Winkbed Vs Saatva Mattress – 2024 Comparison and Review

Winkbed Vs Saatva Mattress - Comparison and Review

Saatva and Winkbed are both luxury innerspring mattresses on the market. There are many similarities between these mattresses, and if you are looking for a hotel mattress experience in your home, you should go with this mattress. Before you buy this mattress, you need to know the firmness, warranty, material, and many more things about this mattress. 

We‘ve seen confusion in the people about which one they should go for, which is why we compiled this review. We talked with many people who have used these mattresses, and after that, we are here to guide you with our honest suggestions, so keep reading.

Which is better: Winkbed or Saatva?

The most important question is: which one is better: Winkbed or Saatva? So, the answer to this question is that both are good according to your needs. If you are a hot sleeper. Side sleeper or your requirement is to get some substantial type of mattress, then you should go for the Winkbed. 

Which is better Winkbed or Saatva

But on the other hand people with some kind of budget issues or the people whose requirements are to get a larger size of a mattress, then Saatva is the best option for them. So, this means that no one is better. What makes them different is that they coup the needs of different people. 

Winkbed Vs Saatva

These both are innerspring mattresses, and many things are similar in them. The Winkbed is famous for its four different firmness levels, and it only comes in one height option, but on the other hand, the Saatva comes in three firmness levels, but it has two size options so, if you need size, the Saatva is the best option, but for variety in firmness Winkbed is the best option for you

Difference Between Winkbed and Saatva?

There are many types of differences between the Winkbed and Saatva that we will cover below:


When we talk about the firmness level, then the mattresses’ firmness is not very premium. These mattresses are just a bit firmer than the average mattresses. The base layer comprises firmer coils that provide more support, while the pillow tops are plush. Now, if someone wants to choose because of the firmness, then in Winkbed, we have more options than the Saatva.

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The Saatva provides great support and comfort to the person sleeping on it. Pillow top contours to hips, while coils support and provide support. The mattress has no plushness on top, so we are experiencing some pressure on our shoulders and hips while sleeping. 

Difference Between Winkbed and Saatva 

We have decent support under our hips on this mattress, but those who sleep primarily on their stomach will likely need a firmer mattress in general. So, we would say that the Saatva mattress is not very good for stomach sleepers. 

In addition, we also feel supported when we are lying on our backs on the Winkbed. WinkBed has more advanced zoning options, giving us some additional lumbar support. 

A little plushness in the pillow top of the Saatva mattress will make it more comfortable for side sleepers. Support will be adequate for stomach sleepers, but you may need some more support under their hips.

How does it feel?

It’s no surprise that the Saatva and WinkBed mattresses feel similar since they are made similarly. Both mattresses are made of innerspring and offer bounce and support. Each of the mattresses has pillow tops that add a touch of plushness, albeit the WinkBed is a bit plusher. 

Weight of Sleepers

There are many people that are overweight, so they might be thinking if these mattresses are suitable for them or not? So, if you are under 230 lbs, then both are good options for you, but if you are above 300 lbs, what would you do, and are they suitable for you? 

So, the answer is for the people whose weight is above 300 lbs, the wrinkled is the best option, and it would support your body, and you will feel comfortable. But they should go for the WinkBed PLUS because it is a better option for the larger people whose weight is more than 300 lbs.

Weight of Sleepers

Motion Isolation

The problem with innerspring mattresses is that they are more bouncy and do not absorb motion to the same extent as memory foam mattresses. However, there isn’t a substantial difference in motion transfer between the Saatva and WinkBed, thanks to the soft foam on top. 

Our tests revealed that motion isolation was better on the WinkBed mattress compared to the Saatva mattress, possibly due to the plusher top layer. Therefore, the WinkBed would be a good mattress for couples as each partner would feel fewer movements while sleeping.


Both the mattresses are made of high-quality material, which is why these both will last for a long time compared to the other mattresses on the market. Taking care of these mattresses will last for more than 6 to 7 years with you, which is a good lifespan. 

