How to Make Your Mattress Higher? Tips for Elevating Your Sleeping Surface

Are you tired of feeling low on your mattress and getting confused between platform bed vs box spring? 

Well, look no further, because we have the ultimate guide to help you elevate your mattress to new heights!

In this guide, we will take you on a journey to achieve the perfect elevation for your mattress. We’ll explore a range of clever and practical solutions that will elevate your sleep experience both literally and figuratively. From simple adjustments to innovative products, we have compiled an array of techniques that will help you reach cloud nine every night.

Let’s dive in and make your mattress soar!

What are Bed Risers?

Bed risers are practical and ingenious accessories designed to elevate the height of your bed. These nifty devices, typically made of sturdy materials like plastic or metal, provide additional clearance between the floor and the base of your bed. 

By placing bed risers under each leg or support point, you can instantly increase the height of your bed by several inches.

Bed risers come in various shapes and sizes, catering to different bed types and styles. They often feature a recessed or indented top surface to securely hold the legs or supports of your bed frame. Some risers even come with additional features like built-in outlets, USB ports, or storage compartments, maximizing the functionality of your elevated bed.

What are Bed Risers

These versatile accessories serve a multitude of purposes. They are ideal for individuals who prefer a higher bed height for easier access, improved posture, or medical reasons. Because of unstable mattresses and space issues mattress brands help you how to return a mattress.

Whether you’re aiming for increased comfort, convenient storage solutions, or a more aesthetically pleasing bed height, bed risers are a practical and cost-effective solution that can transform your sleeping experience. With their simple yet effective design, bed risers provide a quick and easy way to elevate both your bed and your lifestyle.

How to make your Bed Higher DIY?

If you’re looking to make your bed higher with a DIY approach, there are a few simple and cost-effective methods you can try. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you elevate your bed:

Measure and assess

Start by measuring the height you want to achieve for your bed. Consider factors like comfort, accessibility, and aesthetics. Keep in mind that raising the bed too high may require additional adjustments like using a step stool to climb in and out.

Choose your materials

Select sturdy and stable materials to create your bed risers. Common options include wooden blocks, cinder blocks, or thick books. Make sure the materials can support the weight of your bed and provide adequate stability.

How to make your Bed Higher DIY

Lift one corner

Place the chosen material under one leg or support point of your bed. Lift the bed slightly to insert the material securely. Test the stability by gently pushing the bed to ensure it doesn’t wobble or shift.

Repeat for remaining corners

Lift one corner of the bed at a time and insert the chosen material underneath. Ensure all corners are lifted evenly and at the same height.

Check stability

Once all corners are raised, carefully sit on the bed and test its stability. Make sure it feels secure and balanced. If needed, adjust the placement or height of the DIY risers for optimal stability.

Finishing touches

 If desired, you can enhance the aesthetics of your DIY bed risers by painting or staining them to match your bed or room decor.

How to raise the mattress on a platform bed?

Raising a mattress on a platform bed involves adjusting the height of the entire bed frame. That’s why are mattresses so expensive because of the setting and advanced features or maintenance. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this:

How to raise the mattress on a platform bed

Assess the current setup

Take a close look at your platform bed frame to determine if it allows for height adjustment. Some platform beds come with adjustable settings or additional slots that can accommodate different mattress heights. Check the manufacturer’s instructions or specifications to see if your bed frame offers this feature.

Remove the mattress

Before making any adjustments, remove the mattress from the platform bed frame. This will make it easier to work with the frame and ensure your safety during the process.

Adjust the bed frame

 If your platform bed frame has adjustable settings, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to raise the height with a proper guide on how to put the adjustable base in the bed frame. This may involve moving support slats or repositioning brackets to higher slots. Ensure that all adjustments are made securely and that the bed frame remains stable.

Test the stability

After adjusting the bed frame, test its stability by applying gentle pressure and ensuring there is no wobbling or shifting. Stability is crucial for your safety and comfort.

Test the stability

Place the mattress back

Once you’re satisfied with the raised height of the bed frame, carefully place the mattress back onto the platform. Make sure it rests evenly and securely on the raised frame.

What can I put under my mattress to make it higher?

There are several options you can consider to raise the height of your mattress. Here are some common solutions:

  • Mattress topper: Adding a thick mattress topper can increase the height and provide additional comfort. Choose a topper that suits your preferences, such as memory foam, latex, or pillow-top, and place it directly on top of your mattress.
  • Bed risers: Bed risers are specially designed accessories that you can place under the legs or support points of your bed frame to elevate it. They are available in various heights and materials like plastic or metal. Make sure to select bed risers that can support the weight of your bed and provide stability.
  • Plywood or wooden boards: If you’re looking for a DIY solution, you can place a sheet of plywood or wooden boards between your mattress and the bed frame. Cut the plywood or boards to fit the dimensions of your bed frame, and ensure they are sturdy and even provide a stable surface.
  • Adjustable bed base: Investing in an adjustable bed base allows you to customize the height and position of your mattress. These bases typically have a motorized mechanism that allows you to raise or lower different sections of the bed to your desired height.
  • Extra box spring or foundation: Adding an extra box spring or foundation beneath your mattress can increase its height. Ensure that the additional box spring or foundation is compatible with your mattress and provides adequate support. On which depends how much a mattress weighs.

