Indigo vs Nectar Mattress Review – Complete Guide

Indigo vs Nectar Mattress Review – Complete Guide

In the event that you’ve been looking for a reasonable memory foam mattress, you’re probably acquainted with the Nectar mattress brand. Nectar is perhaps one of the most well-known items on the web-based foam sleeping cushion market right now, so you’ll no doubt have seen it being discussed throughout your exploration. This mattress provides you with all the advantages of memory foam with a marginally bouncier feel and at a sensible cost.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you’re thinking about purchasing the Nectar, another sleeping cushion brand you should take a gander at is Indigo. Indigo additionally makes memory foam beds; however, gives you the choice to customize the firmness.

To assist you with picking between these two incredible choices, we’ve made an easy-to-understand mattress comparison guide to assist you with having the opportunity to grasp all that you want to be aware of Indigo vs Nectar.

Indigo vs Nectar Mattress Review

There are a few similarities between the development of Indigo and Nectar bedding. Both are made utilizing highly adaptable gel-infused memory foam. In any case, the development of the Indigo and the Nectar beddings differ in a few key ways.

Nectar Development

The Nectar mattress is made utilizing three distinct layers of foam. These work in a combination to give an ideal comfort level and support when you sleep on them. The foam utilized in the Nectar sleeping cushion incorporates open-cell technology. 

This implies that the Nectar foams are more breathable than traditional memory foam mattresses, which goes a good way to solving the issue of sleeping hot which is so normal with memory foam mattresses. The foam utilized in the Nectar is exceptionally responsive, which prevents your body from sinking too profoundly into the bedding when you sleep on it, and could somehow make you get extremely hot.

Nectar Development

Let’s take a close look at the development of the Nectar bedding. If you want to know click here for in-depth detail about where Nectar mattresses are made.

Supportive base layer

The Nectar sleeping cushion has a base layer made of extremely thick and firm froth. This is like the development of Indigo bedding. It assists with making the bed exceptionally supportive and keeps your spine in a healthy alignment.

Transitional layer

This layer overcomes any issues between the firm base layer and the upper layer. It is still generally firm, which assists with the bedding’s responsiveness and adds further to the level of support.

Upper layer

The highest layer of the Nectar sleeping pad is produced using delicate and adaptable memory foam. This material can adjust to the singular bends of your body and makes the bed extremely comfortable to rest on. Nectar infuses their delicate memory foams with gel, a cooling material that helps to stop you from overheating around evening time.

Indigo Development

Like the Nectar sleeping cushion, the Indigo has three separate layers. Nonetheless, the key contrast is that you can flip the top layers of the Indigo over to change the firmness relying upon whether you need a softer or firmer sleeping pad. This goes with it a decent decision for individuals who are uncertain which firmness they need or whose rest needs are probably going to change after some time.

Indigo Development

The Indigo sleep mattress is developed as follows:

Supportive base layer

The help layer of the Indigo bedding is made of 6 inches of profoundly thick and strong foam to give soundness and a great help to your joints and back.

Firm mid layer

The center layer of the Indigo sleep mattress is made of high quality firmer memory foam. This assists with working on the responsiveness and adaptability of the Indigo bedding.

Upper layer

The highest layer of the Indigo sleep mattress is fabricated utilizing top-notch gel-injected memory foam. This assists the bedding with sleeping cool while providing the capacity to adjust near the state of your body, giving the sleeping pad a delicate and comfortable feel.

Indigo vs Nectar Mattress Cover

The Nectar sleeping pad accompanies a harmless to the ecosystem cotton cover which is delicate to the touch. The cotton utilized in the cover is mixed with another texture called Tencel. Tencel assists the cover with remaining cooler at night than cotton alone.

Indigo vs Nectar Mattress Cover

Indigo versus Nectar Firmness

One of the main things you ought to think about while you’re pondering purchasing another sleeping pad is the way firm you want it to be. In the event that you don’t pick the right firmness, your bedding will feel awkward and you can’t anticipate a decent night’s rest. Thus, it is smart to require some investment to sort out which firmness is best for you.

It is normal for individuals to purchase bedding that is quite soft for their necessities in the conviction that a softer sleeping pad equals better comfort. Notwithstanding, the optimal comfort level is more muddled than this. Softer beddings are by and large generally reasonable for individuals who rest on their sides since they can adjust well to the curve of the side of your body and permit you to soak in easily. That being said, soft bedding will not offer the support required by individuals who are front or back sleepers. Individuals with back or joint issues additionally need a more firm mattress.

