Tulo vs Nectar Mattress Comparison: Which One Is Better & Why?

With two all-foam beds in box mattresses, it isn’t always obvious exactly what makes them different. These are two Budget-friendly well-disposed Memory foam sleeping cushions. Nectar offers predominant pressure relief while Tulo’s three immovability levels turn out better for those searching for a gentler or firmer foam feel.

Nectar and Tulo are two brands bound to spring up while you’re looking for another memory foam sleeping cushion at a serious cost. Nectar is notable for getting shining client surveys and having one of the longest times for testing out there — 365 days! Tulo is a somewhat more reasonable bed with a comparative vibe that comes in three immovability levels. Besides, you can give it a shot personally at the Sleeping pad Firm. Interested in learning Facts about Mattresses

All in all, which of these financial plans accommodating all-foam beds is appropriate for you? 

In our findings difference between nectar mattresses and Tulo sleeping pad examination, we’ll dig into their pricing, customer rating, MA Score, Firmness, Mattress type, Mattress thickness, Trial period, and warranty, and that’s just the beginning so you can go with the ideal decision.

Tulo Mattress vs Nectar Mattress: Are they Similar?

Prior to bouncing right to the Tulo mattress vs nectar examination, first, let me share how both the sleeping cushions are comparable in more ways than one:

  • Both the Tulo and Nectar beddings are foam mattresses that give you a similar rest temperature. Because of their temperature-impartial properties, they won’t be the justification for your overheating or getting chilled.
  • The two of them are compatible with all resting positions.
  • Another comparability is that the two of them are budget-friendly and agreeable.
  • What’s more, the two beddings give similar edge supportiveness, motion isolation capability, and responsiveness.
  • Both sleeping pads are certified with the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).
  • Tulo and Nectar sleeping pads come in Twin, Twin XL, Full (double), Queen, king, and California king sizes.
  • You can purchase the two sleeping cushions on the web.
  • The shipping Policy is no different for the two sleeping pads, which are free.

Tulo Mattress Vs Nectar Mattress: An Overview

Tulo is a well-established brand selling items on the web and at the Sleeping cushion Firm Areas. The lead model of the organization is the Tulo Comfort Series. Three firmness levels are accessible for the clients to look over the Tulo Comfort Series Sleeping pad, 

Tulo Mattress Vs Nectar Mattress An Overview

  1. Medium-Delicate rated 4 out of 10
  2. Medium rated 5.5 out of 10 
  3. The firm rated 7 out of 10.

Nectar is additionally one more brand known for selling bedding on the web. The feature of the Nectar Sleeping cushion is that the comfort layer includes gel memory foam and poly foam  transitional layer. It is upheld further by high-thickness poly foam, covered with a mix of cotton and Tencel Lyocell. The Nectar Sleeping pad is 12 inches thick and should be medium firm, rated 6 out of 10.

Factor Tulo Mattress Nectar Mattress
Price Range $600 – $960 $399 – $1,598
Customer Ratings 4.5 4.55
MA Score 8.2/10 8.7/10
Firmness 4, 5.5, 7 6.5
Mattress Type Foam combo Gel memory foam
Mattress Thickness 10” 12”
Trial Period 120 nights 365 nights
Warranty Length 10-year limited warranty Lifetime warranty till you own the mattress

Tulo Vs Nectar Mattress Examination – Key Differences

It very well might be challenging to pinpoint the distinctions between Tulo and Nectar, according to a typical viewpoint. Since both are foam mattresses, we really want to look at them in view of elements like construction, firmness, durability, and so on. Also, do check out Does Nectar Mattress Have Fiberglass?

It will empower us to assess the mattress industry in light of these elements. We should take a gander at these distinctions, which might be useful to you to conclude which sleeping pad would suit you better.

Construction (Tulo versus Nectar)

When we compare nectar mattresses with Tulo the main difference to be noted is their construction. I have mentioned in a detailed comparison of both of them.

Tulo Mattress

This mattress contains four-layer Memory foam. We should take a gander at how the layers are organized and for what reason.

  • Top Layer: This layer is delicate memory foam implied for relieving pressure.
  • Responsive Layer: As the name proposes, it has responsive foam that adds bounce and helps ease moving on the bed.
  • Transition Layer: It has high versatility poly foam to smoothen the progress between the thick base foam and the top layers.
  • Bottom Layer: This is a high-thickness polyfoam to help every one of the upper layers and the edges.

