The Morgedal Mattress Review In 2024 – A Complete Guide

The Morgedal Mattress Review – A Complete Guide

Morgedal Mattress IKEA is the best choice for all kinds of sleepers. This brand is famous for its best mattress formation and its affordable price for everyone. Here is the IKEA Foam Mattress Review. Morgedal Memory Foam Mattress supports your body to lighten the load on your pressure points and your wallet.  IKEA is a well-known brand of mattresses and home furnishing furniture giant retailer. It gives you options to choose your best mattress with different morgedal mattress sizes. 

People usually ask why mattresses so expensive are. So, the reason is their manufacturing material and design which create IKEA mattresses for heavy people in the presence of professionals. And not just it, the mattresses tested by professional sleep advisor are transparent which is the best thing and help them to create better than before to give you the best and different types of memory foam.

Morgedal Vs Matrand

Nowadays, there are two mattress brands that are like a competitor in the market. Morgedal vs. Matrand when they compete then the majority selected Morgedal memory foam because of Mattress’s firm warranty, which people usually prefer. Buyers of memory foam mattresses suggest it is usually because of the less transfer of body motion for a couple of sleepers on the same bed.

Morgedal Vs Matrand


People didn’t know about the memory foam mattress problems which I experienced personally and you have to know about this before mattress pick. You can choose Morgedal if you prefer foam beds and you are a stomach sleeper. Because when the heavyweight person lays on the mattress then the comfort form layer of the mattress contour the body and change its shape according to body structure. 


The upper foam layer of the mattress is firm when you lay on the mattress in beginning you will notice that the mattress didn’t shrink with the IKEA mattress for a heavy person. People face body pain because of hard mattress materials and could not bear it every morning. Your body muscles will feel relaxed because of firmness which relieves your shoulders and hip joint pain. 


Matrand mattress is also a set of IKEA mattress brands that is best for sleep and you don’t feel a hard bed under it. Polyurethane foam is indeed superior and this foam is used sparingly that’s why the mattress is not suitable for heavy individuals. They are delivered in roll-packed. 

Core materials

There are two types of foam latex and fundamental foam, so you can easily choose the good one according to potential caveats. This most wanted mattress brand provides a lot of choices for buyers on a budget and advanced features. It lasts longer than cheap polyfoam mattresses. 


You can get a trial for 365 days with this best durability expectations mattress pad. The thing which makes it better than others is you don’t need to rotate it after some months. Matrand is affirming memory foam or medium firm latex hybrid high resilience foam combo.

Facts about Mattresses

You can enjoy your mattress service for a long time by taking care at medium-firm by knowing how to dry a mattress because moisture can harm your mattress structure quickly but the benefit of IKEA morgedal twin mattress is its manufacturing. Its upper layer cover is best to keep it safe from wetness and reduce its absorption. 

Facts about Mattresses

There is an important fact that the majority of people didn’t know and couldn’t get a suitable mattress. The Firm mattress is best for stomach sleepers because they need a flat surface to lower the pressure on your soft organs with a supportive surface. The other medium-firm mattress is preferred by back and combination sleepers with sturdy support. Do you have to get an awareness of how to firm up a mattress?

Construction inside IKEA Morgedal

The Morgedal mattress is constructed with the best fabric materials and polyurethane foam which is present in the mattress in the form of layers. There are actually two layers of mattress especially Morgedal IKEA Mattress Queen is the most wanted mattress because of its specific construction. Its weight is 7.2 inches thick. 

  • Outer layer

It has a soft polyester-cotton blend cover which gives you a soft touch for peaceful sleep. To make its use easier for you there is a zipper through which you can cover or uncover your mattress to protect it from any marks and dirt.

  • 1st Foam layer

The upper layer of the mattress is constructed on polyurethane foam to relieve pain from your shoulders, and hips. Little springs and grooves help to support your body when you change the sides overnight. There is little space in foam pores to make it breathable and to reduce the body heat which releases during sleep to make your body cool.  Their medium firm one has a layer of 50kg memory foam which sounds reasonably decent for the price. When I was hostel zed then I bought IKEA marginal twin mattress which was incredible, I used it for 3 years, and when I came back to a home that was still new and best neat and clean sleepy firm mattress. 

