Are Tempurpedic Mattresses Hot – Complete Guide

Are Tempurpedic Mattresses Hot – Complete Guide

Tempurpedic is one of the most high-end and high-quality brand names in mattresses available. In some cases, a few customers are anxious about the possibility that they may not be sufficiently cool enough despite their comfort. Are Tempurpedic mattresses hot to sleep on?

The short response is yes because their materials incorporate memory foam, which is heat-absorbent and Reflective. Need an in-depth explanation? Let’s look down on this article to continue to peruse!

What is Tempurpedic?

Tempurpedic first arrived in the realm of Mattress manufacturing back in the 90s. The organization made the name for itself when it integrated NASA spacecraft foam technology into its bedding. It ran an exceptionally effective and eye-catching advertising campaign. Tempurpedic was perhaps the earliest firm to utilize memory foam as a material for mattresses, making it a worldwide player in bedding making practically for the time being. You might also like Types of Memory Foam 

Is the New Tempurpedic Mattress too hot?

Yes, Tempurpedic mattresses tend to sleep undeniably hotter than other mattresses. This is because of their excellent thick supporting foam, which has less capacity to permit your body heat to escape. However, this is in addition to assuming that you end up living in a cold climate, or for more established individuals who will quite often feel chiller than more younger individuals.

Is the New Tempurpedic Mattress too hot

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How Can a Tempur-Pedic Mattress Sleep Hot?

To comprehend how a Tempur-Pedic mattress might make you sleep hot, we first need to understand what Tempur-Pedic Mattress are made from and how the related properties can impact heat. Tempur-Pedic mattresses are produced using Memory Foam.

Memory Foam is a kind of polyurethane foam that has been blended in with different synthetic compounds to make a thick and gooey material that is capable of absorbing your body heat and utilizing it to reconfigure the particles of the foam to make a more adaptive sleep surface that can assist with reducing pressure points and make a profound ‘envelop’ feel.

Such properties likewise imply that a Memory foam Mattress could make you sweat a lot at Night Time. Do go through Tempurpedic vs. Memory Foam

Subsequently, a Tempur-Pedic Mattress could make you sleep hot because of heat retention and the reduced airflow that outcomes from your skin adhering near the material – which could cause uneasiness on the off chance that you as of now have night sweats, hot Flashes, live in a warm environment, or generally normally will quite often sleep hot.

Nonetheless, not every person will feel too warm in an Activated Mattress Pad.

Notwithstanding the potential temperature variations between people, Tempur-Pedic mattresses accompany different cooling and ventilation features that can permit you to enjoy the pressure-relieving characteristics of memory foam without temperature issues.

See underneath to figure out the particular elements of Tempur-Pedic beddings that can assist you with sleeping cool.

How Could a Tempur-Pedic Mattress Sleep Cool?

Tempur-Pedic is perhaps the most established name in the mattress industry and pioneered the original Memory Foam mattress in the mid-1990s.

This implies that they have understood that Memory foam can make a few people feel excessively warm/sweat unreasonably thus they have done whatever it may take to battle this by adding the accompanying elements to their sleeping pad range (model-explicit highlights are illustrated in the following segment):

How Could a Tempur-Pedic Mattress Sleep Cool

  • Moisture Wicking 360° Stretch Cover – this cover is breathable, takes into consideration increased airflow, and retains moisture so it tends to be pushed towards the edge of the material where it can evaporate to keep the cover from drenching and consequently keep you cool and dry.
  • Cool-to-Touch Cover – this knitted cover is explicitly intended to feel cool on contact to assist with combatting overheating and diminish the opportunity of sweating unnecessarily.
  • SmartClimate® Dual Cover system – as well as being cool to the touch to assist with controlling your body temperature, this cover is additionally machine washable to make cleaning more straightforward.
  • PureCool+™ technology – this material is explicitly intended to retain and absorb excess body heat and facilitate better airflow to combat overheating.
  • TEMPUR-CM+ Material – this layer permits any heat and humidity caught in the sleeping pad to escape to keep the bed from turning out too hot and moist.
  • Ventilated TEMPUR-APR® Material – intended to relieve pressure points to improve comfort, this layer is likewise intended to be profoundly breathable to facilitate a deeper through-flow of air to assist with heat dissipation and regulate your body temperature.

How do you cool down a Tempurpedic Mattress?

Is there a method for preventing heat retention of Tempurpedic traditional Memory Foam Mattresses? Indeed, obviously! Here is the most helpful cooling guide to allude to:

  • Use Mattress topper

It is the quickest and most economical method for making your cooling cushion. Their cost is a lot lower than purchasing another very good quality item from the Tempurpedic brand.

Toppers are thin layers put on the surface of a traditional Memory foam mattress to change the bedding feel when you lie on them.

