Top 5 Best Mattress According to Reddit Buying Guide [In 2024]

Top 5 Best Mattress According to Reddit Buying Guide

There are a lot of online sites to give you original opinions and guidelines to get authentic products whatever you want but the keyword which is specialized here is Reddit, it is the most helpful site to get organic answers to any questions no issue you are asking about what. On this site, people ask about the best suitable and affordable products in this article we are going to discuss the Best Mattress Brand according to Reddit in 2024.

So, here you can find bad and good experiences from people who share their knowledge. It will be very helpful for you because some experts advise you with their research. Before buying any mattress you should know in detail, about the features, materials, and comfort. We can realize that if you don’t get enough restful sleep, it will effect bad on your health. That’s why you should be getting a trial before buying a mattress at your nearby mattress store. 

Mattresses are expensive and your time is more precious, so you should do some proper research before taking any decision. People don’t know what they should be known about mattresses to get Best Bed in a Box on Reddit. A good mattress is enough that allows room for a shoulder and hips while supporting the back and maintaining a neutral spine alignment as well. 

Precautions for choosing the best Reddit mattress

 Here are some materials which can help you to evaluate the quality of a mattress. There are basic three things that make a mattress comfortable, long-lasting, and reliable. Now a day’s our elders and many more people complain about back pain, spinal pain, shoulder, and muscle pain. That’s why their Physiotherapists recommend them to take special precautions and use special soft foam, the fabric of mattresses with titanium coil gauges

I have also used different mattresses to explore my comfort and since I am an expert in research and working with an experienced team of mattress builders and in a furniture showroom. I gather some true reviews from Reddit and combine them to make your bed shopping easy. 

Our Top Pick

We show our top pick to just save your precious time and for this, you don’t have to research. Its layer system makes it unique and outstanding, it covers a huge space and gives soft, comfortable, and big room for every type of body and age to sleep-friendly. The purple brand offers the best shipping system and even free cover and its cooling properties are amazing.

Its pores prove it best because it’s enough to remove your back, shoulder, and hip joint pain. It works like a magical and according to its work price is affordable.

Reddit 5 Best Selling Mattresses Reviews

  1. Purple- the coolest all-foam mattress
  2. Saatva Classic Mattress – innerspring support system
  3. Queen Mattress- Novilla
  4. Bear Hybrid Mattress-moisture-wicking cover
  5. Casper Hybrid Mattress- for heavier sleepers

1. Purple – the coolest all-foam mattress

Purple mattress is a well-known brand of mattresses because of its manufacturing which is exactly according to my own expectations. Reddit is the most organic and best platform where you find experienced persons with proper guidelines. 

The purple grid is better than memory foam because it is designed to dynamically flex under pressure, so when you lay on it, it compresses according to your body structure. There are thousands of open-air channels which help your body to stay cool overnight and your body doesn’t have to face sweat all night long. It supports your back and budget which makes it more unique and beneficial.

Purple - the coolest all-foam mattress

  •  The upper soft flex cover helps to stretch maximum when you lay or sit on it by delivering ions which is its best flexing property.
  •  Then on 2nd layer, there is a purple grid that supports your body pressure points.
  •  On the 3rd layer, there is dual-layered comfort foam which makes it a high-density mattress. 


Brand Purple
Fill material Memory foam
Age range Best for Adults
Item Weight up to 37kg
Product Dimensions 75” L, 54” W, 9.5” Th

I recommend it because I have it in my home and after this purple mattress I’ll never look back to any other mattress because this is in my budget with a long-time warranty. This brand gives you the best advantage of a trial before purchasing. If you want to buy it online then also there is an expert avail to clear your all problems and confusion about this. This mattress is made from non-toxic, good material.

  • The grids and gel foam layers of mattress keep heat away from your body.
  • If you want to keep your feet or head high to sleep then cushions are optional and enough to give smooth sleep.
  • It’s best for comfortable sleep in any position.
  • Physical therapists also recommend a purple mattress to reduce body tension.
  • It’s easy to adjust on any type of bed style and gives luxurious look.
  • Tummy sleepers love it because of its stuff.
  • Back sleepers and side sleepers may struggle.
  • This is not best for the floor because there is no spring system.
  • It takes time in shipping.
  • Slightly smaller.


