How to Get Rid of Fiberglass From Mattress?

How to Get Rid of Fiberglass From Mattress

Fiberglass is used in mattresses due to its thermal barrier ability. This high-tech layer protects your mattress from bustling into the fire and keeps you safe. The fiberglass mattresses are available at low prices which is the best option for budget shoppers. This layer is present under the top cover of the bed. But sometimes this cutting-edge technology will create many problems which will develop the hustle circumstances. If the cover is removed and the particles of fiberglass leak out, it will significantly affect your body.

If you are reading this article, it means that you are facing this problem and want a perfect solution to stop it. You can easily handle this ridiculous situation with proper management. If you want to know the answer to your questions then you are at the right place. So, keep reading this article to clear your complications.

What is fiberglass?

If your mattress has fiberglass then you should have a little bit of information about it. Basically, fiberglass is a widely used material in industrial applications due to its durability and flexibility properties. Both resins and glass fiber are used to design a fiber-reinforced plastic. Different types of resins are added to glass fiber to make the product brawny and sturdy. Fiberglass exists in different types and forms which are alkali glass, alkali-resistance glass, electrical glass, and structural glass.

What is fiberglass

How fiberglass is harmful to our health?

When your body is in direct contact with fiberglass, you feel some irritations in your eyes, nose, throat, and skin which cause soreness in the nose and throat. If you inhaled the fiberglass, it can irritate or damage your lungs. Asthma and bronchitis can be irritating. 

 The reason is that it is made with highly fine fibers of glass which can damage the outer layer of your skin. It is also refined with formaldehyde which is an extremely harmful and toxic chemical for humans.

How to treat your skin area which is affected by fiberglass?

Firstly, thoroughly wipe the exposed area with a wet cloth, after that washed the effective area with soap and water. You can also try emollient creams, such as Eucerin or E45, or topical corticosteroids on your skin.

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), the side effects of fiberglass do not remain overstayed on your body. You can easily get rid of these side effects.

Fiberglass in mattress

Your soft and comfy memory foam mattress is actually high. Fiberglass is not used as the top cover of the mattress due to its side effects. If your mattress has fiberglass as its interior stuff, then there is a label of XX% glass fiber and “Do not remove the cover” on your mattress. If you remove the cover, then the fiberglass starts to release.

Fiberglass is mostly used in Nectar, Ashley, and Zinus mattresses. Under the cover of the mattress, a fiberglass layer is present for some safety precautions. It creates a protective layer that prevents the mattress from flame. Here, fiberglass act as a cheap thermal barrier that keeps the flame away from your mattress. The protracted quilt on the top of the mattress reduces the risk of releasing fiberglass.

Fiberglass in mattress

How to clean Fiberglass from the Mattress – Easy Steps to Follow

If you have a fiberglass mattress and the fiberglass particles start to leak from your mattress, then, what can you do? Obviously, you want to get rid of this ridiculous problem. Here, you should follow these certain steps which help you to recover your mattress.

Safety precautions before cleaning

  1. Protect yourself: First of all, protect your body properly with safety instruments because health is your first priority. You must wear gloves on your hand to avoid touching fiberglass and protect your skin from any type of rashes, or spectacles on your eyes. If you have some respiratory sickness, then we suggest you use a protective suit with a respirator to prevent you from inhaling fiberglass dust.
  2. Switch off the conditioners: Secondly, you must look out that all the conditioners, fans, heaters, or any instrument which spread the fiberglass in your whole room must be a turn-off. Because it allows the particles of the fiberglass diffuse in the air of the room which expand in all the appliances of the room.

Cover the mattress

Rebuild the leakage point:

  • Firstly, you determine the place on the mattress from where the particles of fiberglass are discharged. When you are able to know about the point where fiberglass is exposed, you can easily handle this problem. Now, carefully repair the opening area of the mattress to stop the leakage of fiberglass. 
  • After patching the leakage area, properly clean the remaining fiberglass present on the mattress. Now, you use zipper protective mattress (easily buy online) covers to avert further trickling of fiberglass.

Cover the mattress

Suggestions for cleaning purposes

Now, it’s time to clean it thoroughly and stops it to spread in your sweet room. We are here to recommend you some useful suggestions which will surely help you greatly.

