Purple Mattress Return Policy – 2024 Ultimate Guide

Purple Mattress Return Policy - The Ultimate Guide

Purple is one of the most genuine and innovative mattress brands on the market. Purple does not give you many options to select from; they have only three mattresses you can choose from them. They have a good variety of mattresses for your pets too.

If you have purchased a mattress, you may have selected the wrong one that does not match your needs, or you don’t like the mattress; what would you do? Probably you would contact Purple, but what if they do not reply to you? This is the main reason that most people don’t buy mattresses online.

If you don’t want to buy a mattress online, we want to give you some good news, and that is Purple offers a very customer-friendly return policy, which is why there are thousands of satisfied customers. If you don’t know about the return policy, we designed this mattress to understand Purple’s return policy fully.

Can you Return the Mattress on Amazon?

Returns and refunds can be requested within 100 days after receiving a shipment. Mattresses in their original packaging and unopened are accepted by Amazon for return. Mattresses that are not boxed, expanded, or full size cannot be returned, but a refund can be issued. This is mentioned on the Amazon website.

Can you Return Mattress on Amazon

Purple Mattress Return Policy

In the sleep trial period, purple customers have one exchange option. You can choose from various mattress sizes, firmness levels, and mattress models. When you order the double mattress, it is best to read a lot of reviews and, if possible, chat with someone from the Purple team first. This would give you a clear vision of their policy and treatment of their customers.

If you don’t know about the Purple mattress return policy, we will tell you everything step by step.

  • The first is to choose the mattress you want to exchange with your current mattress and make sure the mattress you are selecting is perfectly suitable for you.
  • If you would like to speak to the Purple support team, please call 888-848-2305 and ready your order number. Place an order for your replacement mattress.
  • Depending on the price difference between the new mattress and the original, you’ll either have to pay or get a refund.
  • Drop off or donate your original mattress, and follow up with your Purple support representative with a photo of the receipt.

You need to follow this return policy if you selected the wrong mattress for you by chance.

How to Return a Purple Mattress?

As we mentioned before, the return policy of Purple is very customer-friendly, which is why everyone loves Purple. If you want to return the mattress but don’t know how to do it, we will tell you the step-by-step process that would make everything easy for you.

How to Return a Purple Mattress

  • Do you have a 21 nights trial period to test your mattress if it’s right for you or not? Usually, the Purple mattress night trial period is 100 days, but 21 days are enough for your to test, and within 100 days, you can return the mattress.
  • If you don’t like the mattress, you have to contact the Purple support team and tell them you want to return the mattress.
  • Now make sure that your order is ready for disposal.
  • Contact a Purple support team member with a donation or disposal receipt photo.
  • Now you will get the refund amount within 15 business days.

You need to follow some steps to return your Purple mattress.

What Does Purple Do with the Returned Mattress?

The Purple is a very generous brand because they never put their returned mattress in their warehouse, but they would tell you to donate the mattress or get it recycled. This is a great thing for a mattress brand that people love.

What Does Purple Do with the Returned Mattress

Does Purple Take your Old Mattresses?

If you select a home setup, purple, remove your old mattress from your home when the new mattress is delivered. Mattress recycling is something we’ve mastered, so you can be sure that your mattress will be appropriately recycled every time. Sleep is something they’re passionate about at Purple.

Purple Mattress Return Policy – FAQs

Is it hard to return a Purple Mattress?
The mattress can be returned for any reason at all with Purple. Purple would refund you the amount you paid for your mattress if you bought it at a discount and not the original price. Mattresses do not need to be re-boxed or re-packaged when being donated or disposed of, so we would say it is not very hard to return a Purple mattress.
What happens if I don't like my Purple Mattress?
If you don’t like your mattress, then it is simple you can easily return it to the Purple within 100 days of your purchase. The return policy of Purple is very smooth, and no questions would be asked of you, and you will be told to donate or dispose of the mattress and send the picture or receipt to the Purple support team member.
Can Purple Mattresses be Recycled?
You can donate your mattresses to your local city office or have them recycled if it is possible. See what mattress disposal options are available at your local city building. So, if you want to recycle the Purple Mattress, then go to your local city office, and there are many chances that your mattress will be recycled.


Our Verdict

When shopping online, there is a fear of getting the wrong thing, and it could be the wrong model, size, or even color. So, you would fear that your money will be wasted but not with Purple because they have a very customer-friendly return policy.

If you want to return your mattress, they will accept it without any questions asked, and your money will be refunded within 15 business days, which is very cool for a mattress brand.  We also told you the step-by-step procedure of how you can easily return the mattress to Purple, so you don’t have any problem in the process of returning the mattress.

Thank you for reading.

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