They are usually made of polyfoam, latex, or different materials like fleece, down, or feathers. Your sleeping pad might become cooler and more open and comfortable depending upon the materials of the topper.

As a general rule, the thickness of these items shifts from 1 to 4 inches for you to browse. For example, to keep cool, search for a topper made of gel-infused latex, memory foam, or other cooling technology and breathable materials since this assists you with sleeping cooler on a bed frame.

Individuals who like to sleep hot instead of cool ought to keep the bedding cool by utilizing cooling techniques and materials with a combination of memory foam and coils.

  • Use Perfect Sleep Pad

Aside from toppers, you can consider utilizing a mattress pad. They are extremely thin fabric covers that keep your foam mattress from wear and tear.

They will not enormously adjust the comfort of your bed in light of their slim nature; however, they can help with cooling without a doubt.

Use Perfect Sleep Pad

These pads ought to be absorbent and made out of a soft, cool, fiber-like natural fabric. Some can likewise help with sweat-wicking, making the bed frame appear to be cooler.

  • Use Cooling Sheets

They function as cushions between the memory foam surface and the sleepers. The surface and texture of sheets may significantly influence your cooling feeling.

Various cooling sheets are accessible, each with a distinct structure that can place you in a cooling pad.

These things are normally moisture-wicking, and that implies they help to drain sweat away for better comfort and coolness.

  • Control the Temperature in Your Room

Controlling the environment in your room is a great idea to make your mattress cooler. You ought to allow the windows to open and purchase a ceiling or floor fan to keep a consistent airflow and lower temperatures.

  • Purchase a New Mattress

On the off chance that you attempt all techniques referenced above, yet they don’t work, now is the ideal time to put resources into another bed Mattress.

Which Tempurpedic Mattress Sleeps Cool?

On the off chance that you choose to supplant your old memory foam mattress with a new one, bring a comfortable sleep experience for you. While not known as a cooling mattress, steps can be taken to improve overall cooling features in a Memory foam bed. If you’re thinking about buying this sort of foam mattress, we suggest picking a plant-based memory foam bed. Its layers incorporate open-cell construction and plant-based foams. Let’s take a look at the rundown beneath:

Which Tempurpedic Mattress Sleeps Cool

  • Tempur Luxe Breeze
  • Tempur Luxe Adapt
  • Tempur Adapt
  • Tempur Pro Adapt
  • Tempur ProBreeze
  • Tempur Cloud

1. Tempur LuxeBreeze (Best Cooling Tempur-Pedic Bedding)

The Tempur LuxeBreeze is Tempur-Pedic’s most cooling bedding since it accompanies the SmartClimate® Double Cover Framework, PureCool+™ Innovation, TEMPUR-CM+ Material, and Ventilated TEMPUR-APR® Material to help deal with the microclimate between the bedding and the cover to assist you with sleeping up to 8° cooler.

All the more explicitly, when you rest on the bedding, you’ll promptly feel cooler because of the cover being cool to the touch, while the PureCool+™ technology begins to assimilate your body heat and the TEMPUR-CM+ Material begins to disseminate overabundance heat and moisture to assist with managing your body temperature over the course of the night.

The soft version of the LuxeBreeze is the most ideal for side sleepers and lighter-weighted sleepers under 150 lbs on the grounds that the decreased surface tension can permit you to sink all the more profoundly into the materials to assist with disseminating the pressure on your hips, shoulders, and joints.

The firm version of the LuxeBreeze is better for the front, back, and heavier sleepers more than 230 lbs in light of the fact that the tight surface pressure can assist with restricting sinkage and keep you in a great posture to prevent back pain.

2. Tempur ProBreeze

Tempur pedic cool breeze mattress is like the LuxeBreeze with the exception that it sleeps up to 3° cooler rather than 8° and it comes in medium (all-foam) and medium-half hybrid (foam and springs).

The medium is a decent choice for normal weighted front, back, and side sleepers in the 130 – 230 lbs range, while the extra bounce and support given by the medium hybrid go with it a superior decision for heavier weighted sleepers over 230 lbs as well as a combination/restless sleepers that require more flexibility and versatility.

Tempur ProBreeze

3. Tempur LuxeAdapt

The Tempur LuxeAdapt offers the SmartClimate® Dual Cover Framework that is cool to the touch and is accessible in soft or firm.

4. Tempur ProAdapt

The Tempur ProAdapt additionally offers the SmartClimate® Double Cover Framework and comes in delicate, medium, firm, and medium-hybrid to take special care of essentially every resting position and style.

5. Tempur Adapt

The Tempur Adapt has a Cool-to-Contact Cover and is accessible in medium and medium-hybrid which takes care of the front, back, side, and mix sleepers.

