11 Creative Uses of Old Memory Foam Mattress

11 Creative Uses of Old Memory Foam Mattress

Everything you buy has a lifespan after which you cannot use that thing. The same goes for the Memory foam too. When you are using Memory foam for a long time, it goes through wear and tear, and the comfort level of that mattress decreases. 

You might think about getting a new mattress at this stage, but the question that arises here is what you would do with your old mattress. So here we have some very creative and good ideas for your mattress, and by applying them, you can use the mattress for many benefits so, keep reading if you want to know some free creative ideas to make your mattress useful. 

How to Get Rid of an Old Mattress for Free?

There are many ways to get rid of your mattress without even spending a penny, but your mattress should be in usable condition. In addition, many charitable institutions are looking for mattresses. You just need to call them, and they will send a team to your house that will pick up the mattress and take it to the local area warehouse of that organization. This is the one way to give your old mattress for free, but there are dozens of other ways to do that that we will explain in a while. 

What to Do with your Old Memory Foam mattress?

We had explained to you how you can get rid of the Memory foam mattress for free, but there are three other ways with which you can get rid of your Memory foam mattress that we will mention below:

Donate it

The best way to get rid of your mattress is to give it to someone who needs it. If you find someone in your local area who might need the mattress, you can donate it to them, but if that is not possible, there are many organizations to whom you can give the mattress, and they will give it to the ones who need it.

The best organization that we would recommend you for the donation is the Salvation Army. They are a very large network of welfare work, and the best thing is that they accept mattress donations.

If you are busy and can’t ship the mattress to their local warehouse, just call them, and the local salvation army truck will pick up the mattress from your house. 

Sell it

It is the other way to get rid of your mattress that if you don’t want to donate your mattress, simply just sell it, but selling might not be easy if your mattress looks bad. So, if your mattress is in good condition only then, you should go this way. Sell it

The first step is to determine the value of your mattress; if you have spent $1000 on your mattress, you can sell it only for $300 to $400. Once you determine the price, now post your offer on the website, which is popular in your area.

Now the interested people will reach out to you, talk to them and make your deal. This is how you can sell your old mattress and get rid of it. 

Dispose it to a Local Recycling Center

This is the third method to get rid of your old mattress; if your mattress is in good condition, you can donate or sell it, but what if your mattress’s condition is bad then you have only one option remaining, which is to dispose of it in your local recycling center. 

There are some local recycling centers in every city so, you need to find one, but first, you have to measure the weight of the mattress because there are many recycling centers that charge according to the weight of the mattress. 

Fun Things to do with an Old Mattress?

The things mentioned above are the ones that everyone can do with their mattress, but there are some other fun things that you can do with your mattress, and we are going to tell you about all those fun things. Fun Things to do with an old Mattress

Turn it into a Pet Bed

This is also a very creative idea, and I have seen it in many places where people turn their old mattresses into their pet beds. The mattress gives them a very comfortable and soft place to sleep. 

The good thing is that you don’t need to put so much effort into it. Cut the size of the mattress according to your pet’s size and make sure you cut the part which is relatively better than other parts of the mattress and then sew it with some soft cloth and your pet’s bed is ready now they can peacefully sleep on it. 

Springs as Decorations

Memory foam is full of springs that make it bouncy and comfortable, so when the mattress is at the end of its life, why not take its springs out and make some things to decorate the home. 

Thousands of tutorials show you how to make creative pieces with the springs, so if you don’t know how to make it, you can get help from those. In addition, you can make many things with the old springs like spring vases, photo displays, candle holders, and many more things.

Alternative Furniture

When your mattress is expired, you have many options that you can do with it. First thing you can make the cushions of your old sofa and give it a new look. The other option you have is to use the material of the mattress as the filler in your bean bags. Alternative FurnitureIf you do not know these things, you can take the help of professionals, and they will do this thing for you very easily and at very reasonable prices.


This is also a very popular thing that you can make with your Memory foam once it is not in use. The Memory foam is made of very soft and comfortable material then you can convert it into a rug or the door mates and it will look really good and you will be able to reuse the mattress too. 

But this is not possible by yourself. You have to take some help from the professionals and they will do it for you and in return charge you a little amount. 

