The Best Sleepys Mattress Reviews in 2024

The Best Sleepys Mattress Reviews

If you are waking up tired in the morning and not satisfied with your current mattress condition then you should consider a mattress that provides better sleep than ever. Obviously, you need a healthy rest to start your day fresh.

If you are here it means you want to study in depth about the Sleepys mattress reviews so that you can make up your mind and have a perfect one in your room. 

My team of experts and I will take a closer look at sleepy memory foam mattresses to ensure that we can educate you with organic reviews.

In this blog post, I will share a detailed guide on Sleepy’s Mattresses, its hot-selling products, features, pros, and cons, and later I will talk about its prices and warranty process. Let’s dive into this article and explore whether it is the best to fit for you or not.

About Sleepys Mattress

Sleepy Mattress was a very well-known chain with 1000 plus stores in the USA. The company was founded in 1931 by Louise Acker in New York City. And later it was adopted by Mattress firm back in 2016. 

But Mattress firm still uses their name for their private label Mattresses. If you are a loyal customer of Sleepy’s then you can buy its product from Mattress firm stores or online as well.

About Sleepys Mattress

Are sleepy’s mattresses any good?

It was acquired by Mattress Firm back in 2016 but it is still in demand with the same popularity.

Sleepy’s divides its mattresses into three main categories Hybrid, Memory Foam, and Sleepy’s by Sealy Mattresses to keep their users more satisfied with their purchase.

 They more focus on delivering a perfect match product according to your preferences; you have the ability to choose the suitable price, and a wide range of high-quality mattresses to select the right one, you can also match your comfort level with the mattress to make sure you will get better and peaceful sleep.

I will explain these advanced categories individually to give you a fair path to select according to your body’s needs.

Sleepy’s Hybrid Firm Mattress

Sleepy’s Hybrid mattresses provide comfort to the next level because it is manufactured with a combination of memory foam and innerspring.

 Its motion isolation technology helps you and your partner sleep peacefully all night long if one of you makes a little move the other one will not going to be disturbed.

If you are one who does not fall asleep fast and takes so long time to get a dreamy sleep then your wait is over, this luxurious mattress cool-to-touch cover gives you a more relaxing sleep than you ever imagine. This cover feature also has the ability to adjust according to your body’s temperature so you can sleep better.

Sleepy’s Hybrid Firm Mattress

This hybrid firm mattress has Air-flow foam that helps to circulate heat and keep your bed cool to make sure you are not sweating all night long.

If you are a bed person and spend all of your days on it then Sleepy’s hybrid mattress is just for you because it’s elevating the top or bottom of the mattress to come up with support that makes your shoulders and hips pain relieved.

So, you can spend all of your days watching TV or reading some stuff, and also reduce your habit of snoring.


  • This Hybrid firm mattress can be used by all sleepers but is considered best for Back and Stomach sleepers.
  • Pressure relief can reduce aches, stiffness, and sleep apnea by keeping pressure on the whole bed.
  • If someone is in weight this hybrid bed helps to spread your body equally and sustain your joint and spine alignment.
  • Pocketed Spring Support System makes it easy for you to get in and out of the bed and does not lack the brace.
  • The Comfort layer contains .5” Gel memory foam, 1” soft comfort foam, and 2” medium airflow foam which helps you to take a luxurious rest with all pain relief.  
  • 96% of customers are satisfied with their purchase and give positive feedback.
  • Considering all these lavish factors this Hybrid firm mattress will cost you under just 850$.

Sleepy’s Curve (Plush) Mattress

Sleepy’s plush mattress is one of my favorites because of its softest touch. I am one of that person who loves to sleep on their side so; Sleepy’s take extra care of those customers and made a Plush option to fascinate them.

This curve memory form mattress is the best option for strictly side sleepers and combo sleepers.

This curve plush mattress is the sturdiest with a 12” comfort layer containing 3” gel memory foam, 6” of innerspring memory foam that supports curves all night long, and 3” charcoal memory foam.

Sleepy's Curve (Plush) Mattress

Its charcoal foam cuddles your body and supports every toss or turn in a way that you feel so relaxed and sleeps so long without any distraction.

