Does Purple Mattress Have Fiberglass? Everything You Need To Know

Does Purple Mattress Have Fiberglass Everything You Need To Know

Purple Mattress Brand is the most wanted and reliable company which was introduced almost 20 years based in Utah and it’s all its products are made in the USA. This well-known brand is launched by the Pearce brothers who thought about the world’s best mattress technology.  They called it Hyper-Elastic Polymer which is now known as Purple. This company produces more than mattress products like Pillows, Seat cushions, and platform bases wheelchair business. Their clients say Purple introduced the Best Mattress without Fiberglass.

If you have a purple mattress or you want to buy a new purple mattress then you are in the right place. Many people want to know does purple mattresses contain fiberglass. So, our research and according to the experience of our researcher purple mattresses don’t contain fiberglass because after the observation and survey we notice the side effects of fiberglass. Purple uses chemical-free materials for mattress manufacturing to make it long-lasting with Gel Flex Grid elastic polymer and the best high-quality polyurethane foam with a flame barrier. 

Here is some simple and the most beneficial advice for you, whenever you want to buy anything then make sure to go through the reviews of previous clients because their experience can guide you to get better, must read the list of ingredients and can help you to keep your money safe.

 There is some following point that you should note to get the best original purple mattress because there are a lot of varieties of mattresses in the market. 

Fiberglass Mattress and Fiberglass Free Mattresses

  • Fiberglass mattress:   There are many mattresses in which some are mattresses with fiberglass and some are fiberglass-free mattresses.  Fiberglass is actually a material of glass and reinforced plastic and it’s compulsory in memory foam mattresses and in its cover to give an emotional sense during sleep and side changes. But according to my personal experience fiberglass elements are not good for your skin because their fiberglass can give you tiny cuts, and rash and can irritate your eyes. It’s scientifically approved that fiberglass can bring health effects. 
  • Fiberglass Free Mattress:   Purple mattresses didn’t have fiberglass material that’s why these all are good and comfortable for your skin and health. You can protect your mattress from fiberglass mattress by covering it with a high-quality mattress protector, don’t remove the cover. Here the Purple plus Twin mattress is better than memory foam in the form of a premium comfort foam layer. 

Fiberglass Mattress and Fiberglass Free Mattresses

  • Silica Fibers: Silica fibers are fibers made of Sodium Silicate which is like water glass. Quartz is one of the purest forms of silica which is a natural component. It uses as heat protection and in mattresses, reparable crystalline silica causes some serious diseases like lung cancer, COPD, and kidney disease you can keep your body safe from these effects with the use of a thick mattress cover. Silica is the best mineral that provides strength and flexibility to the connective tissues of your body, these are helpful to keep the tissues relaxed of your skin, teeth, bone, and hair, and even good for blood vessels. Silica helps in the formation of collagen protein. Purple’s experts know very well how to use silica under the layer of foam to keep your body safe and give you flexible motion during sleep and release your body stress at Sun rising Bedding.

Purple mattress Types

This big mattress brand introduced more than 10 kinds of mattresses according to the buyer’s requirements through their sleeping positions (stomach sleepers, side sleepers, back sleepers, multi-position sleepers) and for different body weight people to keep their body relaxed and reduce the pressure on body points. These Purple mattresses are extremely low-cost and reliable for long-term usage. 

  • Memory foam medium
  • Memory foam Twin 
  • Queen-size memory foam
  • King-size memory foam
  • Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress 

How the mattresses are constructed?

Before buying the mattress you have to know what is a purple mattress made of. So, There are unique and well-organic purple mattress materials that are used to give you a healthy and relaxed night’s sleep because they know rest is how much important in our lives. Let’s see what makes them different than everyone. People are crazy about purple mattresses. It looks like a spring layer but actually, it’s not. 

The building of hyper-elastic polymer starts with purple dust in form of purple mattress powder which is like a secret ingredient and it passes through a compressing machine which gives it shape like massive sheets of the purple grid.  Then it crushes again and with the help of a compressing machine, it converts into mattress form with zero waste. 

This top layer is passed through the red hot conveyor belt oven when it came out immediately the side barriers are attached to it and then to fill its inner space the Purple grid spreads out and goes into a giant smasher to create a solid bond.  Then they slide down the rest of the rollers to dry off.  

How the mattresses are constructed

Packing process

In the next step, the packing procedure starts when the mattress is pinched off and sewn shut.  The mattress flipped over on the back side and the mattress tag cover closed up the bottom. This whole mattress passes through the compressor which vacuums all the air out and turned it into a slim purple sheet in the next step, it came in a roll shape and is packed in one thicker purple plastic sheet bag.  And it’s ready for shipping. 

Unpacking Procedure

It comes to you in a cylinder form in the shape of a thin sheet in a transparent plastic sheet. When you open it then make sure you put it on the bed and then cut off the packing. You have to leave it for more than 24 hours freely to get its original shape and it will set on your bed frame on its own. It’s very fluffy and easy to move. 