Kids Playmat

Every house has kids and moms are worrying that they are playing on the ground and because of that they get germs and get infected but you can make the playmats for your kids with the old mattresses. They will play on those playmats the whole day without the fear of getting germs from the ground so, this is also a very useful benefit that you can take from the old mattress. 

Make new cushions and pillows

This is the most important and perfect use that you can do with the old Memory foam mattress because these are some of the most comfortable mattresses on the market so, if you want to make new cushions and pillows then the memory foam mattress is the best option you can try. 

Use Foam mattress as sponges

Give this mattress to your cushion maker and he will make the perfect fluffy cushions and pillows for you when you will sleep on that you will get the most peaceful sleep of your life because of the memory foam layers in it. 

Use Foam Mattress as Sponges

If your mattress is in very bad condition, you don’t have many options, so you might be thinking that you can’t use it but you are wrong because there is one use that you can still do with it and that is to use it like sponges. We use sponges in our daily life to clean dishes, doors, and many other things, so using memory foam as the sponge is a good option. 

Use it for Camping

This is not a very common use of memory foam but I have seen some adventurous people who use the old memory foam mattress in their camping and sleep peacefully in the mountains.  The memory foam is very easily foldable and you can carry it easily with you wherever you are going camping. 

Creative Art

Everything you can imagine is real” is quoted by Pablo Picasso, the great Spanish painter. You can use your creative instinct and make something creative with the mattress. I  have seen many beautiful creative decoration pieces that were looking really pretty in homes. You can try that too and we believe that you will be able to make something very beautiful. 

Hanging Kitchen Rack

This is also a very creative use of the Memory foam mattress that you can make a kitchen rank with your memory foam. Even though it looks like a very stupid idea but there are some creative professionals that have made this thing possible so, you can try it too and can make a beautiful rack for your kitchen. 

Turn an old Memory Foam Mattress into a Couch

The mattress is a very good investment that you do for a long time and when it is at the end of your life you don’t have to discard it but you can use it in a good way and that is by turning it into your couch and it can be done very easily without any problem. 

Turn old memory foam mattress into couch

You first need to gather your supplies like a sewing machine and some other stuff you need for it and then clean the whole mattress carefully so that it would look new. Now it is time to cut the mattress in half and put the clothes on and sew the new couch cloth on it and your new couch for the living room is ready to serve your guests. 

Can you cut up a Mattress for Disposal?

You can remove any recyclable material by cutting down the mattress before dumping it because it takes up less space. Mattress disposal is often subject to extra fees, so you might be able to avoid them by cutting the mattress yourself. So, if you are planning to cut up a mattress before disposal then it is the best option to save your money and time. 

Old Memory Foam Mattress – FAQs

Can a memory foam mattress be recycled?
It is possible to recycle memory foam mattresses, toppers, and pillows. Recycling mattresses, toppers, and pillows that are made from memory foam require that you find a recycling center and have them collect the items for some petty fee.
What happens to memory foam mattresses over time?
The question is that the memory foam mattress wears and tears after time then the answer is yes, it does wear out. Heat and pressure can repeatedly compress memory foams because of the way they work. Unlike latex or hybrid foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses compress much faster by nature.
What is the lifespan of a memory foam mattress?
The lifespan of the memory foam is good and it would last for more than 15 to 20 years. Memory foam is one of the most durable foams in the market so if you are planning to buy this foam then this is a good mattress for use for a long time.
How do you know when your memory foam mattress needs replacing?
In time, though, cellular structures in memory foam degrade, making it softer and unable to bounce back, i.e. supporting you. Usually, a memory foam mattress needs to be replaced if its body impression sticks around for more than two inches after you get up. There are many brands that offer a warranty of more than 15 to 20 years so, that means their mattress would last more than that and if they didn’t last then you have the option to return to the brand.
Why does my back hurt when I sleep on memory foam?
Can memory foam cause back pain? Memory foam mattresses can cause back pain, depending on the firmness level you choose. If you sleep on a firm mattress, you won’t experience pressure points and your spine will remain aligned.


Our Verdict

These are some ways or methods that you can do with your old memory foam mattress. We shared some traditional and some non-traditional ways both, so everyone can choose according to its nature. If you are a creative individual then there are many options that you can do with your mattress. 

There are many charitable trusts that accept mattresses as a donation and then they find needy people and provide them with a mattress on which they can sleep peacefully. You can donate your mattress to any trust like this and do something good for humanity.

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