The Nectar sleeping pad measure around 6.5 on the firmness scale, which qualifies it as a medium mattress. This degree of firmness ought to be comfortable for most individuals. Indigo gives you greater flexibility with regard to firmness in light of the fact that its firmness level is customizable. The main two layers of the Indigo bedding are known as the comfort layers by the maker.

 By turning the comfort layer over, you can pick between a soft and a firm vibe. The comfort layer is likewise divided into halves, so this permits partners who have different dozing needs to select a different firmness for their side of the bed. Before buying any mattresses you must know all facts about mattresses.

Which Mattress is best for my Sleeping Position?

It’s undeniably true that your sleeping position has a colossal effect with regard to which sleeping cushion you ought to pick. This is on the grounds that your resting position straightforwardly affects the degree of firmness that your body needs for a comfortable and supportive rest. Anyway, would it be a good idea for you to pick the Indigo or the Nectar mattress for your rest position?

The two bedding can be a decent decision for most dozing positions. The Nectar bedding is by and large truly reasonable for individuals who rest on their side on the grounds that the medium-feel memory foam works effectively at adjusting to the side of the body and alleviating pressure, particularly at the hips and shoulders. Nonetheless, side sleepers ought to likewise find the soft side of the Indigo comfort layer; adaptable and comfortable.

Which Mattress is best for my Sleeping Position

While the Nectar bedding is strong enough for the vast majority who rest on their front and back, the firmer side of the Indigo sleeping pad might feel more supportive for certain individuals, particularly the people who rest on their front. This is on the grounds that front dozing is an unsupportive position, so a firmer sleeping pad is better at supporting your spine and easing a throbbing pain.

Both mattresses are with considering if you and your accomplice rest in different positions. The medium thickness of the Nectar bedding is sometimes known as universal comfort, and that implies it ought to be agreeable for most resting positions and ought to oblige both you and your accomplice well. Notwithstanding, the Indigo sleep mattress permits each accomplice to pick their own firmness level, which might give it the edge assuming that you and your accomplice have altogether different thoughts regarding what feels great.

By the day’s end, the two sleeping pads are supportive and great at alleviating pressure, so which one feels best to you boils down to individual taste.

Which sleeping cushion is better for back and joint pain?

Assuming that you experience the ill effects of back or joint pain during the night, it’s just regular that you will need bedding that can assist with easing your discomfort. Fortunately picking the right sleeping cushion can assist ease pain caused by a range of conditions and can even have a preventative effect.

The Nectar sleeping pad is well designed for assisting with back pain thanks to its exceptionally supportive base layer. This assists with empowering your spine into a healthy alignment, which is a vital figure in easing back pain during the night. The gel-infused memory foam also has the ability to relieve pressure on sore and hurting joints, making it a decent decision for individuals with painful joint circumstances like arthritis, particularly on the off chance that they rest on their sides.

The Indigo sleeping pad is also well-designed when it comes to eliminating back and joint agony. The thick foam in the base layer gives a magnificent degree of back support and the gel-infused memory foam comfort layers ease pressure well, particularly around the hips and shoulders.

Consequently, either sleeping pad is an incredible decision with regards to calming a sensitive back and joints.

Which bedding dozes cooler?

Sleeping cool is significant for getting a decent night’s rest, particularly on the off chance that you’re consistently upset by overheating around evening time. Certain individuals, for instance, ladies during menopause, are more bound to overheat around nighttime than others. Traditionally memory foam will in general rest hot, which can be an issue for individuals who need the pressure relief that accompanies memory foam but don’t have any desire to spend their nights hot and worked up.

Which bedding dozes cooler

Indigo have checked this normal issue by remembering gel for their memory foams. The gel is a cooling material that assists with drawing heat away from your body while you rest, keeping you at a cool and agreeable temperature. Memory foam mattresses also cause some problems.

In any case, with regards to sleeping cool, the Nectar sleeping cushion most likely pretty much barely beats the Indigo. Nectar additionally uses cooling gel in its memory foams. Be that as it may, they make their foams utilizing open-cell technology, which helps with air circulation all through the sleeping pad and assists heat with getting away without any problem. The consideration of Tencel in the cotton cover likewise assists with keeping the sleeping pad as temperature neutral as could be expected.

