King Headboard Sizes and Dimension – 2024 Complete Guide

King Headboard Sizes and Dimension Complete Guide

There are many people in the world that like to buy things in custom sizes and if you are one of them then you might know that the headboard comes in various sizes and you are the rare one because normally people don’t know this thing.  

Generally, the headboard is more than 2 to 5 inches larger than your mattress but if you want it can be a lot wider and bigger than it. If you don’t know about the headboard size,s then we are here to tell you everything you need to know about the king headboard sizes and dimensions, so keep reading. 

What is the Difference Between the King and California King Mattress?

These are the two different sizes of mattresses. Generally, people would think that the difference between the king and the California king is that the king is larger than California but the reality is that the king has more surface area than the California king. 

What is the difference between the king and California king Mattress

The width and length of the California king mattress are 72 by 84 inches while on the other hand, the width and length of the king mattress are 76 by 80 inches. The main difference in the mattress is the surface area. The surface area of the California king mattress is 6,048 square inches as compared to the king mattress whose surface area are 6,080 square inches. 

Headboard Dimensions

The purchase of a headboard provides sleepers with the extra comfort and support they need. You can decorate your room with a variety of different styles and designs of headboards. 

Be sure the headboard fits the mattress size and the room size before you choose it. Finding the right headboard size for your room will help you feel less cluttered if you have a tall and bulky headboard.

Twin & Twin XL

However, there is a difference in bed size between twin and twin XL, so their headboards should have similar dimensions. Mattresses that are 38 inches wide will fit in bed frames between 40 and 43 inches wide. A headboard between 40 and 46 inches wide would fit around the mattress.

It may be necessary to increase the height of the twin XL headboard to appear proportionate since twin XL mattresses are five inches longer than twin mattresses 80 and 75 inches.

Full-size mattress

A standard full-size mattress is 54 inches wide, which means a full-size headboard will measure between 56 and 62 inches in width.

Queen Mattress

To accommodate a queen mattress, a standard headboard needs to be between 62 and 68 inches wide. 

King Mattress

Standard king mattresses are 76 inches wide, along with Eastern kings. It, therefore, corresponds to a headboard that will measure between 78 and 84 inches in width. 

California King Mattress

A standard headboard for a California king will measure between 74 and 80 inches wide since California king mattresses are 4 inches narrower than traditional king mattresses. A California king is also the longest bed size, measuring 84 inches long. If you want the headboard to look proportionate to the width of the bed, you may want to consider a taller headboard.

Bed Frame with Headboard Dimensions

A headboard is usually 2 to 4 inches wider than its compatible mattress size. There may be 2 inches of space needed on either side of the bed to accommodate a headboard. Think about this extra space when purchasing a headboard so that you can plan the rest of your furniture accordingly and avoid overcrowding the room.

  • If you have a twin-size mattress in the room of 7 feet by 10 feet, then the suitable headboard width would be 41 inches. 
  • If you have a full-size mattress in your 10 feet by 10 feet room, you would need a headboard width of 56 inches. 
  • If the room size is ten by 10 feet, but the mattress you have is the queen size, you would need a headboard width of 62 inches. 
  • In a 12 by 12 feet room, you would need a king-size bed and 80 inches headboard width. 
  • The California king mattress in your 12 by 12 inches room would need a headboard width of 74 inches. 

How to Find the Cooling Mattress?

You have many factors to consider when buying a mattress, especially when looking for a cooling mattress. Customers need to be aware of key mattress characteristics and how they affect the performance of a cooling mattress because the variety of cool mattresses can be overwhelming. 

How to find the cooling mattress

But first, let’s know what is a cooling mattress.

Cooling Mattress

Most people notice themselves waking up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night after sleeping hot. Some mattresses aggravate this problem, while others alleviate it. Cooling mattresses may be helpful to hot sleepers who struggle with staying asleep.

There is something about the construction of some mattresses meant to keep sleepers cool during the night, as indicated by the term “cooling mattress.” Beds can keep you cool in several ways. Cooling mattresses do not apply to any one part or component of the mattress.

Different Types of Headboards

There are many types of headboards in the market, like the luxurious ones made of pure leather or some others made of animal skins. These are included in the luxurious ones, and a very small number of people buy this kind of stuff because it is really expensive. 

We will not cover these types, but we will cover the very common ones in public, and many people are searching for them. So, there are four types of headboards that we will share with you and explain. 

  1. Upholstered Headboards
  2. Metal Headboards
  3. Wooden Headboards
  4. Storage Headboards

Let’s explain all these four types of headboards. 

1. Upholstered Headboards

An Upholstered bed frame includes materials other than wood (including the foot and headboard). Additional padding is usually layered over the upholstery. This results in a softer touch and a more comfortable headboard – ideal for anyone who prefers to read in bed while sitting up.

Upholstered Headboards

2. Metal Headboards

It is another type of bed frame in which the head of the bed frame is made of metal, as the name shows. It includes luxurious kinds of headers and seems to be very comfortable while sleeping. These headboards tend to be more durable and strong compared to the other headboards in the market. 

