Hybrid Mattress Vs. Memory Foam | Which One Is Best For You?

Hybrid Mattress Vs. Memory Foam Which One Is Best For You

There are four types of mattresses in the market from which you can choose according to your requirements, but the most famous ones are the Hybrid mattress and the Memory foam mattress. The Memory Foam is made of low-resistance polyurethane foam, while the Hybrid foam is made of multilayers and combines all mattresses. 

The Memory foam is a good option for the side sleepers, while the Hybrid mattress serves the combination sleepers. There is a very common question that most people ask, which one is better:  Memory foam or Hybrid foam when they are choosing a mattress for them, so let’s find out which one is better Hybrid Memory foam mattresses. 

Is a Hybrid Better than a Memory Foam Mattress?

The most important thing you are looking for in the mattress is comfortable sleep so both mattresses will provide you. It depends on your preferences if you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, and which Memory foam supports your type of sleep. 

If you are facing back pain issues or any medical conditions, you should go for memory foam because it has some pressure relief points, which makes it a better option for back pain. If your partner is restless while sleeping and you get uncomfortable, you should choose the Memory foam again. 

Is a hybrid better than a memory foam mattress

But if you are a hot sleeper, you should go for the Hybrid mattress because it is better for temperature regulation and has better breathability. If you are a couple and your partner likes different comfort levels, you should go with the hybrid mattresses. 

So, you can say that both mattresses have some pros and cons, so it depends on your personal preference which one you choose and which one meets your requirements. 

Difference Between Memory Foam and Hybrid Mattresses?

This article is all about making decisions about the two mattress types and which one you should choose for yourself. Some people are confused about which one you should choose, so we will help you and show you the differences between hybrid and memory foam. But first, you need to know what the hybrid mattress is or the Memory foam mattress, so let’s first find out. 

What is the Hybrid Mattress?

This Hybrid mattress has an Innerspring support core that comforts and transitions layers for some extra comfort layer. A Hybrid combines all kinds of foams; you can have Latex, Memory, and polyfoam and have an extra transition layer. This mattress gives you an extra comfort level except for any sleep shape. 

This Hybrid mattress has very good temperature regulation, which means it would be very good for hot sleepers and help you sleep sweat-free. If you love the breathability of  Innerspring mattresses, then this Hybrid mattress has that kind of Innerspring breathability. 

What is the Hybrid Mattress

It has good density and body shape, and it shapes according to the body of the sleeper. It has different relief and pressure points, which makes it a very good option for people with back pain issues, and many medical experts suggest this mattress for people with back issues. 

If you are very familiar with the Innerspring mattress, this foam also has a metal coil support system. There are four types of coil systems in the mattresses, and every coil has a different kind of feel and structure that would change how you sleep on the mattress. If you go with the traditional type of coil, that is affordable compared to some other types. 

Due to their fabric pockets, pocketed coils are not interconnected and have a uniform width from top to bottom. As coils are independent of each other, there is less movement transfer through the mattress. The pocket coil has some higher pressure points at the hips, back, and shoulders that prevent the back pain of the sleepers. 

The top layers of a hybrid mattress are made of foam and provide the comfort and cushioning of foam, while the coils provide the support and responsiveness of coils. The firmness of these materials can range from very soft to very firm. 

Hybrids are also suitable for side sleepers and back sleepers. A model must have plenty of cushioning foam layers for side sleepers, and models with zoned coil support are helpful to both side and back sleepers. There are thicker and firmer coils at some points in a zoned system, such as in the lower back, as opposed to thinner coils at some points, such as the shoulders, where the body needs relief from pressure rather than stiff support.

What is Memory Foam?

This Memory foam is very famous because of its quality which adopts the shape of every kind of sleeper. Memory foam has been very popular since the 90s. A hand pressed into its surface will demonstrate the foam’s viscoelastic properties. It will take a few minutes for the foam to slowly return to its original shape after removing your hand.

The Memory foam can stretch and conform around the curves of the sleeping body to relieve pressure. Polyurethane foam is the base of Memory foam. The poly-foam has been manufactured using chemicals and sometimes plant-based oils. Once it is stretched and heated, it conforms and stretches. 

What is memory foam

It is because memory foam reacts slowly to the movement that it appears to retain the object’s shape that was once resting on it. In the presence of heat or pressure, memory foam stretches and becomes more contoured. 

There are several densities of Memory foam mattresses. It is usually softer Memory foam in comfort and transition layers. Heat is dispersed from these foams by infusing copper, graphite, or gel into open-cell structures. Support foams of a firmer consistency from the durable core.