That being said, the two beddings are by and large great at sleeping cool.

Indigo versus Nectar Price Comparison

If like the vast majority, you’re looking for a sleeping cushion on a budget, the price will play a key deciding role in which mattresses you choose. Both the Indigo and the Nectar bedding offer great benefits for cash given the features included in the mattress.

The Indigo mattress is the less expensive memory foam mattress option at $549 for a queen size with a split comfort layer (despite the fact that you can buy a similar size with a strong comfort layer for $499).

The Nectar sleeping cushion generally costs $799 for a queen size, in spite of the fact that you can buy it for $699 through their site at the hour of writing in their January deal. Each mattress bought from Nectar accompanies 2 free pillows, which have an expected retail value of $150.

Indigo vs Nectar mattress difference

Another key factor you should think about while contrasting the expense of these two sleeping pads is the way that Indigo gives you the choice to replace just the comfort layer when you want to bed, so you keep on utilizing a similar supportive base layer. This implies that refreshing your bedding is a small part of the expense and diminishes how much waste goes to landfill. At the point when your Nectar sleeping cushion needs to be replaced, you’ll have to buy a whole new mattress.

Before you buy either sleeping pad, it’s smart to look at the costs on outside retailers, for example, Amazon to ensure you’re getting the most ideal arrangement (simply ensure the agreements are clear before you purchase). On the off chance that you’re not in a rush, it could be worth waiting until regular sales periods like Black Friday, as you might well get a decent discount either through the manufacturers’ sites or another retailer.

Both Indigo and Nectar offer financing choices in the event that you purchase a sleeping pad online through their site. This is a benefit for the numerous customers who can’t stand to purchase bedding in a one-off installment. You ought to constantly ensure that any financing arrangement is affordable for you before you commit.

Indigo vs Nectar mattress difference

Trial and warranty

Trial periods and warranties are significant while you’re looking for a sleeping pad, particularly on the off chance that you purchase on the web. Sleep trials are an unquestionable requirement for online customers as they permit you to use the mattress for a set timeframe and return it in the event that you’re unsatisfied for any reason. In the event that you purchase bedding on the web without a sleep trial, you’re taking a tremendous challenge since you will not be protected in the event that it turns out you don’t like it.

With regards to the sleep trial, the Nectar accompanies the most generous trial period at 365 nights rather than Indigo’s 100 nights. This is one of the longest trial periods currently available for online any type of memory foam beds and could give the Nectar the edge over the long sleep trial is important for you.

The Nectar likewise comes out top with regards to warranty length as it comes with a ‘forever’ warranty. This implies that you’ll be safeguarded against manufacturing flaws for as long as you decide to utilize the sleeping cushion. The Indigo, on the other hand, accompanies a 10-year guarantee which is the standard warranty length in this product category.

Indigo vs Nectar reviews (Certifications)

Both the Indigo and the Nectar mattresses are Certi-Pur certified. This implies that you can have confidence that neither one of the beddings will transmit any harmful chemicals into your resting environment which could somehow pose a health hazard. This certification implies that the Indigo and Nectar sleeping pads are:

  • Ozone-depleter free
  • Manufactured without the use of Hazardous flame retardants
  • Made without Heavy metals
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Emit very low amount of low VOCs

If you are more concerned about your health then you should know does a Nectar mattress have Fiberglass.

VOCs shipping information Indigo vs Nectar

Indigo offers free shipping through FedEx to the USA and also offers free returns. You can anticipate that your bedding should show up in roughly 2 working days. It’s vital to know that Indigo doesn’t as of now deliver to Hawaii, Alaska, or Internationally.

VOCs shipping information Indigo vs Nectar

Nectar likewise offers free shipping and returns to the USA. They pack their Mattresses in bed-in-a-box packaging, which implies that the sleeping pad is tightly compressed and rolled up into a small box. This makes it simple to move the bedding around your home following delivery.

Where to Purchase

Both mattresses are accessible by means of their organization sites and on Amazon. Prior to buying any bedding on Amazon, it’s essential to make sure that the delivery information, return policies, and terms and conditions match those offered assuming you purchase the mattress directly.

Nectar likewise sells its sleeping pads in chosen retail locations. You can find the stockiest near you by clicking here. 