3. Wooden Headboards

These are the most commonly used headboards in the market, and most of the time, people go for these wooden headboards, but there are many types of variations and designs in this headboard there are some headboards that are made of walnut wood which is a very luxurious type of wood and expensive too. 

Wooden Headboards

In the wooden bed frame, there are many budget options, if you are looking at the wooden bed frames, you will get the most expensive ones and the budget ones as well so, this is a good option in the market. 

4. Storage Headboards

It is another type of headboard, and mostly these types are available in wooden headboards. In this headboard, you have the space and drawers in which you have the choice you can put your clothes and some other things of your daily use, and they will be just a hand away from you. It is also a famous type of headboard, and people who have limited space go for these headboards. 

Headboard Widths

A headboard is usually 2 to 4 inches wider than its compatible mattress size. If you want to install a headboard, you may need at least 2 inches on either side of the bed. When purchasing a headboard, consider the extra space available so you won’t overcrowd your room. 

We provide the approximate headboard widths and their compatible mattress dimensions and recommended room sizes in this table since headboard sizes are aligned with standard mattress sizes. 

In a 10 x 10 foot room, a standard queen headboard will match a queen bed frame, but choosing an extra-wide headboard may make the room look crowded. Often the extra-wide headboard extends beyond the bedside tables by 25 to 30 inches. Large rooms will benefit from its bold statement, but small rooms will suffer from the extra width.

Wall-mounted headboards typically don’t attach to the bed frame but instead are mounted on the wall. There is no need to worry about bed frame sizes since they are placed against the headboard. If you have a queen-size and a king-size bed, an extra-wide wall-mounted headboard may work. For a headboard to be fitted into a frame, the holes on either side have to match up with the mounting holes.

Headboard Heights

An effective headboard height is not determined by the height from the floor but by what you can see above the mattress. It is not required that headboards be a certain height; however, it is generally best to have them shorter than the length of the bed. The majority of twin, full, queen, king, and cal king headboard designs take this into consideration.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Mattress


There are cooling mattresses at every price point. The materials used in the construction of a mattress determine the mattress price. Despite the high cost of high-quality mattresses, there are affordable options available. Due to the lack of showrooms and extra staff in online retailers, direct-to-consumer mattresses are generally cheaper.


There are different degrees of quality associated with each type of mattress material. A polyfoam that has a higher density is considered to be of a higher quality. Generally, more durable polyfoam will last longer and will not develop body impressions as easily. In general, natural rubber is of higher quality than synthetic rubber.

Things to consider before buying the mattress

Sleeping Position

Your preferred sleep position will influence the type and firmness level of the mattress you choose. Soft mattresses often cushion the hips and shoulders of side sleepers. Those who sleep on their backs typically prefer firmer mattresses that provide adequate lumbar support. Your weight greatly influences the firmness or softness of a mattress.

Mattress Type

As well as all-foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses, mattresses made with coils and other materials, airbeds, and latex mattresses are also available. Mattresses with inner springs and hybrids tend to have better temperature regulation because of the airflow through their coil layers. It is common for memory foam layers to trap body heat, whether in all-foam beds or hybrids.

King Headboard Dimension – FAQs

How much wider should a headboard be than the bed?
Bed Frames are usually 0-3 inches wider than standard headboards. An extra-wide headboard can be twice as wide as your bed – or even wider if you wish to create a whole wall of headboards! If you have nightstands or bedside tables wider than the headboard, you should extend the headboard to accommodate them.
How are headboards measured?
Traditional single beds have a height of 67 cm. 75 cm – 100 cm is the standard size for a double or king-size headboard. Regardless of your preference, you should first measure up from the top of the mattress to the height you desire. After that, determine how deep the mattress should be.
Are queen and king-size headboards the same size?
Beds are divided into four sizes: king-size beds measure 76 inches wide, and queen-sized beds measure 60 inches wide. Therefore, king-size headboards are approximately 16 inches wider than queen-size headboards. If we talk about the latest metal frames of the beds, they are perfect for the queen and the king-size bed, so the answer is yes, the size is the same.
Can you use a king-size bed frame for a queen?
Queen beds are 16 inches shorter and 76 inches wider than king beds, so you should not try to fit a king mattress on a queen frame; king mattresses are 16 inches larger. The length and width of a King bed frame can accommodate mattresses of 80 inches or more. They have 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width for queen-size mattresses.


Our Verdict

The headboard is the most important part of the bed frame, and it plays a critical role in your comfort, but many people do not know about the headboard’s dimensions, width, and heights. This was why we decided to write a very detailed guide about the dimensions of the king headboard. 

If you have read this article, then we are damn sure that you will be able to get the best headboard for yourself and you won’t face any kind of difficulty. If you like our article, then make sure you share it with your friends and family members who might need this information.

Thank you for reading. 

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