Edge Support

We feel even edge support on both Saatva and WinkBed due to the coil sets in both mattresses and their high support. Whenever we sit or lie near the edges of either mattress, we feel very secure.

Edge Support

Noise Issue

This is the biggest problem that people face when they use a mattress, and because of the noise, you can’t get better sleep, and it disturbs you. It should be noted that innerspring mattresses might become noisier after a few years of use, so you should consider this problem once you buy these mattresses.

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Two people will set up the mattress in the room once it is delivered to your home. Both Saatva and WinkBed mattresses come with White Glove Delivery. There is no noticeable off-gassing due to the fact that they are not rolled into a roll.

Winkbed Mattress Review

The WinkBed is an excellent choice for people of Average weight who sleep on their backs. There should be plenty of support, and it should get them out of bed and allow them to feel lifted. This bed is likely to be too firm for side sleepers of average weight; therefore, I recommend choosing the Softer WinkBed.

Winkbed Review


Material Gel-infused foam
Firmness Medium Soft (4), Medium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8)
Winkbed Height 13.5″
Winkbed Weight Capacity 300 lbs


WinkBeds’ flagship model consists of an incredibly comfortable hybrid mattress. A soft mattress is rated as 4.5 on a 1-to-10 firmness scale, a luxury firm mattress is rated as 6.5, a firm mattress is rated as 7.5, and a plush mattress is rated as 8 and will support a greater weight. Unlike traditional spring mattresses, the WinkBed provides a responsive feel.

Due to its multiple firmness options, it is deemed a versatile mattress and can be a good choice for side, back, or stomach sleepers of all sizes. In contrast, you may want to steer clear of firmer versions if you are a lightweight side sleeper, as they may cause pressure on the hips and shoulders. 

It should be noted that without the close “hug” often associated with memory foam mattresses, the WinkBed does not accommodate all types of sleepers.

Where are Winkbeds Made?

WinkBeds mattresses are exclusively produced in Wisconsin factories, and all of them are made with eco-friendly, American-sourced materials. The mattresses at WinkBeds are handcrafted to order for each customer, unlike many mainstream bedding brands. This gives the customers satisfaction that the brands would follow all the GMP imposed by the US authorities.

Who Should Get the Winkbed?

  • If you are a hot sleeper tired of sleeping hot, you should get this winked mattress. It is a suitable option for you.
  • Many heavy people love the mattress that gives you more support; it is the best option for you. 
  •  It is also a suitable option for side sleepers because it provides pressure relief points on the hips and shoulders. 
  • If you are looking for a durable option in the innerspring mattresses, this is also a very good option for you.

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Who Should Get the Winkbed

Advantages of Winkbed

  • The mattress is made of high-quality material that provides great support and comfortability. 
  • It comes in four different firmness levels, which means you have to choose between soft, luxury firm (medium-firm), firm, or plus options. 
  • It provides good motion isolation compared to the other mattresses on the market. So, it is a good option if you sleep with your partner. 
  • You can use this mattress with all types of bed frames on the market, which is very good and budget-friendly.
  • The brand provides a lifetime warranty with a 100 nights trial period.

Disadvantages of Winkbed

  • There might be some odor once you unwrap it, but you should know that this is a very common problem in mattresses that have foam. 
  • It is an expensive option compared to the other mattress, so we can say that it is not for budget buyers. 
  • There are many customers that complain about the customer service and that it is not very easy to return the mattress to the brand.
  • It is not a lightweight mattress, so you might have some problems moving the mattress from one place to another. 



Winkbed Vs Casper

Winkbed and the Casper are among the most famous mattresses when we talk about the support zone. But some people are confused about which one is better between them and which one they should go for, so here we will tell you which one is a better option. 

Winkbed Vs Casper

Winkbed Features

A lot of bounce is provided by the WinkBed. Both combination sleepers, who need some bounce to easily switch positions, and people who prefer innerspring mattresses should find it appealing. 

WinkBed makes a supportive bed-in-a-box that might appeal to those looking to purchase one. With its strong coil support, this mattress should cater to a variety of sleeping styles and body types.