Poly-foam transition or support layers are sometimes added to Memory foam mattresses. Several factors determine the firmness of a mattress, including layering, thickness, and density. Mattresses with memory foam are also available in a wide range of firmnesses.

Mattresses made from Memory foam conform to the shape of a person’s body as they change positions. Mattresses with Memory foam deliver excellent pressure relief for side sleepers because they can stay in a single position for long periods. Memory foam deepens its conformability over time as the sleeper remains in one position, making it a great solution for painful shoulders and hips.

The contouring and support provided by memory foam are perfect for back sleepers. The hips of stomach sleepers must be protected from sinking into the bed by having a firmer memory foam mattress. These sleep surfaces are available in models made specifically for stomach sleepers.

Strengths and Weaknesses

When we are talking about Hybrid and Memory foam, we should also talk about their weaknesses and strengths so the people reading it should know which mattress is the best option for them. So, let’s discuss these things in detail. 

Memory Foam Mattress Strengths

Motion Isolation of Memory Foam Mattress

The foam naturally absorbs the motion. Its memory foam prevents movements from transferring across the bed, so couples will hardly notice a restless partner.

Memory Foam mattress Strengths


If your partner is restless while sleeping, you might not feel comfortable with the mattress’s sound but not with the memory foam because the memory foam gives you a very peaceful sleep, and it absorbs all the sound of the movement. Now you can sleep peacefully on a very peaceful silent night. 


If your spine is in the neutral position while sleeping, you can have a very comfortable and peaceful sleep, but you might be thinking that what is the neutral position then in the neutral position, your body is in a straight line from head to tailbone.

It helps relieve the pressure points, which is another plus point for memory foam because it is suitable for people with back pain. It does not matter if you sleep in a single position or are restless all night; it gives you perfect sleep throughout the night. 

Hypoallergenic Mattress

Allergens such as dust mites, pollen, and dust accumulate in mattresses. All of these allergens are naturally resistant to memory foam, making it a hypoallergenic choice. 

Memory Foam Mattress Weaknesses

Edge Support

The edge support of the memory foam mattress is not very good. It might not be as durable as we expect it to be, and because it conforms when you sit, it can break or lead to sinkage, which is not a good thing for you. 

This problem is sometimes addressed by placing denser foam around the mattress’ edge. However, memory foam mattresses are susceptible to breaking down at the edge of the bed if not properly maintained. 

Responsiveness of Mattress

When the sleeper moves, memory foam doesn’t respond instantly. In some cases, sleeping on a mattress can feel trapped or stuck since your body impression remains on the surface.

Bad at temperature Regulations

Tradition has it that Memory foam mattresses trap body heat. This can result in a warm sleeping environment in the absence of design intervention or the right formula. The brands in the mattresses use many cooling technologies. 

The structure and technology of memory foam mattresses can keep them cool, but they can trap more heat than hybrid mattresses. 

Hybrid Mattress Strengths

Hybrid Mattress Support

A coil-filled support system in a Hybrid mattress ensures a firmer sleep surface. Although some memory foam mattresses are firm and others soft, this is not always the case. On the other hand, in general, coil-filled mattresses tend to be firmer even if they are in a similar firmness category as memory foam mattresses.

Hybrid Mattress Strengths

Hybrid mattresses often have thicker, stronger coils at the sides to provide edge support and prevent sagging. There is some memory foam in the market that has dense poly foam at the edge, making it stronger from the edges. 

Responsiveness of Hybrid Mattress

With coil support systems, such as those in hybrid mattresses, sleepers are more responsive. Foams can return to their original positions faster that way. As a result, hybrid mattresses are a good choice for those who prefer not to sink too deeply into their beds.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is the most popular strength of hybrid mattresses, and most people go for the hybrid mattress because of their temperature regulation. Many cooling technologies are used in hybrid mattresses like infusions or swirls of gel, copper, or graphite to control the temperature of the sleepers. 

These technologies make this the best option for hot sleepers who find it hard to sleep because of sweating and temperature. 

Hybrid Mattress Weaknesses

Motion Isolation of Hybrid Mattress

Couples may have trouble with continuous wounds, Bonnell wounds, and offset wound coils. Pocketed coils are less effective at transferring motion because they are not interconnected. Hybrid models are also less effective at transferring motion. A hybrid mattress is likely to be more motion-sensitive than a memory foam one, even if it has pocketed coils.


Despite their foam layers, hybrid mattresses are not as quiet as memory foam mattresses. Noise and motion have a higher potential for transfer when the coils deteriorate over time. This is a con for the hybrid mattress that it might have some sound while sleeping. 

