How to Clean a Latex Mattress 7 Simple Ways

How to Clean a Latex Mattress 7 Simple Ways

Cleaning is the most important thing in the life of everyone but if you didn’t do it then, you are inviting many health problems. The most important thing to clean is your mattress because you spent the most crucial hours of your comfort on it, so your mattress must be clean and clear. 

But cleaning mattresses might not be as easy as cleaning some other things because cleaning mattresses are completely different, and many different techniques are used to clean the mattresses. We previously told you about the cleaning of Memory foam and now we tell you about the cleaning of the Latex mattress. 

How to Clean Your Mattress Naturally?

There are many ways to clean your mattress naturally, and we are going to explain to you all-natural ways to clean your mattress. If your mattress has an odor, you need to put in some baking soda and lavender oil to eliminate that odor from the mattress. Sprinkle it on the mattress and then vacuum it. The odor will be gone forever. 

Sometimes your mattress is full of urine spots, there is a natural solution to eliminate those spots for you. Put some baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dishwashing soap. You need to spray that solution on the spots and let it air dry. 

Many people have blood spots on the mattress that look awful so, to eliminate that from your mattress, you need to put the solution of hydrogen peroxide and let it air dry for some time; the hard blood spots will be gone. 

Some kids vomit on the mattress, and because of vomit mattress has some spots or stains but that is very hard to eliminate. But you don’t need to worry about it because we will tell you a natural way to remove those spots. Take some water and white vinegar and then spray it over the mattress spots naturally and let it air dry. 

How to Clean Latex Mattress?

There are many ways to clean the Latex mattress, and today I will share some methods you can use to clean the mattress. 

How to Clean Latex Mattress

Vacuum the Mattress

The first way that we will tell you to clean the mattress is by vacuuming it and this is the easiest way to clean it. You might have heard about cleaning your home by vacuuming but you can also clean the mattress with it too. There is a problem with this method: you can’t clean the spots with it. If your mattress has some dirt and dust then you can clean it with the help of a vacuum. 

Steam Clean

This is another one of the great techniques to clean your mattress. You might think there would be some special cleaners for the mattress, but that is not true; the common steamers would be the best option to clean your mattress. If your mattress has some dirt and dust, cleaning it with hot water is a good option. If you have the laundry cleaner or the handheld cleaner, that is good too. 

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is another good thing to clean the mattress especially if your mattress has stains or dirt. Using the baking soda would eliminate all the dirt and dust from it. But there might be many people who don’t know how to use baking soda to clean the mattress. Make a baking soda solution with water or vinegar as you wish and then sprinkle the baking soda on it. After some time vacuum, it and your mattress would be clean and clear. 

White Vinegar

Many homes have some newborn babies that might vomit on the mattress, and as we said earlier, it looks awful. If you are someone whose house is always full of guests, you might be very embarrassed in front of your guest due to these stains. But to remove them, you have to use a natural resource called white vinegar. Just make a solution of it and then spray it on the mattress. The stains of vomiting would be gone forever. 

White Vinegar

Enzyme Cleaner

This method is also very effective if you have some kind of stains on your mattress, but in this mattress, first, you need to sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and let it air dry for some time, then comes the turn of the enzyme cleaner. You have to spray the enzyme cleaner on the whole surface of the mattress and then let it dry for five to ten minutes. Now blot the mattress and dry it again. 

Spot Clean

This is another best method to clean the mattress and it is called spot cleaning. In this method, if you want to remove the stains from the mattress, take some cold water, add some mild detergent, and make a solution. Now spray that solution on the mattress and let it soak all the dirt and dust and eliminate all the stains. Now clean the mattress with the sponge and blot it. It will remove all the mattress stains. 

Laundry Detergent

This is also a good method to clean your mattress. If you have tried everything else and nothing helped you in cleaning stains, then you can try laundry detergents, and the best way to clean is by cleaning it by making the solution of the detergent and then applying it to the whole surface of the mattress. Now rub the sponge on the mattress gently and let it dry for some time. 

Give Your Mattress Some Air

Sometimes, when you are using the mattress for a long time, it generates some awful odors because of the sweat and other particles that mix with it. Odors are awful and can ruin your nights, so to prevent that, you need to put the mattress in the air for some time. You have to put your mattress in the air after every three to four months. 

Give Your Mattress Some Air

Wash and Change Bedding

This is another best way to clean the mattress and if you do this daily then you don’t have to apply the above-mentioned methods to clean your mattress. Many people recommend the weekly washings of your mattress, but in our view, this is too hard. We recommend you wash it once in two months; this way, your mattress will always be clean and clear. 

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How to Get a Stain out of a Mattress Topper?

If the topper of your mattress has stains, then we will help you get the stains out of your mattress topper. Take some water and white vinegar, mix it in a bowl, and put it in the spray bottle. 

Now when you put it in the spray bottle, spray it on the stains of the mattress. Then make sure you rug it with the towel and let it dry for some time. Now also sprinkle the baking soda on it again and let it dry for 8 to 20 hours, and after this period, the stain from your stain would be out. 

How to Keep Your Mattress Clean?