Features: The blended foam development gives a delicate fitting and delicate responsiveness. Do check out Memory Foam Mattress Problems

Construction (Tulo versus Nectar)

Nectar Mattress

 Contains three-layer memory foam and is covered by a Mattress cover. Let’s figure out how its Construction is.

  • Mattress Cover: The cover includes a cooling polyethylene and a weave bedding to convey a soft and delicate surface.
  • Smart Layer: It is made out of a 3″ gel memory foam which is extremely delicate to assist with easing pressure.
  • Dynamic Support Layer: As the name proposes, a layer of 2″ foam powerfully changes with help and maintains a strategic distance from the body to sink into the sleeping pad.
  • Base Layer: Framed with a thick 7″ standard foam offering responsiveness, strength, and life span.
  • Shift-Resistant Lower Case: To keep the sleeping pad in its place, turn away it from sliding.


  • Customary feel or memory foam is addressed by profound forming and padding to the body.
  • Offer breathability and support over normal levels.

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Firmness Tulo versus Nectar

With regards to Firmness, a few choices are accessible for Tulo, while Nectar has a single firmness model.

Tulo Mattress

The firmness will rely upon whether you have picked the Tulo soft mattress, Medium, or Firm variation.

Each level of the Tulo Comfort Series has been modified to restricted rest positions. The medium-soft feel works moderately near the body. This level is great for people who rest on their sides since it gives a pad to the hips and shoulders. It additionally assists with adjusting the spine and further lessens the pressure in sensitive areas.

The next level – medium rated at 5.5 isn’t generally as viable as the medium-soft. It has an additional comfort layer of high-strength polyform supporting the outer layer of the individuals for stomachs sleepers and back sleepers, gauging a limit of 230 pounds or less. Since this variant doesn’t sink excessively profound, being great for these individuals is assumed.

The third-level – firm Tulo Comfort Series is great for people weighing more than 230 pounds and dozing on their stomachs and back. This bedding sinks to a minimum level and adds little to no pressure.


  • Ideal for individuals weighing under 130 pounds.
  • Can be utilized by the people who offer beds, e.g., couples.

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Firmness Tulo versus Nectar

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar Sleeping cushion is 12 inches thick and should be medium firm, Rated 6 out of 10.

In view of the medium firm, people resting on this sleeping pad sink in to encounter a profound, pressure-releasing cradle. It is great for individuals having a weight territory somewhere in the range of 130 and 230 pounds and dozing on the sides or back. These people would want to get shaped inside the sleeping pad without extra sinkage or pressure on their shoulders, hips, or lower back.

People with 130 to 230 pounds may feel a bit less comfortable. The bed might be excessively firm for side-sleeper people weighing less than 130 pounds. It will bring about them not getting an adequate spinal arrangement to facilitate their strain point. On the other side, people in excess of 230 pounds and stomach sleepers will encounter the bedding being excessively delicate and well-suited to profound, uncomfortable sinking.

To put it plainly, Tulo is great for those clients who are searching for various firmness options. While Nectar is really great for those searching for a comfortable foam mattress.


  • The medium-firm feel is great for individuals weighing in excess of 130 pounds.
  • Delayed responsive Comfort material decreases motion transfer drastically.

Durability Comparison of both Mattresses

At the point when we discuss Durability, reports show that Nectar captures everyone’s attention as it goes on for an average of 10 years, while Tulo is known to last for as long as 7 years whenever utilized by average sleepers. By and large, the durability might lessen in the event that the beds are overused or utilized by an average heavyweight person.

Durability Comparison of both Mattresses

Comfort ability

Tulo Soft, Medium, and Firm are the three variations of Tulo sleeping mattresses. Studies have reported Tulo sleeping cushions to help the spine and relieve stiffness and back pain

Nectar mattresses, then again, have five layers of foam inside, to provide pressure relief at the appropriate points. In this way, it is great for side sleepers as it holds shoulders and hips in the correct position.

Tulo offers more comfort when contrasted with Nectar sleeping pads which give more firmness options. Tulo is suggested for all sleeping positions. Thus, in the event that you are searching for greater ease, go for Tulo, and assuming searching for a firmness option, Nectar is the most ideal decision. Nectar however is suggested for average-weighted and sized individuals.

Tulo Mattress Warranty vs Nectar Mattress Warranty

Here likewise, Nectar prevails upon Tulo as it offers a lifetime warranty till the client possesses the sleeping pad. Tulo offers a warranty for a limit of 10 years, which is likewise all that could possibly be needed. Actually, you ought to likewise think about the “lifetime warranty” that doesn’t appear to be legit when the sleeping pad is going to keep going for 10 to 12 years only. Also, you check out some other Mattress Firms Warranty


Both the beddings are budget-friendly. The Tulo mattress’s price range from $600 to $960 with a proposal of a discount of $300 during checkout. The Nectar price range begins from $399 to $1,598 with a discount of $100 off in addition to $399 worth of accessories free. you can also check out Why are Mattresses so Expensive?