6. Tempur Cloud

The Tempur Cloud accompanies the 360° Stretch Cover to increment breathability, heat dissipation, and wick away moisture to assist with keeping you cool and dry around evening time.

The Tempur Cloud is Tempur-Pedic’s most reasonable bedding and arrives in a universal medium level of firmness to suit front, back, and side sleepers. You can also check out the comparison between Purple Mattress and Tempurpedic.

Tempur Cloud

3 Hot Mattress Solutions

If you currently face your TempurPedic mattress hot to sleep and you’re excessively felt warmth or sweat-soaked in it (this can occur assuming that your bedding is extremely old and the materials are as of now not in as great a quality condition) then you can attempt any (or all) of the 3 cooling techniques listed below. Here we’ll discuss 3 memory foam mattress too-hot solutions.

  • 1. Use a Slatted Base

On the off chance that you’re currently sleeping on your Tempur-Pedic bedding on a solid platform base or the floor, then you can change to a slatted base or even a customizable base to expand the under-bed airflow and disperse the heat for a cooler sleeping experience.

If you’re now utilizing a slatted base and you have a ton of garbage under the bed then, at that point, getting this out can likewise assist the air with circling better – turning off any hardware (particularly televisions and workstations) can likewise assist with cooling the room.

  • 2. Purchase a Cooling Bed Sheet Set

Purchasing a cooling bed sheet set can permit your body heat to dissipate more effectively to assist you with sleeping cooler – consider a bamboo bed sheet set explicitly if you have night sweats because the bamboo can wick away moisture more effectively (as opposed to drenching-like cotton) to assist you with remaining both cool and dry.

Purchase a Cooling Bed Sheet Set

  • 3. Utilize a Wool Mattress Pad

that can serve to wick away moisture to save you from dryness and increase breathability for better heat dissipation – consider involving it related to a cooling bed sheet set to make a sandwich impact to assist with controlling your body temperature from all points.

Are Tempurpedic Mattresses Hot – FAQs

Are Tempurpedic beds hot?
Tempurpedic mattresses can be hot to sleep on because they contain memory foam – a material that’s known for absorbing your body heat and reflecting it to you.
Why are Tempurpedic mattresses so hot?
Due to the memory foam’s dense structure, air circulation is greatly restricted and reduced. As a result, the heat stays trapped near your body and mattress temperatures continue to increase throughout the night.
Are Tempur mattresses worth the money?
The comfort level and life span of Tempur-Pedic beds make them well worth the price, according to the majority of our survey panelists and testers. If you want a long-lasting bed that cradles your body and provides superior pressure relief while you sleep, a Tempur-Pedic mattress may be the right pick for you.
What is the original Tempurpedic Mattress Called?
They have three main models; the Tempur Original, which is the firmest (now called the Tempur Contour), the Tempur Cloud, which is the softest, and the Tempur Sensation, which is a version in-between the two that’s said to have more ‘bounce’.
What are Tempurpedic mattresses made of?
Tempur mattresses are made using the standard foam construction method of ‘layering up’ foams. These layers usually start with a firmer base, such as reflex or support foam, and then get progressively softer as the layers get close to the top of the mattress.
How long are Tempurpedic mattresses good for?
Generally, a higher quality and more expensive TempurPedic Mattress will last you 8-10 years while a lesser quality TempurPedic Mattress can last 5-8 years. Overall, the normal lifespan of a TempurPedic Mattress hovers around six years before replacement.
How often to replace a Tempurpedic mattress?
Generally, a higher quality and more expensive TempurPedic Mattress will last you 8-10 years while a lesser quality TempurPedic Mattress can last 5-8 years. Overall, the normal lifespan of a TempurPedic Mattress hovers around six years before replacement.
Do Tempurpedic mattresses get hot?
One advantage of memory foam is that it molds your body and tends to be extremely dense. Due to the memory foam’s dense structure, air circulation is greatly restricted and reduced. As a result, the heat stays trapped near your body and mattress temperatures continue to increase throughout the night.
Why are memory foam mattresses hot?
Memory foam mattresses are particularly notorious when it comes to heat retention and night sweats. That’s because foam is a dense mattress material. It also lacks interconnected air channels. Once the mattress absorbs the heat from your body, it is not easy for the heat to work its way out.



All in all, I would agree that while it’s conceivable that you might sleep hot in a Tempur-Pedic mattress due to the presence of Memory foam, the coil cores of the ProBreeze, ProAdapt, and Tempur Adapt hybrid mattress ought to permit most sleepers to feel cool and comfort – while the Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze offers an ultimate cooling, all-foam, memory foam sleeping experience in my view.

Yet, if you have decided not to purchase a Tempur-Pedic mattress then I would suggest the Awara hybrid spring latex mattress for sleeping cool.

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