Do You Need a Mattress for a Pack n Play? – Your Question is Solve Now

Do You Need a Mattress for a Pack n Play - Your Question is Solve Now

Pack and Play is the most important item for the comfort of parents and kids. The purpose of Pack and Play is to keep your kid in a comfortable environment. Some Pack and play mattresses have a thin cushion, so adding a mattress would increase the comfort level of your kid. 

If you are planning to adjust the standard crib size mattress with the Pack and Play, then you are wasting your time because most of the Pack and Play require the 37.5” by 26” bed; however, there are many shapes and sizes of Pack and Play so, you have to keep this in mind. If you are using the Graco Pack n play, then a 37.5” by 26” mattress would fit perfectly into it. 

If you need to change Pack n Play mattress, contact the manufacturer or read the manual, you will have the idea which mattress would fit perfectly into it because the comfort and safety of your child are at risk in this matter. We would not recommend you to go with any mattress online, even if all the dimensions are the same as your Pack and Play. 

Does a Crib Mattress fit in a Pack and Play?

Many parents ask this very common question: if the crib mattress would fit into the Pack and play or not? So, the simple answer is No.

Does a Crib Mattress fit in a Pack and Play

There is no chance that the crib mattress would fit into the Pack and Play mattress because the dimensions of the standard size crib mattress are 52 inches by 28 inches, while the dimensions of the mattress that would fit in Pack and Play are 37.5 inches by 26 inches.

What are a Pack and Play?

Playards, bassinets, and diaper changing stations are integrated into the Pack ‘N Play and fold into an easy-to-carry bag. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure a Pack ‘N Play is safe when you purchase one, especially if your child will sleep in it.

It is generally an easy-to-use, portable place where your baby can sleep or play; the Pack ‘n Play is a playard and crib that can be used from birth through toddlerhood. If you are a frequent traveler, this item must be with you because it will help you take care of your baby while traveling.

Do You Need a Mattress for a Pack n Play?

This is the most commonly asked question, and most people say that you don’t need the mattress because the Pack and Play come with the cushion however there are some Pack and Play that come with the thin cushion so, to add some extra comfort to your kid you can go for the mattress but the mattress is not a compulsory thing for Pack and Play keep this in your mind.

Graco Pack n Play Mattress Replacement

When looking for the Mattress of Graco Pack and Play, the size and dimension are the same as the mini crib mattress 37.5” x x25. 5”.

Graco Pack n Play Mattress Replacement

However, we recommend for you contact the manufacturer and ask them which mattress suits their Pack and Play or read the manual guide; they might have mentioned some mattresses.

Best Pack and Play Mattress

If you are looking for mattresses that fit perfectly into your Graco Pack and Play, we are here to help you find the best option for your kid.

The best mattress in the market is The Organic Dream Pack n Play Mattress; however, if you are on a budget and can’t afford this mattress, don’t worry; we have the budget option for you, which is The 2-Sided Pack N Play Mattress by Hiccapop.

Do Pack and Play come with a Mattress?

Yes. The mattress that comes with it is one inch thick, the safest option you can use with it. This is not called the mattress, but it is known as the cushion in common terms. We do not recommend additional mattresses since they can entrap a child and cause suffocation.

This Playard comes with 1″ sheets that fit perfectly. All the manufacturers recommend using the that comes with the Pack and Play and never go with any other options in the market.

Will a Crib Mattress Fit in a Pack n Play?

There are many people that have the crib mattress, and they want them to fit in the Pack and Play, but unfortunately, it is not possible because the crib mattress is way larger than the Pack and Play.

Will a Crib Mattress Fit in a Pack n Play

The dimensions of the crib mattress are 52” long by 28” wide, while on the other hand, the mattress you would need for the Pack and Play dimensions are 37.5” by 26”. So, you can’t use the crib mattress in Pack and Play.

Pack and Play Mattress Size?

The size of the Pack and Play mattress is the most controversial thing in the market. If you go to the reviews, you will see that most people were complaining that their mattress doesn’t fit into their Pack and Play, so why is this? So let’s address this question.

What size mattress fits a pack n play?

When looking for the Pack and Play mattress, make sure you know the right dimensions and shape of your pack and play because many sizes and shapes are available on the market. However, the standard size of the mattress that fits in Pack and Play is 37.5” by 26”.

Is a Pack n Play Mattress the same Size as a Crib?

No, the crib mattress size is very large compared to the Pack and play mattress. The Pack and Play mattress size is 37.5” by 26,” and on the other hand, the crib mattress size is 52” by 28” so, it is crystal clear that a crib mattress would not fit into a Pack and Play mattress.

Is a Pack n Play Mattress the same Size as a Crib

What Age Can You Put a Baby in a Playpen?

You can put your baby in the Playpen at the age of six to eight months. This is the optimal time to use a playpen. The majority of babies can sit up, reach for nearby toys, and grab them at this age. It is usually okay to leave your baby in a playpen for a short time and always remain nearby, of course, at this age.

Should you get a Waterproof Mattress?