Featuring moisture-wicking materials, this mattress keeps you comfortable all night long and regulates your body temperature. It is delivered in a box where you can carry it up and down stairs with ease.

I will recommend to if you are a back sleeper then don’t go for it because it is not as firm as it should be.


  • This Curve Plush mattress is considered best for side sleepers and combo sleepers.
  • This Plush mattress has the ability to control temperature and adjust it according to your body. Ensure that you can sleep comfortably and for a long time.
  • It has the ability to reduce snoring and relief your body pain with its high-end material.
  • Its pressure relief technology distributes air to the whole bed so anyone can sleep without stress and pain.
  • It has gained 95% of positive feedback from customers because it is so comfortable and durable.
  • Considering all these factors this Sleepy’s curve Plush mattress costs you under 700$.

Sleepy Calm Mattress

I love the Sleepy Calm mattress because it comes with a lot of luxurious features at such an affordable price tag. 

This euro-top memory foam mattress comes in a combination of quilted foam and comfort foam layers that performs together and offers a dreamy sleep all night long.

This innerspring-supported mattress is built with 6-inch support foam and a cover layer making it a favorite among stomach sleepers.

Sleepy Calm Mattress

As its name included Calm, this mattress also ensures that your whole body feels relaxed and pain-free.

If you are a person who sleeps in many positions and rotates all night then this mattress has a plush quilted euro top that will hug and cushion you in a way that you will get a more cozy rest.


  • This calm mattress is best for Side, back, and stomach sleepers. 
  • Have the ability to control your snoring habit and get relief from body pain by giving proper support.
  • Best for back pain people, because it maintained your back and hips positions and keeps your spine aligned throughout the night.
  • The best part is this with all these amazing features this calm mattress will cost you under 450$.
  • 94% of customers are satisfied with their purchase and give positive feedback.

Sleepy Snug Memory Foam Mattress

This Snug medium memory foam mattress is the best-selling mattress by Sleepys. Because it covers all sleeping positions like back, stomach, combination, and side with the same comfort that you may have with other top-rated mattress brands.  

I am also enjoying writing about this memory foam snug mattress because it has all warmth and cozy features at a very reasonable price tag. And it also gains top-rated batch in the market as you will feel secure and relaxed overnight. This cost-effective mattress will break down into a 4-inch dense layer of supportive foam.

Let me explain one by one with you to make sure every inch of this mattress will help to take decisions. On the top of the mattress, there is a quilted layer which is made of infused charcoal to ensure that the temperature of your body will regulate on the mattress and also deflect moisture.

Sleepy Snug Memory Foam Mattress

You can also unzip this designer knit cover if you do not feel comfortable or want to wash it.

The second layer is basically the combination of two layers. This 4” comfort layer is divided into 2” of Gel-infused foam and the other 2” of conforming foam.

If you are a person who has difficulty sleeping and felt disturbed during sleep then this comfort layer is just for you and will cradle you all night long.

The third layer supports every inch of your body on the entire mattress and contains 4” firm support foam to provide extra support and continuing durability.


  • This mattress is considered best for side sleepers.
  • This mattress also has the ability to reduce snoring habits and get relieve back pain and body aches.
  • Mattresses in a box provide dreamy sleep.
  • You can also watch TV and read books for a long time with no discomfort.
  • It has medium feel firmness to ensure for all types of sleepers.
  • You can get this amazing snug memory foam mattress for just 450$.
  • This snug mattress grabs 96% of the positive ratings on the market.

Sleepy Basic Inner Spring Mattress

This Basic innerspring mattress is the top-rated and very popular in the USA.

It is the most economical and best luxurious mattress with the top-selling tag by Sleepys.

This mattress is a very cool option for kids and bunk beds, and also you can serve it in guest rooms with the same hotel-style feelings. It has all the luxurious qualities in it that all the other mattresses have but is very basic. 

Sleepy also takes care of your comfort at this low price and adds a top quilted layer so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Sleepy Basic Inner Spring Mattress

This basic innerspring mattress has enough firmness for back and stomach sleepers so they can have a better rest and take a fresh start in the morning.