This could be a benefit in the event that you’re anxious about buying a sleeping pad on the web and need to attempt it before you purchase. On the off chance that you need to, you could constantly attempt the bedding in-store and then look online to check whether you can find a better value for money once you’re certain you need to buy.

Both Indigo and Nectar offer arrangements of pillows and sheets to go with your new bedding. Notwithstanding, you will presumably find more reasonable sheet material choices accessible in the event that you search around as these are very expensive. Nectar likewise offers a range of frames including an adjustable bed base on their site. In any case, either mattress can be utilized on your current bed frame as long as the size is similar.

Which Mattress is best for me?

Presently you know all the key data with regard to Indigo vs Nectar, now is the right time to at last sort out which is the most ideal choice for you. Simply relax; we’ve made this simple by making this synopsis make sense of which bed best suits which sort of sleeper. This ought to assist you with concluding whether the Indigo or the Nectar bedding suits you more.

According to Nectar mattress reviews Purchase the Nectar if

  • Do you want a long sleep trial

The user score for Nectar’s 365-night sleep trial is significantly longer than the one presented by Indigo (100 nights). Sleep trials are vital to numerous sleeping cushion customers since they permit you to try the bedding risk-free. On the off chance that you need as far as might be feasible to decide, the Nectar could be the best sleeping cushion for you.

According to Nectar mattress reviews Purchase the Nectar if

  • You rest hot

Although the two beddings do a very great job of keeping you cool during the night, the Nectar utilizes the best scope of rest innovations to keep you at an agreeable and neutral temperature. Their gel memory foam is made utilizing open-cell technology which assists wick with away heat during the night and makes the bed entirely breathable. The Tencel cover likewise assists with keeping you cool while you rest.

  • Do you want a medium-firm mattress?

A medium-firm mattress is comfortable for most resting positions and permits your body to soak in serenely. They’re particularly reasonable for individuals who rest on their sides, although most front and back sleepers ought to likewise find the Nectar appropriate for their requirements.

According to the Indigo mattress review Purchase the Indigo if

  • You’re on a tight budget

In the event that setting aside cash is your essential concern, an Indigo sleeping cushion is fundamentally less expensive than Nectar. It’s likewise worth remembering that the Indigo sleeping cushion provides you with the choice of purchasing another comfort layer for substantially less than it would cost to replace whole bedding. This implies that you could make critical reserve funds when the opportunity arrives for bedding later down the line.

  • You want customizable firmness

Dissimilar to the Nectar, the Indigo sleeping pad permits you to flip the comfort layer to pick between a softer and a firmer side. This implies that you can choose an alternate firmness for yourself as well as your accomplice on the grounds that the comfort layer is split down the middle.

According to the Indigo mattress review Purchase the Indigo if

  • You’re worried about landfill

At the point when now is the ideal time to replace your sleeping cushioning, you can eliminate waste altogether simply by replacing the comfort layer of your Indigo bedding. This implies less waste going to landfill, making it an all the more harmless to the ecosystem option.

Indigo vs Nectar Mattress – FAQs

Which mattress is better than nectar?
If you’re a combination sleeper you might prefer the DreamCloud.
Are nectar and purple the same?
The Purple and Nectar mattresses contain some very different materials in their construction. Both mattresses come with some impressive customer service terms such as sleep trials and warranties. The Purple should be more durable than the Nectar mattress and should last for a longer amount of time.
Is nectar worth the hype?
A Nectar mattress is especially worth it if you’re a side sleeper, a lighter weighted sleeper less than 150 lbs, a sleeper with a lower body fat percentage, a restless sleeper, and/or you sleep as a couple due to the exceptional pressure relief and motion isolation properties.
Can you have more than one Indigo credit card?
No, you may only open one Indigo MasterCard account at this time.
What is the highest credit limit for Indigo?
The maximum credit limit for the Indigo MasterCard is $300. This credit limit is not the most competitive and is not subject to an increase, like some other credit cards for limited or bad credit.



Both the Indigo and the Nectar sleeping cushions are a decent decision on the off chance that you’re searching for a reasonable memory foam mattress. Which you favor descends to your own rest needs. Ideally, presently you comprehend all that there is to be aware of Indigo versus Nectar, making the decision between the brands should be sensibly straightforward.

Before you purchase any bedding on the web, it’s critical to do a lot of examination to ensure the one you last picked addresses your issues appropriately. An incredible method for doing this is by perusing expert reviews and buyers’ guides on committed sites.

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