Anybody looking for a long-lasting mattress should consider the WinkBed if durability is important to them. Moreover, this bed offers excellent edge support, which ensures that you will be supported from side to side as well.

Casper Features

It’s a good option for people looking for pressure relief and support in a balanced foam mattress. If you are on a budget, then this is the best option for you, and Casper gives you a high-quality mattress within your budget. Casper’s zoned support system could be the perfect solution for those suffering from back pain. 

Which one is Better?

If we ask which one is a better option for you, there is no best option. It depends on your requirements and what you are looking for. If your preference is budget and support, you should go with the Casper, which is budget-friendly and supports your spine. 

But on the other hand, if you are a hot sleeper, a heavy person, and people who like a soft mattress, then the Winkbed is a good option for you so, as we stated at the start, which one is best really depends on your requirements. 

Saatva Mattress Review

Founded in New York, New York, in 2006, Saatva is a privately held company specializing in luxury mattresses. With no wholesale channels, Saatva is projected to generate over $400M in direct annual revenue in 2024, making it the fastest-growing major Direct to Consumer mattress brand.

Saatva Review


Material fiberfill, polyfoam, memory foam, and pocketed coils
Warranty 15 to 20 years WARRANTY
Firmness Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm
Winkbed Height 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches
Winkbed Weight Capacity 300 lbs


Polyfoam and fiber padding cover the top layer of the Saatva Classic innerspring. Even with the Saatva’s supportive design, the Euro-top adds some additional plushness to the surface. The tops of Euro-top mattresses are stitched flush with the edges to create a uniform appearance.

A pocketed mini coil transition layer sits atop a layer of poly foam and memory foam for comfort. These layers, along with the mini coils, form a contouring effect. The Saatva mattress provides a greater cushioning sensation than traditional innerspring mattresses, which are typically made with very little foam padding. Added to the springiness is the responsiveness of the coils.

Steel wire Bonnell coils make up the Saatva’s core support. Despite the twin bed’s thickness of 13 coils, the mattress still provides very strong support even compared to innerspring mattresses.

Those under 11.5 inches have a Bonnell coil layer of 4 inches, and those over 14.5 inches have a coil layer of 7 inches. The only difference between the two Saatva profiles is the weight and thickness.

Where is Saatva Made?

Mattresses made by Saatva are available in the United States. There are 19 factories and 145 fulfillment centers throughout the country. Every week, approximately 2,500 mattresses are manufactured. From Saatva’s factory to the buyer’s home, the mattress travels an average of fewer than 100 miles.

Where is Saatva Made

The raw materials used to make Saatva mattresses are cut by hand and transformed into a finished product by a single craftsman. Foreign manufacturers are not involved in the manufacturing process. Most mattresses are also made from U.S.-sourced foams and other materials. About 15% of mattresses are made with materials from overseas.

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Who Should Get Saatva?

  • If you like to go with multiple height choices, then the Saatva is the best option.
  • If you are a budget buyer, this is a budget option for you.
  • If the lumbar support is not your requirement, you should go with this mattress.
  • Light- and medium-weight back sleepers should go with this mattress; it is the best option.

Advantages of Saatva

  • The first advantage of the Saatva mattress is that you don’t have to spend many bucks on this mattress, but if you are still on a budget, you can buy this budget-friendly mattress.
  • It is made of memory foam, so it would be more comfortable than other mattresses on the market.
  • If you are a side and back sleeper, this Saatva is the best available option because it contours your body.
  • Being average-weight sleepers or heavyweight sleepers for both Saatva is a suitable option.

Disadvantages of Saatva

  • The construction of these mattresses is far away from the luxury beds, as stated in most reviews.
  • The memory foam used in this mattress does not give you that soft and comfortable feel.
  • If you have to return it, you have to pay the $99 fee, which is really bad.
  • Many people complain about the late and slow delivery in their areas, so you should consider this in mind when you are buying it.