2. Saatva Classic Mattress – innerspring supportive system

This brand is 2nd most wanted and reliable brand of mattresses according to Reddit. This mattress has 3 layers that make our body relaxed and comfortable. The upper cover of Saatva is made of pure cotton which gives a smooth texture the cotton is breathable which will help your body cells and muscles to stay relaxed and breathe properly and your body heat will be released. 

Its inner layer is manufactured by coils and to hold the heavy bodies all night, pair of springs is used in these Saatva mattresses to give classic look. By this, it looks like a puffy mattress, which is enough to heal sleep and even best for side sleepers.

Saatva Classic Mattress – innerspring supportive system

Deep sleep can change your whole health condition even all the doctors recommend increasing your rest time whenever you feel sick. That’s why your sleep surface has to be comfortable and enough to release your all stress. 

Our team of sleep testers and even our special and trustworthy clients give us positive reviews and the users recommend this best cheap mattress on Reddit. 

It has also cushion covers to give a luxury look which is easily available in a mattress store. These are available in different sizes but the Queen-size mattress is best because it gives wide room and fits in your bed frame. This brand offers cheaper mattresses with the same advanced features better than other brands of similar qualities. That’s why our experts and Redditors recommend Saatva as a top mattress. 


Brand Saatva
Color Grey
Fill material gel foam
Recommend Every age and body weight

Key features

There are some small springs added on the upper layer like mini pocket coils that help your joints and most importantly it gives support to your spinal zone by molding the surface of the mattress and also help you to move gently, with pain-free alignment.

The adorable feature of the Saatva mattress is its anti-bacterial botanical treatment layer which helps you to keep safe from harmful bacteria and give your hygiene and fresh air. 

It’s really high because of 4 to 5 layers, if you are tall then it’s ok but kids and adults, need a step to get into the bed. 

  • Its soft cover removes easily if you are hot sleeper.
  • Its price range is affordable and gives a warranty to make your life more relaxed to tolerate the hardships of regular routine.
  • The 11.5” mattress is well-settled for all frames.
  • Best for all body times don’t matter how much you have heavy weight.
  • Its spring system keeps your mattress safe from compressing.
  • It offers free white gloves.
  • The most satisfying thing is, it’s made in the USA.
  • It’s heavy that’s why difficult to move.
  • It needs a wide space and can’t store it.
  • You have to pay up to $100 to exchange your mattress.


3. Queen Mattress Novilla

This big brand is working for the clients and just wants to feel comfortable with their new products and also try their best to make the products affordable to the people of every class. They work to make our living style better with high-quality furniture 

When you will love yourself just then you can love others. 

Queen Mattress - Novilla

Novilla is a well-known brand and it’s also recommended on Reddit. This mattress is manufactured in 4 layers to give you comfort and relax-able sleep. It’s not so high but designed for all ages. Gel foam technology is placed with comfort foam and has the best underneath. 

Nowadays as science has developed inventions are also established as soon as possible. There are a lot of brands in the market that are introducing similar items but they all have different features better than others. In this competition, Novilla delivers the best solution for pain pressure-relieving mattresses. This brand gives us the freedom to select affordably and now you don’t have to sacrifice quality.

It helps to support your hip joints and evenly disperses your body weight. It’s not too soft or too firm that’s why it’s best to sleep in any position. The 4 layers are amazing and doing their work well, in 1st layer there is a cover which is made of smooth fabric which is comfortable in touching and the 2” cooling gel-infused memory foam keeps your body cool in even summers and allows the mattress to shrink and gives you space according to your body structure and body movement during sleep.

2nd layer is Airflow comfort foam which is 2” it helps to release your body heat throughout the mattress that’s why your body feels light and helps your skin to breathe freely. 3rd layer is of Air circulation foam. This foam actually helps the upper layer not to compress and then you easily get up from your bed and don’t feel like digs. These are known as medium firm bed mattresses and pressure releases. 


