Urban Mattress Reviews – A Complete Guide

Urban Mattress Reviews - A Complete Guide

Interested in buying sustainable and organic home furnishings? Wanna buy eco-friendly, premium products for your beautiful homes? So here we are to represent you with one of the best Mattress brands that have been in this industry for over 50 years. Seems great?  

So, Urban Green is a home goods store situated in Brooklyn, USA. Urban Green stocks a great variety of sleeping cushions produced using natural and Organic materials. Urban Mattress is both a retailer and a brand of sleeping pads that started with only one store and they have developed 14 stores in over 12 urban areas across the US. 

Urban Mattress items have gained notoriety for unmatched comfort, and life span. Their retail activity conveys other sleeping pad brands like Vispring (the luxury British sheet material brand) and Tempur-pedic, alongside their own brand Urban Mattress and Urban Organic. They are additionally dynamic in social responsibility, giving to nearby foundations in every one of their areas. They have a financial plan line of Urban Mattress bedding focusing on both memory foam and Hybrid bedding with a mid-price point to fit any spending plan.

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So, without wasting your precious time let’s get into it and I’ll make sure that in this review I cover all the aspects that you as a customer wants to know before buying a new mattress, especially the one I am talking about. So wanna know if it is the ideal mattress for you?

Why Purchase Urban Beddings? – Advantages and Disadvantages

I know, I realize you may be feeling that for what reason am I straightforwardly enlightening you concerning the benefits and drawbacks so dear peruser I’m a sleeping cushion expert here so I Know precisely the exact thing that you may be thinking about while reading a Mattress Review.

Why Purchase Urban Beddings - Advantages and Disadvantages

So here is a general whole Urban Mattress Brand Pros and Cons discussed below. Like with some other bedding makers out there, the Urban range accompanies different advantages and a few downsides as well. These include


Urban Green sells great sleeping cushions that accompany a scope of premium elements. These include:

  • Customized option of firmness on many models
  • Extensive variety of construction choices including unusual traditional designs
  • Organic and Eco-friendly materials
  • No synthetic fire retardants


  • The price points are Extremely excessive
  • Most models are simply accessible to purchase instore
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Features and Reviews

If you want to make a quick decision, there is no need to read the whole article so here I have mentioned some of the top picks from each of the above categories let’s check some of the mattresses from the collections along with their features with respect to the reviews done by our experts.

Here I’ll discuss each product detail by comparing them with other mattresses of the same collection.

1. Essentials (Pocketed Coils & High Resiliency Foam)

Essentials (Pocketed Coils & High Resiliency Foam)

  • Pocketed coils provide unrivaled support
  • while HR foam provides outrageous comfort. 
  • Constructed from timeless techniques
  • You’ll get better pressure relief, weight distribution, and support.

Essentials Collection Review

Discussing this assortment I adored it. The sleeping cushion in this assortment is made by remembering minute subtleties. The sleeping pad in this assortment contains Outerlayer containing a stretch weave fiber though it likewise contains a subsequent layer known as the comfort layer, other than that it additionally includes a third strong supportive layer with took curls. What more might we at any point anticipate?

In the event that I discuss its solidness and feel, the sleeping cushion in this assortment goes from firm to medium firm and afterward to medium extravagant. The clincher is that these beddings are uncommonly planned and are perfect for Back, Side, and stomach sleepers.

Overall, If,  you are searching for some traditional feel and You need better strain help, weight conveyance, and support then this assortment is a go for you and I most certainly suggest it as it is the best bedding assortment for side sleepers.

In this collection, you’ll get 5 Mattresses.

  1. The Ravenswood
  2. The Highland
  3. The Silver Lake
  4. The Uptown
  5. The Lohi

2. Purity (Organic & Luxurious)

Purity (Organic & Luxurious)

  • The most sumptuous natural sleeping cushion assortment in the U.S.
  • 8 firmness levels
  • Dual-core for couples with different rest inclinations

So now you don’t need to agree to some unacceptable firmness to rest on pure materials.

Purity Collection Review

In the event that you love Organic and luxurious dozing sleeping pads, this assortment is for you. I certainly revere this assortment because of its natural material; in particular, it is hand-made with high quality for a lifetime. This assortment likewise contains 3 layers beginning from the external layer that contains 100 percent natural cotton, natural wool, and, surprisingly, natural Latex. then, at that point, comes the second layer otherwise called the comfort layer and the last layer is the supportive layer.

Discussing the vibe so these sleeping pads range from firm to medium rich. Another thing worth focusing on here is its double-core customization. So assuming you and your accomplice continue to battle over the course of the night very much like me so this assortment is ideal for you since it gives different rest tendencies to couples, which assists with dozing calmly over the course of the evening.

To wrap things up these beddings are best for all sleeping positions and in addition, they are Organic so you don’t need to stress over anything.

This collection is further subdivided into 5 types of mattresses

  1. The Elm
  2. The Cedar
  3. The Pine
  4. The Oak
  5. The Maple

3. Bloom (Clean and Eco-friendly)

Bloom (Clean and Eco-friendly)

Want to find a mattress that helps you sleep deep?

  • Produced using normal Talalay plastic.
  • Clean California fleece,
  • Tough bamboo 

You not just rest cooler, but you rest better knowing you’re on Natural materials.

Bloom Collection Review

Discussing this assortment I like this assortment since I’m a hot sleeper, and have delicate skin, because of which I can’t rest as expected. In any case, all of you may be familiar that Bamboo bedding works on the Quality of rest. With its non-abrasiveness, comfort, and supportability, bamboo bedding offers various advantages, pursuing it a top decision for some people.