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Mattress

  • This is the best mattress for the side, back and combination sleepers.
  • If you are a hot sleeper then this mattress is best for you.
  • It is a plant-based mattress that prevents pressure build-ups in the mattress.
  • It comes with five support zones for a premium comfort level.
  • This hybrid mattress comes for eco-conscious shoppers.
  • It doesn’t absorb sound so if you have a restless partner then not for you.
  • It doesn’t absorb motion so if someone sits on it you can feel the movement on the other side.


Pros and Cons of Memory Foam

  • It is a perfect option for all the sleeping styles.
  • If you are a hot sleeper then we recommend memory foam for you.
  • This memory foam has a Buoyant transition layer which makes the movements easy for you.
  • It has a Spine support system for your spine.
  • It comes with a 10 years warranty.
  • There are many memory foams that are very bad at temperature regulations.
  • It is not a very responsive option in mattresses.
  • The edge support of the memory foam mattress is also not very good.


Memory Foam vs Hybrid Mattress Comparison Chart

Hybrid Mattress

Memory Foam

There are some extra coils in the hybrid mattress that makes them very supportive.

These memory foams are really quiet so, if you have a restless partner who moves while sleeping then you can have a very peaceful sleep because it absorbs the motion.

The life of the memory foam mattresses are more durable as compared to other mattresses in the market.

The memory foam is the quieter option so, if you can dance on the one side of the mattress and the person on the other side can sleep peacefully.

It gives you a very perfect balance of comfort and support.

The memory foam is an affordable option as comapred to the some other mattresses in the market.

The hybrid mattresses are more breathable as compared to some other mattresses in the market.

Memory foam features great pressure relief and contouring which makes it a suitable option for people that have back pains.

Hybrid Mattress Vs. Memory Foam – FAQs

What is a Hybrid Mattress?
This hybrid mattress has an innerspring support core that comforts and transitions layers for some extra comfort layer. A hybrid is a combination of all kinds of foams in it you can have latex, memory, and polyfoam and have an extra transition layer. This mattress gives you an extra comfort level except for any kind of sleep shape.
Do Hybrid mattress help with back pain?
Yes, In addition to providing pressure-point relief through comfort layers and coil support, hybrid mattresses might also be a good solution for relieving back pain. A layer of latex is often included in hybrid mattresses, which may act as a great way of providing responsive support while avoiding the spine from moving out of alignment. If you are facing back pain problems then you should go with this mattress.
Why is memory foam so expensive?
Memory foams are an affordable option in the market but there are some brands that are selling memory foams at a very expensive price so, what is the reason? The reason is the high-quality standards, especially the ones that are made in the USA maintain the high-quality standards so, because of that the price is also high. But if you are someone who does not afford the expensive memory foam you can go for the budget option and there are many budget options on the market.
Can memory foam hurt your back?
If you don’t get the perfect firmness level for you, a memory foam mattress can cause back pain. Your spine will remain in a neutral alignment while your pressure points will be relieved by a firm mattress for your sleep position. It is recommended that side sleepers sleep on a medium, medium-soft, or soft mattress. So, if you are choosing memory foam then make sure you are going for the right firmness level otherwise it can cause back pain and several other issues.
What is so special about the memory foam?
It has both high energy absorption and softness. Due to heat and pressure, memory foam contours to the body, evenly distributing weight. However, once it is removed from pressure, the memory foam returns to its original shape. It also protects against impacts and provides a high level of comfort. Its absorption and softness are some things that make the memory foam very special as compared to other mattresses on the market.


Our Verdict

The main purpose of the mattress is to provide comfortable sleep at night and both types of mattresses are capable of providing you with peaceful sleep. Now when you are searching for the best mattress for yourself it depends on your circumstances, preferences, and situations. There are many things that you should look at like the sleeping positions or whether you sleep alone or with a partner. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of mattresses. If you are looking for a mattress for your back pain then you should choose memory foam mattresses. If you sleep with your partner and need a very quiet mattress while sleeping or having sex then you should go with the memory foam mattress.

On the other hand, if you are a hot sleeper and you find it hard to sleep because of sweat then you should go with the hybrid mattresses because they have good temperature regulation and breathability. If you sleep with your partner and you both have different comfort levels then you should choose the hybrid mattresses. 

This is the difference between memory foam and hybrid mattresses now if you read this article you can make an informed decision that which mattress you should go for according to your requirements. If you find this article helpful then make sure to share it with your friends and family member so, they can find the best mattress for themselves. 

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