Yes, you should get a waterproof mattress because that would make your life very easy. The babies are spontaneous, and that is why they are the experts in throwing things like water and other liquids they drink so, having a waterproof mattress would make things easy for you.

You don’t have to worry about changing the mattress again and again. It is also a very good option if you are tired of the urine stains on your baby.

Do you need a mattress protector for a pack-n-play?

You do. A pack n play mattress cannot be washed like a sheet. So, you should spread a well-fitting mattress protector sheet on your pack n play mattress to prevent spitting up and diaper leaks. The mattress protector would also increase the life of your mattress and prevent your mattress from hard stains.

Do you need a mattress protector for a pack n play

Essential Considerations for Pack and Play Mattress

When you are looking for the Pack and Play mattress, there are many things that you need to consider, and if you don’t consider them, then it would waste your time and money. If you know these things, then good; however, if you don’t know, don’t worry and keep reading because we will share some important factors that you should consider before buying.


The first step to buying a mattress for your pack-n-play would be to measure the space and determine whether or not the mattress fits your particular pack-n-play. However, some pack n plays come with round mattresses rather than rectangular ones or different sizes. So, it is very important to measure the size of your Play and Pack and then go for the mattress.


When buying a mattress, ensure it is firm enough for your baby’s age and check the firmness. Toddlers and older babies can sleep on a softer, more comfortable surface, while infants and young babies need a firmer surface. So, looking for firmness according to your baby is also an important thing to consider before purchasing.



You should also consider the weight of the mattress you will use since the main benefit of a Pack n Play is its portability. Make sure that you do not purchase Pack n Play mattresses with a substantial amount of weight, as this will ruin the whole purpose of having one.


Foam and innerspring mattresses are two different types of mattresses available. Pack n’ Play mattresses tend to tear easily, so an innerspring mattress is not always the best choice. Even so, the best mattress is an innerspring one rather than a cheap foam mattress.

To minimize the risk of injuries, we suggest purchasing a good quality foam mattress as a pack n play. These mattresses are comfortable and safe and often lightweight and hypoallergenic.

Why do you need a Pack n Play Mattress?

Many parents purchase a special-size mattress to make their kids feel more comfortable. If your baby is in the pack ‘n’ play crib, a pack ‘n’ play mattress can provide extra cushioning for playtime. However, it’s not necessary to put an extra bed in a playpen, especially for babies.

Why do you need a Pack n Play Mattress

When to Use a Lower Level of Pack n Play Mattress?

Whenever your baby can push up on his hands and knees, it’s time to lower the Pack N Play and use the bottom level. You should consider bringing your baby out when the bassinet weight limit is reached, typically 15 lbs. If the weight limit is reached first, bring your baby out. You must review the user manual to determine the exact weight limit.

How to Lower Pack n Play Mattress?

Almost all packs n will have a raised section with a pull tab in the middle. The entire thing must be locked in place by pushing that down. Afterward, you can place the mat on the bottom following the locking of the bottom section. You can raise or lower the Pack and Play mattress very easily by this method.

Can a Baby Sleep in a Pack and Play?

Absolutely! The Playard is a federally regulated infant sleeping device, like bassinets and cribs. Pack ‘n Plays are a great alternative to cribs or bassinets.

Can a Baby Sleep in a Pack and Play

In specific models, you can put your newborn in the upper bassinet. You can also put them in the bottom part of a Pack N Play.

Do You Need a Mattress for a Pack n Play – FAQs

How do you use a pack n play as a crib?
Your baby will usually be able to sleep safely in a pack ‘n play once it is assembled. As it is already a safe environment, you will not have to turn it into one.
Can three-year-old sleep in packs n play?
As a safe place for babies to play and sleep, a pack n play is a great choice. A bassinet can be attached to it from the day your newborn comes home till around the age of three. The American Academy of Pediatrics requires that pack n’ plays be fitted with a firm mattress and a snug-fitting sheet to meet all safety standards.
Are Pack N play mattresses safe for infants?
As a parent, I don’t recommend using a pack-n-play mattress pad since your child is still a newborn. It is important to make sure the pack n play doesn’t cause them problems, especially if they roll over and become unconscious. Pack n play mattress pads are not considered safe because of this issue.
What mattress goes in a pack n play?
As for the mattress size, most pack n plays require three times that size, but you can also find some rounded rather than rectangular. Make sure your baby’s mattress is the right firm for their age by checking its firmness before purchasing.
Are Pack n Play Mattresses Safe?
In short, yes, as long as you follow some essential guidelines, you can add a mattress to your Pack N Play. The right size mattress is crucial if you are adding to your set. You should have no problem fitting the mattress into the playard. The presence of gaps and an uneven fit can cause suffocation.



There are many people that ask if they need a mattress in the Pack and Play? What would be the size of that mattress? Can the Crib mattress fit in the Pack and play bed so? We decided to answer all your queries in this article. If you read this article, we are sure that now you have answers to all your questions, and you can make a very informed decision about the Pack and Play mattress.

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