Serta Mattress Warranty in 2024 – What you should Know

Serta Mattress Warranty - What you should Know

People spent an amount of cash on buying a mattress with flawless qualities for a comfortable sweet night dream. So, the most essential feature is the mattress warranty time duration. There is a question that the majority asked, why are mattresses so expensive? To get its answer here are many things which you need to know. 

 Serta mattress Brand is a well-known and illustrious mattress available in today’s market because it sells a hybrid, box-spring, and memory foam mattress with extensive features. The high-tech design of every Serta mattress warranty sagging is engineered to suit every human body.

If you are here, it means you are impressed with Serta’s quality and want to buy a Serta mattress. Before this, you need to know everything about its warranty time period.

In this article, we will guide you through the warranty information of Serta mattresses. It gives you a warranty time range from 1 to 10 years depending on the codes and features of the bed. The proper Serta Mattress Customer Service information is given here. So, keep reading this article.

Serta Mattress Warranty

These mattresses are available with three firmness levels in today’s market. Before buying you have to know the Facts about mattresses. Because you are spending your money, time and it’s your right to get outstanding.

It has a breathable Air-Cloth cover which wicks away all the moisture and heat from your body and helps you to enjoy a good night’s sleep by staying cool. 

The top of the mattress is also treated with Heir antimicrobial layer that makes it untainted and hybrid. This layer helps to prevent you from any type of common microbial allergens such as dusty particles or growing bacteria. 

The box spring is made from high-carbon steel and kiln-dried hardwoods which made it strong and sturdy. Here is a special advance featured Serta Air Mattress with Headboard. This mattress brand manufactured it uniquely and according to customers’ demand. 

The winner of the mattress is made with a comfort layer of Hex Cloud Gel-Infused Memory Foam which enhances the cooling providing capacity and secures the top of the sleeping surface from overheating throughout the whole night. 

Serta Mattress Warranty

The pocketed coils play a supportive role which gives you pressure relief and also helps to promote the configuration of your spine. This supportive core made it durable for a long-time period to save you money. 

The price range depends on the features of the mattress. 

You can easily check the quality of the mattress in 120 night-trial time period. If you don’t like the features then you return it without any payment. 

People fail to find the comfortable and suitable mattress brand according to their needs because of a lack of awareness and it could be improved just by asking, So ask about anything especially Ask questions when Buying a Mattress from our professional team because it will not even help you to get reliable but also help us to create something outstanding according to your requirements.

Serta warranty time period

Serta gives a 10-year warranty on this mattress. It means it has the physical ability to remain functional, without requiring excessive maintenance or repair, when faced with the challenges of normal operation over its lifetime design. You will not get this warranty service after 10 years. People get shocked by knowing, how long is the Serta mattress warranty. Because of this Serta prefers the customer’s requirements. 

When you buy a Serta mattress for your comfortable night’s sleep, then you must register yourself with your permanent home address as an original purchasing consumer which helps you to provide a repair service without any difficulty. The Serta brand gives you the benefit to get the best service in the program of Serta comfort warranty claim. 

Serta will provide you with the two following things for warranty verification:

  1. The first one is a warranty card that will provide at the time purchasing.
  2. The second one is the sales slip of the place from where you bought it. 

Serta warranty time period

When you buy this mattress, there are no repairing or recovering expensive charges for your mattress for 2 years except for transportation expenses. 

After the time period of two years, you will pay 1/10 parts of the price at which rate you purchase it. This part of the amount will increase as time passed out

The duration of this warranty service starts on the day when you acquire your new mattress and it will not expand after your mattress recovering or replacing. 

This warranty service is only applicable only on manufacturing problems. If your mattress is under unsanitary conditions then, this service will not provide to you.

Condition of Warranty

Serta provides a 10-year warranty on the mattress. But this customer service is not accessible under the following conditions. So, you must review the following situations in which the warranty is not available. It helps to describe Serta comfort warranty claims and nationwide coverage. 

  • If your mattress has the normal type of cut or scorch or any deterioration.
  • If your mattress is not present in unhygienic condition.
  • If you don’t have a warranty card or sale slip for your mattress.
  • If the identification of the mattress is flawed because of the bad infrastructure.  The use of an incorrect frame could cause damage to your bed and invalidate the warranty.
  • If your mattress is damaged due to such misuse of the mattress or alteration or any cause other than a manufacturing problem.
  • The cover of the mattress and handless provided with the mattress are not included in the warranty offer.
  • If the mattress is used as an advertisement for a business.
  • It doesn’t applicable for Consumer bed height or weight preference.
  • It does not available for consumer firmness preference.

Serta warranty codes on the law tag

W20F warranty code

 The limited time period for warranty service on this code is 20 years. Every mattress has its own warranty length.  If you got this warranty code then you will get full protection and will not have to cover any costs for replacement or repair for 10 years. When you owned this mattress for more than 10 years and you want to recover your mattress then you will pay 1/20 part of the dealer retail price multiplied by the number of years that you have owned the mattress. The normal body impression for this warranty code is less than 3/4″

W15 and W15F warranty code

The time duration for these warranty codes is 15 years. This warranty code will provide you with non-prorated warranty insurance for 15 years. It means that the manufacturer will pay for the part or aspect of the mattress that failed. The normal body impression for the W15 warranty code is less than 1-1/2” and for the W15F warranty code is less than 3/4″.