How to raise my bed 3 feet?

Raising a bed by 3 feet is a significant adjustment that requires careful consideration and professional expertise. It’s important to note that such a substantial increase in height may require more than just simple modifications.

How to raise my bed 3 feet

Here’s a general outline of the process:

  • Assess the bed frame

Start by examining your current bed frame to determine if it can accommodate such a substantial height increase. Evaluate its structural integrity, weight-bearing capacity, and compatibility with adjustments.

  • Custom modifications

Depending on the existing bed frame and its design, the professional may propose custom modifications or fabrications to achieve the desired height. This could involve adding sturdy extensions to the legs, building a new platform or support structure, or creating custom risers that meet safety standards.

  • Safety considerations

Raising a bed by 3 feet significantly alters its center of gravity, potentially affecting stability. The professional will take precautions to ensure that the modified bed remains secure and balanced. This may involve reinforcing the frame, adjusting support points, or using additional bracing techniques. Different types of memory foam have different adjusting techniques.

How to make a bed higher without risers?

If you want to make your bed higher without using bed risers, here are a few alternatives to consider:

How to make a bed higher without risers

Mattress Foundation

Replace your current low-profile foundation with a higher one. This can add several inches to the height of your bed without the need for risers. Look for a foundation specifically designed to increase bed height.

Bed frame with adjustable legs

Invest in a bed frame that has adjustable legs. These frames allow you to raise or lower the height of your bed to your desired level without using separate risers.

Bed frame risers

Some bed frames come with built-in risers that can be adjusted to increase the height. Check if your existing bed frame has this feature or if you can purchase additional risers compatible with your frame.

Platform bed with taller legs

Consider switching to a platform bed with taller legs. This can provide the desired height increase while maintaining a sleek and modern look.

Mattress topper or padding

Add a thicker mattress topper or additional padding underneath your existing mattress to raise the sleeping surface which shows how long does a mattress last. While this method may not significantly increase the overall height, it can offer a slight elevation.

How to Make Your Mattress Higher – Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to elevating your mattress, there are several facts about a mattress to consider to ensure a successful and satisfying outcome. Here’s a professional buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision:

How to Make Your Mattress Higher - Buyer’s Guide

  • Assess your needs: Determine the desired height increase and consider the reasons behind it. Are you looking for improved accessibility, enhanced comfort, or aesthetic appeal? Understanding your specific requirements will help guide your purchasing decisions.
  • Research available options: Explore different methods to raise your mattresses, such as bed risers, mattress foundations, adjustable bed bases, or mattress toppers. Research the features, materials, weight capacity, and compatibility of each option to find the one that aligns with your needs.
  • Quality and stability: Prioritize stability and durability. Look for products made from high-quality materials that can withstand the weight of your mattress and provide long-lasting support. Read customer reviews and consider reputable brands known for their reliability.
  • Safety considerations: Consider the safety implications of raising your mattress. Ensure that the chosen method or product provides adequate stability, minimizes wobbling or shifting, and does not compromise your overall sleep experience.
  • Budget and Value: Determine your budget and evaluate the value of the options available. Compare prices, measurements, warranties, and customer feedback to make an informed decision that offers the best balance between quality and affordability. There is a special mattress firm warranty for customer comfort.

How to Make Your Mattress Higher – FAQs

What can I use to make my bed higher?
Bed risers: These specially designed accessories are placed under the legs or support points of your bed to elevate it. Mattress foundation: A higher mattress foundation or box spring can increase the overall height of your bed. Plywood or wooden boards: Placing a sheet of plywood or wooden boards between your mattress and the bed frame can provide additional height.
How do you raise a low-platform bed?
Consider using bed risers specifically designed for platform beds. These can be placed under the existing legs or supports to raise the bed to the desired height. Alternatively, you can replace the existing legs or supports of the platform bed with longer ones to increase the overall height.
What is the best way to raise the head of your bed?
Adjustable bed bases: Investing in an adjustable bed base allows you to electronically raise the head of your bed to your desired height. Bed wedges or foam blocks: Placing a bed wedge or foam block under the head of the mattress can provide a slight elevation.
What goes under a mattress to make it higher?
Bed risers: These are commonly used to raise the height of a mattress. They are placed under the legs or support points of the bed frame. Mattress topper or padding: Adding a thicker mattress topper or extra padding underneath your mattress can slightly increase its height.
How can I raise the height of my mattress?
Using bed risers: Place bed risers under the legs or support points of your bed frame. Adding a mattress foundation: Replace your current foundation with a higher one designed to add height. Using a mattress topper: Adding a thick mattress topper on top of your mattress can increase its height.



By following the suggestions provided in this article, you can explore various options to make your bed higher without compromising stability or comfort which is important for health conditions.

Whether it’s using bed risers, a mattress foundation, or other techniques, you can transform your bed into a more accessible, comfortable, and visually appealing space, for long usage you must know how to dry a mattress.

Drawing from the expertise of professionals in the field, this article offers valuable insights and practical tips to help you make informed decisions. With a higher bed, you can enjoy improved accessibility, enhanced comfort, how to store a mattress, and a stylish bedroom setting. 

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