Saatva Vs Dreamcloud

These mattresses come from two different brands, offering five-star comfort and quality construction. These companies are well-regarded in the online mattress market, and it’s worth taking a closer look. This is why we are comparing these two mattress companies so you can choose between these two options.

Saatva Vs Dreamcloud


Two layers of coils and a softcover make the Saatva Classic a luxury firm mattress. This mattress will suit sleepers of different types because of its three firmness levels and two different heights. No matter how tall you are, how short you are, what your weight is, or your height, you can find the right firmness level.

A spring mattress with a plush top, the Classic should give you a similar experience. Experts say you rest on top of the mattress instead of sinking into it when lying on it. It does a good job of cooling down hot sleepers.

A polyfoam and fiber Euro-top is used on this mattress, making it more breathable than traditional memory foam. Additionally, the cover is made from cotton, which keeps the mattress cool during the night.

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Among the best warranties in our ranking are the DreamCloud mattress’s lifetime warranty and the 365-night trial. Hybrid mattresses combine layers of high-density foam with pocketed coils for improved comfort.

The DreamCloud mattress features gel-infused memory foam in its top layer, making it a good option for those who require more heat. Moreover, it features a cashmere blend on its top cover that functions as breathable material.

Those who prefer medium-firm support and pressure relief on the surface of the DreamCloud can appreciate its medium-firm support as well as pressure relief on the hips, shoulders, and lumbar area.

Medium firmness may make it too firm for side sleepers, while ultra-softness may make it a good fit for stomach sleepers. There are some all-foam mattresses that are better suited to people who want the feel of a hug, such as the DreamCloud. However, experts say that sleeping on the bed feels more like sleeping on top of it.

Which one is Better?

There is nothing best when it comes to mattresses. It is all about your requirements for what you need in the mattresses. If you want firmness, then Dreamcloud is a good option for you, and not only because of firmness but also because of cost, Dreamcloud is lower than Saatva.

Which one is Better

But if you are into customizing mattresses, then the Saatva is the best option, and they also give you two height options, so if height is your problem, you can go with Saatva. So, you can select the mattress according to your needs.

Winkbed Vs Saatva Mattress – FAQs

Which one is softer, Winkbed or Saatva?
Both brands indeed offer three firmness levels, but WinkBed can be tailored to the needs of side sleepers who like a softer feel. With WinkBeds full lifetime warranty, you’re guaranteed many years of comfortable sleep. So, for the softness, the Winkbed is a good option for you
Are Winkbed Mattresses any good?
A traditional spring mattress would provide a similar level of responsiveness and comfort as the WinkBed. The multiple firmness options make the mattress very versatile and comfortable for side, back, and stomach sleepers of any size. Winkbed is a very good option compared to some other brands in the market.
How many coils does a wrinkled have?
The WinkBed mattress is built around 2 inches of support foam that forms the bed’s base. The bulk of the support is provided by 7 inches pocketed coils. So, the Winkbed has two coils.
Is Saatva worth the money?
Saatva mattresses are a great choice for those seeking the comfort of a high-end innerspring mattress without the high cost. With options that include Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm, the Saatva can accommodate both average and heavy sleepers. It is the best option in the market if you want to buy a high-quality mattress within your limited budget.
Does Saatva have off-gassing?
The Saatva foams, for example, deliver a stable product, meaning that any off-gassing happens before the mattress even reaches the customer. Our foam is also low in volatile organic compounds and free from toxic chemicals. One way to reduce off-gassing is to get an organic mattress. You don’t have to experience any kind of bad chemical odors


Our Verdict

If you have read the review, you might have selected the best option for you, but if you are still confused, don’t worry; we will make it easy for you. If you are a hot sleeper and tired of sleeping hot, then Winkbed is the best option for you because of the cooling technology of the Winkbed.

The Winkbed also comes with a lifetime warranty which attracts many buyers because there are very rare brands offering a lifetime warranty to their customers. If you are on a budget and want a good value luxury mattress, you should go with the Saatva.

If you have selected the mattress for you, we will request you to buy it from our link; this way, we earn a very little commission, but you don’t have to pay anything extra.

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