1st Foam layer

  • 2nd Foam Layer

The second layer of the mattress consists of poly-foam which is another term for polyurethane foam, not memory foam. Its material is the same as the top layer. It has some firmer quality and manages the shape of the mattress to fit in the bed structure. The IKEA morgedal twin mattress 2nd layer is 5 inches thick which makes it able to support back, side, and stomach sleepers. 

IKEA warranty or return policy

IKEA mattress brand knows how to maintain its quality and make it easy to achieve for everyone, with warranty policies and with comfortable foam layers this brand keeps your money saving and makes it reliable. People want to know how to return a mattress if it’s not comfortable for the user. So, the Morgedal mattress makes it easy for you just you have to follow some basic rules. 

You should know how to store a mattress because a guest bed mattress could be replaced if there is any construction problem but if it damages as wet, marked, with any drinks spots, or cut reveals then it could not be returned.  The most asked question is how long does a mattress last? The firm or foam mattress can work for 10 to 20 years without any problem if you use it carefully. 

There is a new feature that this company introduced, and now you can even donate your mattress pick to others. Now you want to know how to donate a mattress?  So, there is a simple way to donate it to help others who can’t buy the new one.

  • 25 year warranty.
  • 365 days warranty.
  • Low-cost mattress.
  • Best for side sleepers.
  • Best for children and adults.
  • Free mattress cover with zipper facility.
  • Exchange old mattress, chargeable service.
  • Best for guest bedrooms.
  • Reliable for a long time by rotation after some months.
  • Washable fabric material cover.
  • Shipping is not free.
  • Not good enough for all body types.
  • Compress quickly with high weight.
  • Heavy in weight.
  • Need some days to become in its original shape after open packing.


Here is the most helpful FAQs section to clear all the misunderstandings about the IKEA Morgedal mattresses. Here are some questions to ask when buying a mattress. Let’s get it!

Morgedal Mattress Review – FAQs

How long does an IKEA Megadeal mattress last?
IKEA metal mattresses are available in European countries, Canada, and the USA mostly and it’s made in Mexico. You can get the trial length for 365 days because this brand has just a mission to give better and make your life comfortable. If this mattress didn’t suit you then you can replace friendly. You can get its warranty for 25 years because of its original material quality which is an incredible offer.
Is morgedal mattress soft?
Its upper layer is made of soft fiber and the foam is very nice which gives your body soft touch because of its polyurethane foam layer. The mattress cover is also made of cotton which it feels soft during sleep. You can feel comfortable and soft like a baby.
How long does it take for morgedal mattress to expand?
All mattresses need some time to come to their original shape. Some mattresses need a few hours like 24 hours, and some need 42 hours but keep in your mind all of them need 72 hours approximately to fix the shape you can imagine as a rule, because due to packing pressure affect their shape. In the starting, your mattress looks fluffy and soft and after 72 hours you can feel it more comfortable because of its use and body weight.
Can you sleep on IKEA Mattress straight away?
Actually, the direct answer is no. but we recommend airing the mattress to help to reduce the smell of the mattress. Here is Morgedal mattress foam which can use straight away. If you buy a mattress in roll form then you can use it straight away without any pain but there is another thing that you should be noted every type of mattress needs some time to fix up in its original shape. So, make sure to leave the mattress free before use for some hours.
How long does it take to break in an IKEA mattress?
If you buy a new mattress then it needs some days like 30-60 days to adjust according to your body formation. When the mattress is now the material is just hard or some the mattresses feel soft but when you continuously use it then it became in normal form.



Morgedal Mattress is Reddit’s choice and most people prefer it because of its manufacturing and advance features. Mattress firm warranty helps you to keep your money worth it. Morgedal’s foam minimizes the motion which quality makes it reliable for couples and its components compress down and feel your body comfortable in any sleeping position. 

It helps you to enjoy a spare bed for visitors and guests. It’s best for outdoors. Our professional team got this mattress brand after personal experience and well research to make your life easy and comfortable. It gives you soft touch it’s low price suitable for all sizes and there is a side space in mattresses to fix it to your bed structure. If you want to know more about this Morgedal mattress then here is IKEA Foam Mattress Review.

The best thing is if you didn’t comfortable with this mattress then you can return it because its policy is best for everyone. When I used it in a hotel during a trip then I was shocked that I never feel so comfortable outside but there I must say, it’s amazing because of the materials and I can see the best progress of experts of Morgedal Mattress. BEST OF LUCK!

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