Where and How to Donate a Mattress?

Where and How to Donate a Mattress

You might be thinking about buying a new mattress because you are tired of the old one and want to try something, but what would you do with your old mattress? You are probably planning to put it in the junk but we have a great option for you. 

If your mattress is in good condition then the best option that you should go for is to donate your mattress to a needy person who might not be able to buy it, so this way you will do something for humanity in these hard times. In this article, we are assuming that this is probably your first time. 

So, we’ll take you to a step-by-step guide on where you can donate your mattress and how you can prepare your mattress for the donation. Let’s start the guide:

Donate a Mattress

There are many charitable organizations that are working for humanity and they receive old clothes, shoes, and many more things but there are some organizations that receive old mattresses so when you want to donate a mattress you have to do some research and find the organization that can receive the mattress. 

But don’t worry we are here for you. We would tell you about every organization to which you can donate your mattress so, keep reading. 

Does the Salvation Army take Mattresses?

When you start looking for someone to donate your mattress probably the first one that comes to your view is the Salvation army. This is a very large charity group that came into existence in 1865. The Salvation Army is a Christian church that has 1.7 million soldiers and officers that are called Salvationists. 

Do the Salvation Army take mattresses

The Salvation Army takes the mattresses if they are in good condition and if you want to donate your mattress then they have trucks to pick the mattress from your place. Schedule time with one of their trucks in your local area and donate your mattress. 

The National Furniture Bank Association?

It is also a charitable organization that, as the name shows, receives used furniture. If you have a mattress that is in very good condition then you can give it to the national furniture bank association. 

They have an online database in which they have all kinds of records, so you can find the local furniture bank near you and drop the mattress there. Not all but some national furniture banks give you the facility to pick the mattress from your place and then they will give it to the needy family or the person so he/she can sleep peacefully. 

Habitat for Humanity Mattress Donation

This is also a charitable organization in which you can donate furniture which is in good shape. They have a network of warehouses in which they keep donations from the people. If you want to donate something in this warehouse then you can locate their store nearby your location same as the National furniture bank. 

The warehouses of habitat for humanity are called the restore and, like the other charity organizations they also have a team to pick up the donations from your place so, simply contact them and they will pick up a mattress from your place. 

Local Charities

This is another way to donat mattresses to poor and needy people. Every society has some poor and needy people and if we look closely we will find people in our circle too, find them and help them with the mattress which is in good condition. 

This way you can directly get in touch with the people who need these things and you don’t have any trust issues if your things are reaching the needy people or not. 

There is another way with which you can donate if you don’t have time to directly look for the poor and needy people. Every society has some local charities that look for the needy people in their area and donate the stuff they need, so you can get in touch with them and donate your mattress.

Who Accepts Mattress Donations other than Charities?

If you don’t want to donate your mattresses to charities then you have two other options. Every society has some kind of furniture bank in which everyone can donate their furniture and this kind of stuff, so, look for the local furniture bank in your society and donate them your mattress. 

Who accepts mattress Donations other than charities?

The other place where you can place your mattress donations other than the furniture bank is the local shelter home. There are many people that do not have homes, so they live in shelter homes. 

These shelter homes are non-profit organizations and they receive furniture donations to meet the needs of people that are living in these shelters. So, if you have any old mattress which is in good condition then you can donate them to your local shelter. 

What If you have more than a Mattress to Donate to Charity?

There are many people that want to donate other than mattresses in the charity so, what other options do they have? If you have clothes, shoes, or any kind of furniture like a sofa and other things, you can donate it to other charitable institutions in your local area. 

Look around you there are many people that are not as blessed as you are so, be kind to them and donate your stuff to them. There are some walls of kindness in almost every city where you leave your old clothes and shoes and the people who are in need take those things. 

If you have a sofa, bed or any other kind of furniture then look in your local shelters they might need something so, you can also donate these things to them. 

There are many charitable organizations that give you the facility that if you want to donate something they will send some team members and pick things from your house so you don’t have to worry about dropping the things in their store. 

Things You Need to Know Before Donating a Mattress?

There are some things that you should know before you donate a mattress. The first thing is that most the people are in a hurry and they want to clean their home from the old mattress and replace it with the new mattress but what they don’t know is that the organization that they are donating to might not be available at the time when they want to donate. 

Things you need to know before donating a mattress

There are many reasons that there might be limited space issues in their warehouse or any other issue so, be patient and wait until the organization will need they have space for your mattress they will pick it from but till then you have to wait, 

The other thing that most people don’t understand is that when they are donating a mattress to a charity the mattress should be in good shape so that a person can easily use it according to its capacity. 

From a past experience in a charitable institution I personally saw people that donate crap to the charity, those mattresses are not even for use anymore so, when you want to donate something to the charity make sure you analyze it completely and only donate the things that have some life in them. 

How to Donate a Mattress – FAQs

Do charity shops take mattresses?
Yes, most of the charity shops take mattresses. As long as the mattress is in good shape, donating it to charity is the easiest way to get rid of it. Therefore, you will know that your mattress will be donated rather than being thrown out. To find out whether charity shops accept mattress donations, contact your local charity group.
Do animal shelters take mattresses?
Yes, some animal shelters receive mattresses for the animals because they need them to take care of different animals in the winter. But not every animal shelter receives mattresses; there are some that you need to find out if you want to donate the animal mattresses.
Will charity accept beds and mattresses of any size?
It depends on the charitable organization to which you want to donate because some charities accept beds and mattresses of any size, but some have special terms like you can only donate be mattresses, or you can donate the baby mattress or the crib mattress so, it depends on the organization where you are going to donate so, you need to ask them about their requirements.



If you want to replace your old mattress with a new one and the old one is in good condition then the best option you have is to donate it to some charitable organization, so it will be very useful for needy people. But first, check the condition of the mattress and contact the charity if it’s good. 

The best option that you have if you want to donate a mattress is to your local shelter home because those shelter homes are home to many people and they need many mattresses for the people if you want to donate then your local shelter is the best option for you. 

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