How to Make Pack n Play More Comfortable Mattresses for Kids

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The reason for choosing the Pack and Play is to make a comfortable and fun place for your kid but when you see the pad that comes with the Pack and Play, it looks like a dream because the pad is very thin and hard with this pad you can’t give your child a comfortable place to sleep and play.

This is the reason the Pack and Play needed a mattress and there are many people that add mattresses so they can make the Pack and Play more comfortable for their kids. There is not a 1% doubt that the Pack and Play is a very useful invention for parents, but you have to make it more comfortable for your kids to enjoy their time in it.

This is the simple reason that we do some research and compile this article in which we are going to share some methods on how you can make the Pack and Play the most comfortable place for your kid.

Are Pack n Play Mattresses Safe?

As long as you follow some essential guidelines, you can add a mattress to the Pack N Play. You must get the right size mattress if you add one to your set. You should get a mattress that fits within the playard almost perfectly. Suffocation can occur if there are gaps in the fit or the cover is uneven.

How to Make Pack n Play More Comfortable

How to Make Pack n Play More Comfortable?

You might be worried about how you can make your Pack and Play mattress more comfortable for your kid, but as a new parent, you don’t have any idea so, here we are for you. We would tell you the best and safest options with which you can make Pack and Play comfortable and cozy for your kid.

1. Quilted Sheets

The first method you can use to make your Pack and Play comfortably is quilted sheets. Quilted sheets are probably the easiest and most effective way to improve the comfort of a pack n play.

The mattress pad of all Graco Pack n Plays fits perfectly over an extra thick quilted pack n play sheet made by manufacturers such as Graco. It is also available from third-party providers.

Despite having a thick layer sewed into these padded sheets, they still should be snug enough for your little one to sleep on. If you have excess fabric on your pack n’ play, it can bunch up and become a safety hazard for your child. Be sure you measure your pack n’ play carefully before purchasing sheets.

2. DIY Pack and Play Mattress

This is the second option you can utilize to make your Pack and Play mattress comfortable. This might need some effort, but the result would be worth your efforts.

There are three things that you would need, and those three things are a 1/2 inch foam pad, a play yard sheet, and scissors. You would get these things very easily in your local store.

DIY Pack and Play Mattress

Now you need to cut out four sections of the foam pad using the Pack and Playmat.  The four foam cutouts should be stacked on the Pack and Playmat. Cover the foam and mat with the fitted Playard sheet.

Ensure that the unit is flat and does not have any gaps inside the Pack and Play. This is how you can make the Pack and Play comfortably with the DIY method for your kid.

3. Mattress Topper

Amazon features a wide variety of mattress toppers for pack and plays mattresses. Though they are designed specifically to fit inside players or pack n plays, many retailers sell them as baby-safe products. They are usually intended to be firm, but they still do not meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

Pack and plays are not the best options for making them more comfortable, especially considering the safer options above. Be sure to purchase a non-toxic and chemical-free mattress topper if you decide to go this route. Make sure it has straps with elastic to keep it firmly in place. Many brands don’t recommend going with the mattress topper.

This is why we mention it at the end, and we also don’t recommend you use it in your Pack and Play mattress. If you plan to use it, make sure you spend some good time on research.

How to Stop Pack n Play from Squeaking?

Three main things can cause the squeaking of a Pack and Play mattress. Here we are to give you some solutions to stop it.

How to Stop Pack n Play from Squeaking

Fallen Bottom

For questions regarding noises caused by fallen bottoms, please contact your manufacturer. There is usually a high, raised portion in the center of the most pack ‘n plays with a pull tab on it. When pushed down, it locks the entire system in place. You can insert the mat on the bottom after the bottom is locked in place, making it stable and erect.

Rusted Bolts

Squeakiness can be caused by rusted bolts on a pack ‘n play. In such cases, oil them. In other words, you should maintain it by cleaning and replacing parts that wear out. Parts prone to destruction are usually equipped with spare parts.

Buy New Pack and Play

The third reason for squeaking is that your Pack and Play is using low-quality material, so, in this situation, you need to invest in some quality Pack and Play.

When to Lower Pack and Play Mattress?

As soon as your baby can push up on his hands and knees, you should lower the Pack and Play and use the bottom level. If your baby weighs more than 15 pounds, the baby will reach the bassinet weight limit. This will be based on the weight that occurs first.

When to Lower Pack and Play Mattress

Pack and Play vs. Playpen

In 1902, the Oxford English Dictionary included “playpen.”. A playpen is a simple piece of furniture used by parents to keep their babies safe while they are at work.

A playpen used to be made of wooden bars, but today plastic, metal, and mesh are available. There are some playpens that do not have soft mattresses, but most players do. For this reason, many parents add a floor mat to their playpens.

The modern playard, such as the Pack and Play, comes with bells and whistles. Some of the extra features available are bassinets, changing stations, shelves, mobiles, storage, night lights, and more.

What has changed more than anything are the fold and collapse features, which make storing and transporting the playard easy for parents. Playards generally cost more than basic playpens, which is another major difference.

How to Make Pack n Play More Comfortable – FAQs

Why won't my pack n play close?
Check that none of the Pack ‘n Play rails are partially locked if the unit does not collapse completely. The lock will release if you press the center button again when a rail is not completely collapsed.
What is the weight limit for a pack and play?
Assembling the pack n play was incredibly easy, and it comes with its carry bag so that you can take it anywhere. It does have a maximum weight limit of 15 pounds, however. I have an eight-week-old who has already reached that limit.
Can you put mattresses in Pack N play?
The answer is yes! According to Graco Consumer Services, our players come with mattresses explicitly designed to fit the playard. You should not add aftermarket mattresses or soft bedding to your playard for the safety of your child.



As parents, we know how hard it is for you to see the thin and hard pad that comes with the Pack and Play, and you want to give your child the comfiest place to sleep and play. This is why we made this effort and compiled the article for parents like you. So, you can give your child the comfiest and best place to enjoy the best time of their life.

We hope that you like our effort and this will help you in some way so, make sure you share this with your family and friends who are parents or to be parents.

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