Brand Novilla
Color Grey
Size Queen
Comfort Layer Material Gel Memory Foam
Item weight 51 pounds

Key Points

If you want to use your mattress for a long time then you have to give 24-72 hours for your mattress to regain its original structure. At starting your mattress will be in long size but as you use it, its size decreases just because of daily use or the weight of bodies. 

The best thing which just this company gives is 100 day’s trial. It’s shocking because this brand gives us a 10-year warranty; it is covered with a protective layer. 

You can easily buy it without any concern because this is the best and most trustful brand on Reddit.

  • This brand offers 30 days money back guaranty.
  • You can easily set up a Novilla mattress in 4 steps.
  • It’s not as heavy as others.
  • It gives a healthier and cloud-like experience.
  • It’s certified foam which shows it passes different tests to give you the best.
  • It provides flexible support.
  • Its skin-friendly fabric is made of cotton.
  • We couldn’t find this type of great quality on such a great budget.
  • The edge sinks very low.
  • This is not a medium firm. Everyone doesn’t have a similar choice.
  • In the summer it’s hot.


4. Bear Hybrid Mattress – moisture-wicking cover

This is the best mattress which is certified by many experts and even it passes after trials and tests because when anyone gets injured then the specialists recommend this hydrating mattress to make their joints and muscles relax. It’s highly recommended by Reddit. 

Bear Hybrid Mattress - moisture-wicking cover

It is manufactured with twice the mattresses’ qualities 1st one is soft and reliable like bear fur and the other has hybrid qualities. Its layer is firm which gives support to your body part when you lay down on this no matter in which structure you sleep but it’s enough to give to comfortable sleep.


Brand Bear Hybrid
Color black and grey
Fabric gel and Cotton
Item weight 57 pounds

Its heading Moisture-wicking cover shows its specification, which protects your body from heat and the mattress easily releases the temperature and makes you feel cool. Like other mattresses, it was not affected by the weather. It’s ideal for kids and old people. 

It is manufactured with exclusive foam and this foam material and under spring layer make it unique and wanted in the market. 

  • Strong enough to support body joints
  • Cool, breathable design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Free shipping and warranty
  • Long time limit to select it
  • No fiber glass
  • It’s expensive.
  • It’s too heavy to move.
  • Not good for floor


5. Casper Hybrid Mattress – for heavier sleepers

Casper hybrid mattress is the best choice for heavier sleepers. Its thickness makes it comfortable for others which are about 12”. It has 3 layers the upper layer is for air escape which releases your body heat easily when you sleep and the 2nd layer help with body contouring which feel you refreshed and make it easy to move on the mattress during sleep. The upper layer style is unique which gives luxury look and helps to feel thin holes.

Casper Hybrid Mattress – for heavier sleepers

A perfect balance of soft and firm makes up the best support system for all body types. This brand knows how to invent best according to its competitor, that’s why Casper Hybrid Mattress is developed by visionary engineers and researchers to give you the best sleep which helps you to fulfill your dreams with a fresh mind. 


Brand Casper
Color Grey
Construction type Memory Foam
Size Queen

Some important points help to relieve your body pain without extra effort. The structure gives the option to make it bouncy and adjustable according to your body.

  • Wash able and removable cover.
  • Best in budget.
  • Flexibility helps to support.
  • Pain relief is faster and easier over a single night.
  • Only available in medium firm.
  • Not good for the floor but good for heavy bodies.



What you should Consider before Buying a Mattress according to Reddit – Buyer’s Guide

As an expert, I advise you to observe these main 5 points about mattresses to get the best one. There are a lot of mattresses in the market with advanced features but all are not similar and to keep your money and piece safe our team of experts is here to make your decision easy.


Here are a lot of f types of mattresses some are normal mattresses that shrink after some months because of weight and the others, which are also known as hybrid mattresses work like pressure relief with the help of a coil-manufactured layer.  There is memory foam which has high elasticity and gives you good support. 


Size depends on your requirements or your bed size but the most reliable mattress size is Queen sized mattress. It gives you more room and helps you to sleep well, especially for those sleepers who move in sleep and change their body structure.80” L, 60” W and a maximum of 10” H are the best combo. 