W10S and W10F warranty codes

  • What does the Serta 10-year warranty cover?

A 10-year warranty time period is given to the purchasing consumer on this code. It will also provide you with a 10-year non-prorated guarantee. The expenses on your mattress replacement or repair will be fulfilled by the product mark. The normal body impression for these warranty codes is less than 3/4″.

Serta warranty codes on the law tag

W9 warranty code

This will give you a 10-year warranty. During this time period, all the expenses for recovering of mattress will give by the manufacturer. The normal body impression for the W9 warranty codes is less than 1-1/2″.

W91 warranty code

You can enjoy your mattress without any typical tension about it repairing expensive because of its 8-year non-prorated guarantee. You do have not to pay any fees for the mattress recovery purpose for eight years. The normal body impression for the W91 warranty code is less than 1-1/2″.

W92 and W1 warranty codes

The W92 warranty code provided you 5-year non-prorated warranty while the W1 warranty code will give only a 1-year non-prorated warranty. The normal body impression for these warranty codes is less than 1-1/2″.

Step to get the warranty service on this mattress

Firstly, you must have the following things to assure this service

  1. Show a copy of the original store sales slip or another proof that you are the original purchasing consumer.
  2. Provide the law label for the defective product.

If your mattress or box spring has a manufacturing defect and you want to get rid of it. Here you can easily know how to return a mattress. Simply contact the retailer from whom you purchased the Serta mattress. If the retailer is unavailable, then call 1-800-455-1052 to get a Serta customer civil service.

Serta will repair it according to the warranty schedule rules and regulations. If the manufacturing problem will not set then your mattress is replaced with the same quality as the new Serta mattress sleep set.

Tips to prevent voiding the warranty of Serta mattress

  • Avoid your mattress from direct contact with sunlight.
  • Use the protective covers on your mattress to avoid any damage due to tainting and never removed the zippered cover of the mattress. 
  • Never do athletic exercise on your mattress.
  • Carefully circulate your mattress at 180 degrees to prevent the occurrence of attrition from any area of the mattress.
  • Avoid using a flame product around the mattress to prevent it from burning.
  • Avoid using a heating pad or electric blanket on the Serta memory foam mattress. 
  • Never crimp or fold your mattress because damage may occur.
  • Prevent your mattress from getting wet and never use cleaning fluids or purifiers on it because it will destroy some interior of the mattress.
  • Never remove the white law tags or the model’s name label and leave it on your mattress for your warranty verification.
  • If you don’t use the mattress in your daily routine then you put it in the store in a plain and straight position.
  • Handles are used only to position the mattress only and never used to carry or lift your mattress.
  • Use a new infrastructure for your mattress for supportive purposes.

Serta Mattress Warranty – FAQs

Does Serta mattress warranty cover sagging?
It is a Hybrid box-spring mattress that is made with spring coils and more than one-third of its height is composed of an inferior material like foam. It contains a core of supportive metal coils often topped with a thinner layer of soft materials like cotton. Therefore, it has the ability to cover the sagging and sinking that is more profound than 1.5 inches.
Why is my Serta mattress sagging?
The problem of sagging started due to the standard type of cut or scorch or any deterioration. When the sleeper goes to sleep, the mattress shrinks because of weight pressure. The interior foam of the bed became soft as time passes out because the foam faced the body weight of the sleeper every night. So, this gradual softening of foam loses its supportive core layer and leads to a feeling of sagging.
How do I identity my Serta mattress?
When you bought a new Serta mattress, the date of manufacturing and the model number can be found on a white tag or label which is attached to the bottom of your Serta mattress. All details are provided on this law tag which plays an important role when you want a warranty service.
Are Serta mattresses safe?
All types of Serta mattresses are completely hybrid and non-toxic. There is no thermal barrio used in it. The layers in these mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified which means that no harmful chemical is used in them which saves you from any infection. This antimicrobial ability prevents you from any common microbial allergens such as dusty particles or growing bacteria. It fits great for those suffering from allergies because no harmful chemical is used in it.
Which mattress last the longest?
Latex mattresses are those that last the longest because they are made with high-density memory foam or poly-foams. The Lower-density foam beds flipped out a bit faster, as do hybrid models. Standard box-spring mattress commonly has a short-term warranty period of approximately five and a half to six years. You can get a factory warranty too if you have proper knowledge and awareness.
How long is Serta mattress warranty?
As we know that different mattress companies offer additional time-limited warranties. Here Serta Mattress Firm Warranty is attractive for a Perfect sleeper and a perfect day mattress is about 8 to 10 years, starting from the day you buy the bed but the maximum warranty duration is 10 years.



We are providing everything which you need to know to enjoy a comfortable sleep by knowing the warranty duration. The law tag will tell you about its long-term warranty. Serta also provides non-prorated coverage for technical or materialistic problems.

 When you decide to buy a Serta mattress, you must review all the important facts about different mattress brands. These mattresses are manufactured in the presence of well-experienced designers and professionals, before introducing to the market every mattress give a trial by the sleepers which helps to make it better and more satisfying with the best warranty coverage. 

We are available with our super expert team to give you the best in a short time without any major issues. You just need Serta mattress warranty registration to enjoy your sleep due to materials and Serta perfect sleeper warranty. BEST OF LUCK!

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