Facts about Mattress

  • The unique features that this purple mattress has others didn’t. 
  • All of their mattresses are certified by CERTIPUR-US. 
  • These are tested by experts and made from safe and tested foam. 
  • Its foam is breathable and the vacuum helps to breathe smoothly without compressive pressure.
  • These purple mattresses are eco-friendly and made of recyclable materials.
  • It molds just like your body shape.

Is a purple mattress worth it?

The thing which I personally like is the formation of your spinal cord. Purple mattress is my 1st priority because when I lay on it, the mattress didn’t shrink nor I stuck in it. It feels soft on your body but is best for side sleepers. Other mattresses didn’t support the back but this purple mattress keeps our back line straight which prevents us from back pain after sleep. 

Is a purple mattress worth it

It’s very lightweight and easy to transfer.

  • Its size is amazing and very cheap which makes this brand most required in the market. I must say, the purple mattress really worth the money.
  • These purple mattresses are best for children, toddlers, and also for hostel zed people. 
  • Its material is fire resistant which gives 12 hours to keep people safe in any fire emergency. Which is the most unique feature of a Purple mattress? 

Avoid Fiberglass from Mattress

After awareness about Fiberglass, people usually ask how to get rid of Fiberglass from Mattresses. Observing the whole ingredient list will help you to find a better one in your own budget and help you to beware of purple mattress allergies.  A lint roller is best for removing glass fibers from any surface.  There is another option of vacuum to remove the fiberglass from the mattress. Fiberglass particles can be added to the environment and can harm your soft organs and skin. 

Some people want to get organic, chemical-free objects to get rid of fiberglass. So after a lot of research here is the best solution for you. The apple cider vinegar dissolves fiberglass particles from your clothes and even from your body so, you can live organic now.  Avoid removing the cover of the mattress. 

Mattress warranty

The Purple Mattress is not just giving the best mattresses in different varieties but also offers the best Mattress Firm Warranty limits from the date of purchase or until transfer. Purple Grid is durable and has a long-lasting mattress with about 7 to 10 years of warranty. You get the free trial and also can get the benefit of 100 night’s night trial. 

 Some people are worried about how to return a mattress. So, it’s really very easy you have to just complete some paperwork.  If you are not feeling good and comfortable with this purple mattress then you have the option to recall the company and tell them about your problem and they will come and bring the mattress. It’s not a big issue because the company knows how to facilitate the clients.  It could be returned if there is any manufacturing default but with any teaser, cut, spot, or anything else, then it couldn’t be replaced or returned.

Mattress warranty

Here are two other mattress brands about which people ask, 

Yes, there are a lot of fiberglasses particles present in Zinus Mattresses. The company uses it as a fire retardant. Don’t remove the cover of these mattresses because fiberglass components can harm your skin and small organs. 

Actually, there is a very low quantity of fiberglass present in Nectar Mattresses but yeah it contains fiberglass still inside.  But it’s secure because its cover is made of polyester and polyethylene. There is a memory foam comfort layer. 

Here is the most helpful section FAQ for those who want to get-to-the-point answers for their confusion about purple mattresses. Let get it

Does Purple Mattress Have Fiberglass – FAQs

How much does a purple mattress cost?
Different-sized mattresses have different prices. You know better what you want exactly. The Purple Hybrid Premium Mattresses costs are started from $800 to more than $1500 which is affordable and make it easy to achieve for everyone. The purple mattresses are worth their price.
How much does a purple mattress weigh?
The weight also depends on the purple mattress’s size. A twin XL mattress is about 70 lbs, a full mattress is about 81 lbs, a Queen Size mattress contains 110 lbs and the king size is 140 lbs, and so on.
Can you use the purple mattress on the box spring?
Absolutely not, I will never recommend you to use the purple mattress on the box spring because it could be damaged easily and your warranty will not work there. You should use a purple mattress with just a purple bed frame for great comfort in any sleeping position.
Does the Purple mattress have toxic chemicals?
Purple mattresses are made of different materials such as high-quality materials that are both safe and non-toxic. Their foam is certified by CertiPUR-US and made of Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This big brand manufactured mattresses according to your comfort and health care rules.
Is purple a Mormon company?
Yeah, you can say it; this online mattress company is the creativity of Tony and Terry Pearce. Both brothers are Mormons with 44 children and grandchildren. This company started as a wheelchair business. Purple is situated in Utah and its products are made in the USA.



Before the launching of Purple mattresses, they are tested by experienced healthcare instructors and professional sleepers and after their satisfaction and their manufacturing tests, these mattresses shipped to the market to give you better than before. The advanced technology and expert advice help the Purple constructors to give better. 

I and my professional advisers also experienced and we have to say, the purple mattress is worth it. Its flexibility is tested by a raw egg experiment and everyone was shocked that the egg didn’t break. The Purple Twin mattress is one of my favorites. We know the importance of your health and body features so; it’s best to convert itself according to your body’s needs and shape. 

Get ready to live a stress-free life with the best warranty offers and satisfying results. BEST OF LUCK!

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