It’s enough to enjoy for two adults. There are also some other options but Queen Size is my 1st preference because of my personal experience.



Budget is the 1st thing which you decide before anything else and it’s completely on your own that if you like the qualities and any modern design of a big brand then this budget could be changed. But actually sometimes when you spend a huge amount on a single thing and that doesn’t stand on the standard it really disappoints you. 

So, you should try it first before buying and then minimum spend $500 on your premium mattress if you want a great brand then there are a lot of reliable mattresses which are available in the market for up to $1000 which is enough amount in my point of view. 

Temperature control

Now minimum all the developers and designers try to create something great and according to customers’ requirements. Therefore, now the upper sheet is designed as it helps to keep your body cool. There is an under a layer of the mattress in which pores are present when your body release temperature then the pores work like a ventilator and release that heat out from the sides of the mattress. 

Safety certification

No one can sleep in any stinky place because when your mind will feel relaxed then your body could be relaxed. That’s why the Reddit experts said the upper sheet of the mattress is designed with good smell follicles and helps to stop any smell of chemicals and the natural fiber smell in wet weather. Even there are anti-bacterial components also used to keep you healthy and germ-free.

People have a lot of confusion and misunderstandings let sole them with the help of some frequently asked questions, decide suitable mattress according to your sleepy position and body type. 

Best Mattress According to Reddit – FAQs

How thick should my mattress be?
This is very important to know because it helps you to stay relaxed and fresh after proper sleep. Your mattress will be as comfortable as it will be thick. It’s also dependent on the coiling feature but actually, coils work better in thick mattresses. It provides a luxurious look. It should be a thick minimum of 8 inches because the comfort layer is 2 to 3-inch thick and a 5 to 6-inch thick base layer is. AS’s much thicker a mattress is, the softer it will feel and the springs will be able to work better.
How long do memory foam mattresses last?
There are 3 types of foams and every type has a different time ratio. But the most wanted and useful is Memory Foam, this is the most commonly used foam in different seasons because cold and hot seasons affect your mattress size sometimes it expands that’s why it is considered the best, and this material is used in a lot of mattresses. It is standard but works amazingly; you can use it with freedom for 5-8 years. Actually, mattresses are damaged because of their high use, and it needs time to recover their shape which is affected during the whole night. With the help of hybrid material, you can even enjoy it extra few more years. It can last from 10 to 15 years with proper care.
Are more expensive mattresses really worth it?
It’s not compulsory, sometimes high prices couldn’t be a warranty for long time usage. It depends on your research and of course, depends on experience, and you can get the best mattress under$300 according to Reddit. You just need some basic knowledge about mattresses, that’s it. Reddit gives you chance to get the best options from other’s experiences with the help of answering questions. Some big brands introduced many unique and luxurious mattresses according to your surroundings and class but also give the option to enjoy the best in your budget upto$1000. I bought an expensive water-cooled mattress pad. It had a two-year warranty but its pump got damaged after 2 months and the company advised me to buy a new one until$500 or repair it for $15. I paid for repairing cost.
What is the more you should pay for a mattress?
Every brand decides its own price list according to its mattress’s features, comfort, and manufacturing level. But according to my own experience, expensive mattresses are just a waste of money up to $1000 is ok, but not more. I think it’s good to change your mattress after 10 years so; there will be no need for a more expensive mattress. The best range of my favorite mattress of foam type is $500-$900. And the other one is a Hybrid type of mattress is $1000-$2000. You can even concern on Reddit with others and can share your experience and get advice about coil systems and puffy mattresses to keep safe your money because these mattresses are actually expensive.



Here we selected and reviewed the top brands of mattresses with their all qualities. We recommend you Purple Mattress because of its unique advanced features. But if you are not interested in our top pick here you can get 2nd best option Saatva Classic Mattress. It’s excellent for work and to relieve your pain.  Some are expensive which we actually do not prefer but if you can afford it then it’s great you should try it.

All the pros and cons which we mentioned are organic. I and my team collected all our experience and then recommend you. Now it is your luxurious lifestyle and choice which one you select. We are always here to save you money and precious time. BEST OF LUCK!

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