be that durable. 

Platform Bed


These mostly come at very affordable prices as compared to the box springs. It comes in different price ranges from $100 to $500 so, this is a  very reasonable price for the platform bed. You don’t need any other accessories like the spring box with it. So, this is also affordable this way. 


Most platform beds are made out of wood, metal, or other highly rigid materials, so even the heaviest mattresses rest securely on them. The new Latex and Memory foam mattresses are extremely heavy, so that’s a good thing. The hard and sturdy bass would provide great support and strength to your mattress, making it comfortable for you. 

Box Spring


These coils and springs made this box springless durable than the platform bed. These are not as durable as the platform bed because it has coils that might rust with time. The life expectancy of these spring mattresses is more than ten years if you take good care of them. 

Box Spring


The box spring comes at a high price. If you want to buy it, it comes in the price range of $200 to $500, which is not that expensive compared to some others in the market. The price depends on the size of the mattress, but one thing which makes it expensive is that you would need a bed frame with it. So, add some extra price of the bed frame too. 


The increased give and bounce of box springs appeal to some sleepers who prefer less rigid support. Due to the lack of lightweight foam or hybrid mattresses that can be used on a box spring base, these bed bases aren’t compatible with mattresses other than innerspring. 

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Are Platform Beds Bad for your Back?

The platform beds do not directly relate to your back like they would not affect your back pain. But the thing is that if you have pain in your back, this would provide great support for your back which can be beneficial in your back pain. So, we can say that these are not directly related to your back, but indirectly it supports your back. 

Does a Box Spring make a Bed More Comfortable?

Your mattress will determine which spring you should use. Regardless of which spring you choose to use, they can enhance your bed’s comfort. A box spring can enhance the experience of sleeping on an innerspring mattress. Their function is to provide support and absorb body weight and the coils in innerspring mattresses.

Does a box spring make a bed more comfortable

Is it Better to have a Box Spring or Not?

To improve the comfort of your bed for a restful night’s sleep, a box spring would be a better choice than an innerspring mattress. If you don’t mind their lower profile, all mattress types can sleep on platform beds so they can be a good option. If you don’t know what type of mattress you are using, then the platform bed would be the best option for you. 

Can you Put a Box Spring on a Platform Bed?

The answer is yes; a box spring can be used on a platform bed. But it isn’t mandatory. It is okay not to use a box spring if you have a platform bed and are comfortable with its height. However, you can add a box spring to your bed if you want an extra comfort level.

Pros and Cons of Platform Beds

  • It comes in various designs to choose from according to your room.
  • If you have memory foam, this is the best option.
  • It gives you options to store extra things in your bed.
  • The best feature of the platform bed is that it provides optimal air circulation.
  • The height of this platform bed is very low so, not good for many people.
  • It is not easily moved after installation.


Pros and Cons of box spring

  • It comes with a great height suitable for everyone.
  • It absorbs the weight of your body.
  • If you are a lover of traditional decor, this is for you.
  • It prevents sagging of your mattress
  • It is not a very durable option.
  • It is expensive as compared to the platform bed.
  • It does not provide any space option for you


Platform Bed vs. Box Spring – FAQs

Does a platform bed frame need a box spring?
A platform bed has a low profile and a platform base that holds the mattress (solid, metal, or slatted). In contrast to a box spring, a platform bed does not require you to use a box spring. After you buy it, you won’t have to purchase any additional accessories – it’s already ready to use.
Are platform beds good or bad?
The advantage of platform beds for overweight people is that they can support a greater weight capacity than other beds and are lower to the ground, so people can easily get in and out of them. As a result of their lower heights and wider platforms, platform beds support any mattress type and can handle more weight than other bed frames.
Are box springs outdated?
You can find a variety of box spring alternatives that can provide a better mattress foundation. Although box springs were once regarded as a useful and practical part of your bed, they have become outdated.
Does having a box spring make a difference?
Box springs can cause your mattress to move excessively while resting on a bouncy surface. One of the perks of using a Box Spring would also be putting a reduced amount of wear and tear on your mattress as you get in and out of bed and do other activities besides sleeping on it.
Is it bad to put a mattress directly on the floor?
It can potentially void the warranty on your mattress if your bed is not set up properly. In most cases, mattresses are designed to sit on either a box spring or a slatted platform. There is no warranty on a mattress if you sleep on the ground because dust, bugs, and mold can live there.
How high should a mattress be off the floor?
In general, the height of the bed frame should be somewhere between 16 and 24 inches off the ground. You can then push off the bed with knees bent, and both feet will be firmly on the ground, making the bed height around two feet.



Both platform beds and box springs are different from each other, and if you look closely, you will find out that both have some pros and cons. If you consider the sturdy support and durability, then the platform bed would be the best option. If you use a memory foam mattress, then the platform bed is suitable for you.

But on the other hand, if you want a responsive mattress that gives you a bouncy and cooler environment, box springs are the best option for you. If you are using memory foam and a latex mattress, you should not use the box springs.

If you have read the article carefully, you might be able to make a very informed decision. Make sure you share it with your friends and family members because it boosts your energy to write more researched content for you.

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