Norwalk Mattress Company Review – Look at The Quality

Norwalk Mattress Company Review - Look at The Quality

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you may be wondering if Norwalk Mattress is a good option. In this Norwalk Mattress company review, we’ll take a look at what makes this supplier unique and what kind of quality you can expect from their products. 

We have come up with this review after comparing Norwalk Mattress to some of the other top-rated brands to help you decide if they’re the right fit for your needs. So, whether you’re looking for a memory foam mattress or an innerspring model, keep reading to see how Norwalk Mattress stacks up.

Norwalk mattress company review

Norwalk is a family-owned mattress company that has been producing quality mattresses for over three decades. They are known for their innovative design and construction, as well as their use of the latest technologies in the industry.

Norwalk makes a wide range of mattresses, from traditional innerspring to memory foam and latex models. They also have a number of specialty mattresses, such as the Sleep Number bed and the Posturepedic line. Whatever your needs, Norwalk probably has a mattress that will suit you.

One thing that sets Norwalk apart from other mattress companies is its commitment to customer service. They are always available to answer any questions or help with choosing the right mattress for your needs. And if you’re not happy with your purchase, they have a 100-night sleep trial so you can return or exchange it.

Norwalk mattress company review


Many people have given Norwalk mattresses high marks for durability. For example, one reviewer said that after ten years of use, their Norwalk still looks and feels like new.

Affordable mattress Norwalk is made of all-natural materials like latex and wool, which makes them resistant to dust mites and other allergens. They’re also covered with a natural cotton ticking that allows the mattress to “breathe.” This helps keep moisture away from the sleeper’s skin and prevents the growth of mold or mildew.

In addition, Norwalk offers a 20-year warranty on its mattresses, so you can be sure your investment will last.


The Comfort of Norwalk Mattress Company has a long and storied history dating back to the early days of the California Gold Rush. In those days, mattress companies were springing up all over San Francisco to provide gold miners with a comfortable place to sleep. Among those companies was the Norwalk Mattress Company, which soon became known for its high-quality mattresses and Pillow Tops. Today, the company is still run by the same family that founded it, and they continue to make some of the best mattresses available on the market.

The Comfort of Norwalk Mattress Company has always been known for its exceptionally comfortable mattresses. Their secret lies in their unique pillow top design, which provides extra support and cushioning for the sleeper. The result is a mattress that’s both comfortable and durable, which is why so many people have been loyal to Norwalk for generations.

How It Feels

Norwalk mattresses have a reputation for being very comfortable. One reviewer said that after ten years of use, their Norwalk still looks and feels like new. Another reviewer said that the mattress was “exceptionally comfortable” and that they had been a loyal customer for generations.

How It Feels

Customer Service

I had a great experience with the customer service of Norwalk mattress company. I called to ask a question about one of their mattresses, and the representative was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He was able to answer all of my questions, and he even offered me a discount on the mattress. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a new mattress.


Founded in 1901, Norwalk Mattress Company is one of the oldest and most respected mattress manufacturers in the United States. Norwalk has a long history of innovation and craftsmanship, and its mattresses are known for being some of the most comfortable and durable on the market. Norwalk’s commitment to quality has earned them a well-deserved reputation as one of the best mattress companies in the business.

Norwalk offers a wide variety of mattress types to suit any sleeper’s needs, including innerspring, latex, gel, and memory foam models. They also offer a variety of customization options so that you can find the perfect bed for your specific sleeping habits and preferences. 

In addition to their flagship line of mattresses, Norwalk also manufactures a line of adjustable beds that are perfect for those who suffer from back pain or other medical conditions.

Norwalk’s customer service is exemplary, and its representatives are always willing to go the extra mile to help you find the perfect mattress. They offer a 100-night sleep trial so that you can be sure your new mattress is the perfect fit, and they also offer a lifetime warranty so that you can sleep soundly knowing your investment is protected.


Norwalk Mattress Company has been in business for over 70 years and is known for its quality craftsmanship. They offer a wide range of mattresses, including innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid models. Prices start at $499 for a twin-size mattress and go up to $1,599 for a king-size mattress. Norwalk also offers a variety of add-ons and optional features, such as pillow-top layers and bed frame deliveries. 

Threadcount is an important factor to consider when selecting sheets a high thread count means softer fabrics that are more durable and comfortable. Norfork’s luxury sheets have a thread count of 1,000, which is significantly higher than most other brands on the market.

Norwalk mattress stores

  • There are three Norwalk Mattress Company stores located in Central Connecticut.
  • The flagship store is located in Norwalk, CT, and the other two stores are located in Manchester, CT, and Hartford, CT.
  • All of the stores offer a wide variety of mattresses, including innerspring, latex, gel, and memory foam models.
  • The Norwalk store also offers a line of adjustable beds, while the Manchester and Hartford stores offer bedding and furniture.

Norwalk Mattress Company Review – FAQs

What forms of payment are accepted at Norwalk Mattress?
Norwalk Mattress accepts many forms of payment! We accept cash, check, money order, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.
What is the return policy at Norwalk Mattress?
Norwalk Mattress offers a 100-night sleep trial so that you can be sure your new mattress is the perfect fit. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, they will refund your money or exchange your mattress for another one.
How often should I replace my Norwalk Mattress?
Norwalk Mattresses are built to last, but depending on how often you use them and how well you take care of them, you may need to replace your mattress every five to ten years.


Norwalk Mattress Company Review: The Bottom Line

Norwalk Mattress is a great option if you’re looking for a high-quality, comfortable mattress. They offer a wide range of products to suit any need, and their customer service is outstanding. If you’re not sure which mattress is right for you, Norwalk’s 100-night sleep trial makes it easy to find out. So why not give them a try? You might just find your perfect mattress.

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