  1. Lint roller: It is a device that rotates over a surface, collecting lint and other light debris. You can use it on the mattress to collect the entire remaining fiberglass. 
  2. Vacuum cleaner: The best way to remove fiberglass is to use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. You can use it on the fiberglass-releasing area and suck out all the fiberglass particles present in it. After that, clean this area with a wet cloth.
  3. Apple vinegar Solution: You can easily use it without any type of risk because it can’t damage your fabric like other harmful chemicals. To make this solution, you can add the vinegar and water in the same quantity and apply this mixture to the product for a few minutes. After that, clean this area thoroughly with a wet cloth.

How to Get Rid of Fiberglass From Mattress – FAQs

How do I know if my mattress has fiberglass?
Mattresses in the United States mostly use fiberglass layers because it acts as a cheaper flame retardant which saves the bed from fire. These mattresses must have a label on the cover for awareness purposes. So, if you want to check your mattress then; the tag is already on it, which tells you that the fiberglass is included in the bed.
What can dissolve fiberglass?
There are different types of solvents that dissolve the fiberglass quickly. You can use highly reactive acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, and diacetone alcohol to remove fiberglass from any substrates because these are excellent cleaning solvents. If you don’t have these harmful chemicals or want a secure alternative method, you must rinse the area with vinegar.
Can I get rid of fiberglass in a memory foam mattress?
Yes, you can get rid of fiberglass in a memory foam mattress. The amount of fiberglass material present in memory foam is large scale. So, it is difficult for you to clean it by yourself because you may increase the risk of creating an epidemic situation. You must give your mattresses to professional cleaning companies because these people have techniques to wipe out these types of ridiculous things with safety precautions.
Do all the mattresses contain fiberglass?
No, all the mattresses do not contain fiberglass as their interior stuff. But in the United States, every mattress company should follow the federal fire safety law. Wool, silica, and plant fiber are used in several mattresses as thermal reactants to maintain flame safety precautions. You can also visit the following brands to buy a fiberglass-free mattress. Naturepedic. Harvest Green. Codi. Sofia. Brentwood Home. TUFT & NEEDLE. Saatva. Dreamfoam. Amerisleep Zoma Saatva
How does fiberglass linger in the atmosphere?
The particles of fiberglass are in tiny size and cannot be seen by the human eye. It is released into the air due to the manufacture, use, and disposal of fiberglass-containing materials. It can easily mix with the particles floating in the air as a part of dust. It started to produce harmful air pollutants such as styrene. If you accidentally inhale it, then it can cause many problems such as respiratory issues, sinus headaches,s or scratchy throat.
How Do You Get Rid of Fiberglass Dust in the House?
If the fiberglass particles are mixed with the environment of the house, then you should attempt the following instructions for your safety Firstly, you should save yourself by wearing full protective clothing. You must locate the source of fiberglass dust. Clean the house and other items thoroughly. Move everything from your house and furnish your house with a clean furnisher. Vacuum the house with a HEPA vacuum cleaner. Clean the house and other items. Air-conditioned your house properly
Which companies produce mattresses with the usage of fiberglass?
If you want a fiberglass mattress then you visit these companies. Zinus Linenspa Lucid Molblly Olee Sleep Sleep innovations Ashley Furniture Purple Casper
How do you test for fiberglass in the air?
These tiny glass shards can easily settle all over the place as dust particles. Therefore, it is difficult to clear out these shards from the atmosphere. For this purpose, the phase contrast microscopy (PCM) method is used to check the presence of fiberglass. It is a fiber-counting system. In this process, PCM count all the fibers and is often compared to the EPA clearance level of 0.01 fibers per cubic centimeter. An air purifier can be used to remove the fiberglass particles from the air.
How long does fiberglass last?
Fiberglass is mostly used all over the whole industry due to its sturdy and remain long-lasting ability. It became strong due to the addition of different types of resins. Therefore, the product in which fiberglass is used is strong and less brittle. The fiberglass has the capacity to stay for longer than 15 years. Infect the fiberglass boats and fiberglass roofing has been known to last up to 50 years.



As we know that fiberglass made the product strong and cheaper. But it also has side effects on your body. If you have a fiberglass mattress then you may face all these problems that we mention in this article. Now, you are able to solve all the complications. After following the instructions you can easily handle the situation.

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