Tulo is better known to help the spine, which brings about giving relief to stiffness and back pain. Nectar is ideal with regards to supporting your body with its firmness. It makes a fine showing for a simple rest with Nectar sleeping cushions.



Around here, the Tulo mattress overweight Nectar, as the Tulo bedding assists with keeping up with the optimal temperature of your body. On the flip side, the Nectar one doesn’t permit sufficient air circulation, however, it is developed with breathable foam layers and a polyethylene cover to keep the sleeping pad cool.


Both the Tulo and Nectar mattresses manufacture their items under CertiPUR-US certification for foam materials, in the US.

Owner Satisfaction Reviews

Tulo has gotten extraordinary owner’s satisfaction Reviews when clients discuss comfort. Analysts notice they feel more alright with Tulo sleeping pads and value their decision. Nectar however has gotten additional scoring over Tulo from the web-based analysts. We should view the table underneath

Criteria Tulo Mattress Nectar Mattress
Customer Satisfaction 8.3/10 9.7/10
Price Value 8.6/10 9.8/10
No Back Pain 8.5/10 9.6/10
Source: Tulo slumber search

Tulo Mattress Vs Nectar: Which One To Pick?

In the event that all the above data is as yet overpowering for you and you are as yet unfit to zero down on which sleeping pad to purchase, we should get it simple for you

According to Tulo Mattress review buy a Tulo mattress if:

  • You are searching for an unbiased foam feel.
  • You need a milder and more comfortable Mattress.
  • You are experiencing lower back pain and pressure points.
  • Your rest gets disturbed easily by a slight movement of your sleeping accomplice.

According to the Nectar mattress review Buy a Nectar Mattress if:

  • You are searching for an unbiased foam feel.
  • You need a milder and more comfortable mattress.
  • You are experiencing lower back pain and pressure Points.
  • Your rest gets disturbed easily by a slight movement of your sleeping accomplice…You like a memory foam feel.
  • You want to purchase a sleeping cushion with a medium-firm level
  • You experience pressure points in your shoulders, lower back, or hips
  • You are searching for an extended time for testing and a lifetime warranty.

Tulo vs Nectar Mattress – FAQs

Is Tulo mattress toxic?
No, as the memory foam utilized in Tulo beddings is CertifPUR-US confirmed, it by implication demonstrates that the Tulo is liberated from poisons. You can be rest assured, that the certification organization evaluates the foam to verify better indoor air quality by minimum off-gassing.
Why is my Nectar mattress so hard?
The layers in a Nectar mattress are composed of premium memory foam. According to studies, it is accepted that within 30 days of use, the sleeper’s body becomes accustomed to this new help level. You might feel the hardness of the Nectar sleeping cushion as your body is conditioned to the old mattress full of lumps.
Is Nectar really great for back torment?
Indeed, the Nectar sleeping cushion is a decent decision for any singular experiencing back torment, as it offers more than adequate help with its exceptional adaptable padding material.
Is Tulo Firm Mattress good for sleepers?
As a Tulo firm mattress, the Tulo hybrid is great for back and stomach sleepers who need solid spinal support at night.
Is Nectar mattress for stomach sleeper?
The Nectar mattress is a nice memory foam bed that’s on the wallet-friendly side but feels similar to a Tempur-Pedic mattress. It has a noticeable memory foam feel that’s dense and slow to respond to pressure. It takes a few moments to warm up to the memory foam when you lay on it, but once you do, the foam slowly starts to form around the curves of your body.
What type of mattress is Tulo?
The Tulo Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress is an all-foam bed available in three heights and firmness levels: a 6-inch firm (7), an 8-inch medium-firm (6), and a 10-inch medium (5). All three options include a gel-infused memory foam comfort layer and a polyfoam support core



From all the above conversations on the Tulo mattress vs. the Nectar mattress, it is clear that both the sleeping pads are prevalently comparable with slight contrasts in ease, solidness, and time for testing. Those searching for comfort can search for Tulo beddings as they give numerous choices in view of your sleeping style or weight.

Those searching for solidness and experiencing lower back pain can pick Nectar sleeping cushions. It likewise offers extensive time for testing. Purchase any of the beddings today according to your need and express farewell to awful resting.

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