Once you clean your mattress with the methods mentioned above, you have to keep it clean. There are many ways to keep the mattress clean, but we recommend you wash it twice every three to four months. This would keep your mattress clean and the dust and dirt of the mattress would be automatically gone in every two months of your use when you wash it. 

Best Thing to Clean a Mattress?

The best thing to clean the mattress is baking soda; though there are many more ways to clean it, baking soda is the best option. It can clean all the dirt, dust, and stains on your mattress. If you sprinkle the baking soda and then vacuum it, the stains and dirt would disappear from your mattress. 

Best Thing to Clean a Mattress

Use a Mattress Cover

This is the recommendation that if you want to keep the mattress clean, then make sure you put the mattress cover on it because it would stop much dirt and dust from reaching the mattress’s core. This way, if there are some stains, they would be on the mattress’s cover, and without cleaning the whole mattress, you can remove the stain by just washing the mattress cover. 

Frequently Change Bedding

Now, this is another way to keep your mattress clean you can frequently wash and change the beddings because when you do this, the bedding will absorb the dirt and dust from the environment. The stains are also would be on the bedding so, your mattress would be very clean and our purpose of keeping the mattress clean.  

Use Hypoallergenic Bedding

Sleeping with hypoallergenic bedding can reduce congestion, sneezing, and itching, greatly enhancing your sleep quality. The materials that make up hypoallergenic bedding are resistant to these allergens. Mould and dust mites cannot grow on memory foam pillows, which are antimicrobial. It would be a great option to keep the mattress clean when you use hypoallergenic bedding. 

Use Hypoallergenic Bedding

Rotate Your Mattress

This is also a good option to keep the mattress clean after every three to four months and rotate your mattress. This way; the dirty side would hide, and another clean side would be on the upper side, which will hide the dirt of your mattress but when both sides will dirty make sure you wash the whole mattress. 

Avoid Eating in Bed

Sometimes when you are lazy, you do your eating in bed, and as a result, there are food stains on the mattress that is very hard to eliminate if you use all the methods mentioned above, the stains would be there in some faded form for some time.  So, it is better to eat at the dining table. 

Keep Pets Out of Bed or Bathe Pets Regularly

Many people treat their pets as a member of their family and keep their pets with them even in their bed which we don’t judge, but the problem is that when your pet sleep in your bed there are chances that they will pee in the bed that means strong stains and you have to face the embarrassment for you. So, make sure you keep the pets out of your bed if you want to keep your mattress clean. 

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Keep Pets Out of Bed or Bathe Pets Regularly

Shower Before Bed

Sometimes when you work all day on a hot sunny day, then you have sweat and dirt all over your body, and when you go back home and sleep on the mattress all the dirt and dust transfer into the mattress which as a result makes the mattress dirty too so when you return your home before sleeping makes sure you had a shower. It will remove all the dirt and dust from your body, and this transformation will be stopped. This is also a very good way to keep your mattress clean. 

How to Clean a Latex Mattress – FAQs

Can I steam clean a latex mattress?
No, cleaning your mattress with steam is not a good option. It is possible to place the mattress outside since the natural latex is completely enclosed and will not be exposed to direct sunlight. In addition to their high temperatures, steam cleaners can overbake organic latex, not recommended. If you plan to clean the latex mattress with the steam method, it is not recommended by us.
Can a latex mattress get wet?
The mattress is moisture-resistant since it is made from natural latex. Latex is mostly made up of open cells, which allow for maximum airflow, keeping the mattress dry from the inside and the outside. A mattress that does not consist solely of natural materials like latex or lives in a humid climate will be susceptible to moisture.
Can you put an electric blanket on a latex mattress?
The latex mattress is a bit firm and hard mattress so, when you put the electric blanket on the latex mattress, it would make it a bit softer for you, but that does not mean that it would soften the firmness of the latex mattress. You take the blanket to save yourself from the winter, so; you can take the electric blanket on the latex mattress.
How do you keep a latex mattress cool?
The best way to achieve this is by adjusting your thermostat at night, so it’s within this range while you are sleeping. Additionally, you can keep the temperature reasonably constant while sleeping by using a fan at night. So, if you are a hot sleeper, then this way is best for you to keep your latex mattress cool.
Are latex mattresses breathable?
Latex mattresses made from natural materials are made from 100 percent organic materials, and they are very breathable. Sleeping with them is not constricting, nor does it block air circulation. The cooling properties of natural latex mattresses make them the perfect choice for those who prefer sleeping cool. This is why if you are someone who is a hot sleeper, then breathable latex mattresses that are made of natural latex are the best option for you because these are breathable and keep you cool while sleeping.



Keeping your latex mattress clean is a very important thing if you want to save yourself from many health problems, but many people do not know how to clean their latex mattresses so, we show you the best available methods that would clean all the stains and dirt from your mattress. 

Baking soda is a good option to keep your mattress clean, and it is used when you need to clean your mattress. We also told you some important natural ways with which you can also clean your mattress. We hope that if you read this article carefully, you will be able to clean your mattress very easily. 

If this article helps you, then make sure you share it with your friends and family members because it motivates us a lot to produce highly researched content for you. 

Thank you for reading!!!!

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