This 8.2” mattress has dual cushioning of soft quilt foam and support foam and also makes sure they can beat all standard mattresses at such a low price.


  • This mattress is best for back and stomach sleepers.
  • This mattress provides a cozy sleep all night long.
  • More than 440 coils are in the bed to support your whole body for comfortable sleep.
  • If you are someone with heavy weight then it has also the ability to distribute your weight evenly.
  • This mattress covers all these above features at a very low cost of 220$.
  • Nearly 98% of customers are satisfied with this mattress and give positive feedback.

Sleepy’s Delivery and Shipping Services

Sleepy’s offers 4 types of delivery and shipping services to entertain their customers, giving them the feasibility to choose one of those services according to budget and preferences.

Silver Service

  • Online and in-store availability
  • Free Delivery and shipping
  • Include transportation, mileage, and tolls.
  • Deliver the mattress to the front door, side door, or even garage.
  • Contactless delivery means they won’t enter your home.
  • Home protection from outside direct and elements. 

Gold Service

  • Includes all silver services plus this below one.
  • Online and in-store availability.
  • Charges between 80$-120$
  • New mattress and box spring setup.
  • Removal of the old mattress set.
  • Three max flights of stairs purchased can be carried.

Platinum Service

  • Include all gold services.
  • Online and in-store availability.
  • Charge you about 150$.
  • Five max flights of stairs purchased can be carried.
  • Delivery and setup of up to three mattresses set.
  • Setup of adjustable base purchased from mattress firm.

 Diamond Service

  • Includes all platinum services and
  • Available in-store, via chat, and by phone.
  • This service costs you around 200$.
  • Choice of the preferred two-hour delivery window at the time of purchase.

Sleepy’s mattress price

Sleepy’s take extra care of their customers and have different price ranges to facilitate them. They make sure their luxurious memory foam mattresses reach every house in the USA.

Its initial price starts from 200$ and ends up at 2000$. So, it will entirely depend on you in which price range you are falling.

The quality of the mattress also depends on the cost which you are going to select. 

You can enjoy the comfort layer, cover layer, and other stuff by spending some extra money.

Best Sleepys Mattress Reviews – FAQs

Who makes Sleepy's mattress?
Sleepy’s mattresses are made by a Mattress firm company in 2016, but it is acquired back in December 2015. After that Mattress firm rebranded all its stores in 2017 and uses Sleepy’s name until now.
How long do Sleepys mattresses last?
Sleepy’s mattresses’ longevity depends on their material, construction, which model are you choosing, and its performance. The Company claims 1 year of warranty to give you confidence that you are taking a perfect decision. The average durability of Sleepy’s mattresses is containing 8 to 10 years with little precautions.
How often Mattress Replacement?
There are many factors to be considered while thinking of mattress replacements. But if you want a relaxed and luxurious sleep with a pain-free body then you should change your mattress after every 6 to 7 years of the time period.
Where is sleepy's mattress made?
All Sleepy’s product including mattresses is made in Australia. The local manufacturer produced quality mattresses after so much testing to enhance the standard of dreamy sleep. Their main target is to maintain their reputation in people’s minds.
Is it better to sleep on a hard mattress or soft?
There is no exact answer to this question because it totally depends on the type of sleepers and their weight. If you are a side sleeper with lightweight then a soft mattress should be your preference. But if you are one with heavy weight or sleep on your back and stomach then a firm or hard mattress is the right choice.
How long does it take for Sleepys mattress to expand?
A sleepy mattress just takes 24 to 36 hours to be fully expanded. You just need to wait for the whole process and after that, you can use it comfortably.



Hope this review has cleared all your queries related to mattress sleep. These memory foam innerspring mattresses have the ability to provide luxurious pain-free nights. So go and grab the best one according to your sleep type and as well as budget.

These medium-level firm mattresses are the best option for side and back sleepers and provide a cozy sleep.
These are budget-friendly options with different price ranges and features; you just need to make sure what’s going to be the best partner for you for a long time.

I love these sleepy’s mattresses now and also recommend them to everyone as they are getting positive mattress reviews from all over the world.

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