It additionally contains various layers as talked about above. In any case, its most specific element is that it is made with natural fixings and contains a cool wool cover that allows you to rest cool.

In general, this bedding assortment is best for people who need extraordinary support and comfort and individuals who need to rest cool. Taking everything into account these beddings are best for stomach, side, and back sleepers.

This collection is further subdivided into 5 types of mattresses

  1. The Lilac
  2. The Iris
  3. The Dahlia
  4. The Camellia
  5. The Zinnia

4. Harvest (Classic Comfort)

Harvest (Classic Comfort)

  • Most comfortable mattress
  • Pocketed curls diminish movement transfer
  • giving forming support 
  • the rich foam gives comfort and strain alleviation. 
  • Reasonable hemp cover is tough breathable and hypoallergenic.

Harvest Collection Review

To wrap things up it wouldn’t be off-base to assume I say that it is the most comfortable and supportive mattress assortment I’ve at point seen so far. As its external layer contain natural hemp so it is certain that it will give you the best support and comfort as Hemp mold naturally and it becomes gentler and more comfortable than cotton after some time.

While its rich foam helps in easing tension and strain alleviation. Moreover, it additionally contains stashed curls springs that are totally autonomous considering added form and strain point help than more seasoned innerspring models.

Generally speaking, assuming that we discuss the vibe of this bedding assortment, it comes in medium firm and is best for all resting positions.

This collection is further subdivided into 3 types of mattresses

  1. The Sonoma
  2. The Willamette
  3. The Monticello

Other Top Picks

We are moving further if we Talk about our other favorite picks from this brand. So few of them are reviewed below.

1. Urban Plush Mattress Review

Urban Plush Mattress Review

A mattress that is a combination of support and softness but with a touch of style in it.An upscale, Modern day 7 zone pocket spring sleeping pad with a delicate, comfortable feel.Where the Urban Plush offers astounding highlights and incredible Luxury.

The breathable Eco foam shapes your body and takes out pressure focus while the Charcoal Coolux Foam offers decreased dampness ingestion and a dryer, cleaner sleep insight.

Further Luxury is given by the excellent Damask texture cover highlighting hand-tufted workmanship.

  • Suggested Retail Cost: Queen Sleeping pad: $3,298
  • Time for testing: 200 nights
  • warranty: 10 years
  • Particulars: Height: 32cm
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  • It provides great Spinal support
  • Value for money
  • It is quite expensive
  • The heavier person might feel a sinkage feeling


Our Verdict

According to the Omf Plush mattress reviews it is an excellent option for you if you enjoy the plush and Luxury feeling.

2. Urban Support Mattress Review

Urban Support Mattress Review

The Urban Support Mattress gives off a Modern vibe. It is all-around worked with awesome edge support. It has firm, strong support with a smart idea of pressure relief so it doesn’t feel ‘hard’ and awkward.

An incredible, firm-feel sleeping cushion. Certainly worth a look!

  • Suggested Retail Cost: Queen Sleeping cushion: $3,298
  • Time for testing: 200-night solace ensure
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Particulars: height: 32cm
  • Provide excellent comfort
  • Control motion disturbance
  • Can be a bit expensive


Our Verdict

According to the Omf Support mattress reviews it is an excellent option for people suffering from spinal pain as it provides great support.

Buyer’s Guideline (Other Important Details)

Here in this review by keeping in mind the customer’s sentiment we have provided you with an Unbiased review of Urban Mattress. Where our main target was to cover all the possible aspects that are important for customer satisfaction.

We have also provided you with mattress users’ reviews.

Some other information that is important for you is discussed below. 

Shipping/Delivering Information

Delivering takes between 2 to 10 working days from the time the sleeping pad leaves the shop. On the off chance that you live in the NY Metropolitan region, you likewise have choices for White Glove conveyance and in-store pickup for significantly more accommodation.

The cost of transportation differs. It relies upon the bedding you request. It additionally relies upon the rate for nearby bundle conveyance or cargo conveyance administrations. Cargo conveyance works somewhere in the range of 8 AM and 5 PM Monday to Friday as it were. You can’t transport to a PO box, and Urban Green just ships to the coterminous 48 states. You can reach them to get help for conveyance to The Frozen North, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada.


Every sleeping pad has its own warranty period. So before buying a mattress you should consider this point and ask the retail operator about all such issues.

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Urban Mattress Reviews – FAQs

Who makes urban mattresses?
Urban Mattress was founded by Boulder, Co in 2008 and Billy was the one who found and made the Urban Mattress.
What mattresses do astronauts use?
Tempurpedic is the only recognized memory foam mattress used by astronauts
How often should a mattress last?
Most mattresses should last between 7 to 10 years.
What mattresses does Walt Disney World use?
Walt Disney World uses a special brand of mattresses made by the company Beautyrest.
What mattress was designed by NASA?
In the last part of the 1960s, NASA researchers created a totally new material utilized locally available the Space Transports. They understood the material’s extraordinary potential. So they took that unique NASA development and went through years idealizing it into TEMPUR® Material and made the world’s most memorable viscoelastic sleeping cushion and pad.
Is a mattress still good after 20 years?
According to reports it is recommended to change or replace your mattress after every 8-10 years.



I would say that if you are really planning to buy an eco-friendly mattress that is free from all sorts of synthetic products then it’s the best option for you. Moreover, it is also the best decision for those who prefer hand Made styles. All in all, Urban Mattress is a good choice for those people who are on a higher budget.

Hope you liked the article…!

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