How to Clean Vomit From Mattress – Very Easy Steps

How to Clean Vomit From Mattress – Very Easy Steps

If you are the one who remains sick and do vomit often or you have a little baby or a pet then surely you have a problem getting your mattress dirty. 

Unfortunately, your kids, pets, or even you can vomit on a mattress due to your heart getting down. Sometimes you can’t get to the bathroom quickly enough because of food poisoning, excessive alcohol consumption, or stomach problems then you accidentally puke off on the bed.

I know this situation creates more mess on your mattress and made you uncomfortable while you are already fighting with your health or with your loved ones.

I see cleaning mattress vomit is somehow easy but it’s a bit tricky to get rid of vomit stains and odor.

So, I am here to share my experience with you that how you can get vomit out of the mattress.

How to clean puke off the mattress

Cleaning vomit from the bed is considered quite difficult because the vomit and its odor get absorbed into the mattress layers so deeply. And when the vomit soaked into the mattress that portion really needs to get cleaned and dry within a few minutes.

How to clean puke off the mattress

There are 4 easy steps that should be followed that make the cleaning process quite easy and long-lasting.

Take Out the Vomit

The first step is to remove the vomit from the mattress immediately otherwise it will make a strong mark that could be more difficult to get rid of.

Use a dishcloth or scrubber cloth to make sure every bit of the solid is getting cleaned completely off the mattress sheet.

Then flush it into the toilet because then you can totally get rid of the poisoned food.

Keep in mind that don’t put that waste into the dustbin because the virus can harm you and cause serious health issues.

Always use gloves before wiping off the puke because they will protect you from germs and also from vomit liquid that will surely irritate you.

Wash the Bed Sheet or Blanket

I mostly recommend that after removing the solid don’t leave your bed sheet or blanket as it is. Always wash your mattress sheet with warm water and use some cleaning products like detergents to make sure there are no germs remaining. 

After that use some odor eliminator on the sheet so the bed cover smells like before.

If you don’t wash it the result would be dangerous and may infect you, your kids, or your pets.

After that sink up the remaining liquid from the mattress and for this use paper towels because it has the ability to suck out all the liquid from the bed.

The benefit of also using those paper towels is you can through them away.

Remove the Stain from the Mattress

The next process is to remove the vomit stain from the mattress because it is really important. Otherwise, your mattress looks unprofessional and unclean.

There are a lot of natural ways to clean the spot from the bed I am explaining here so you can choose according to your availability.

Remove the Stain from the Mattress

Use Regular Soap

I will recommend using a regular soap that you have in your bath to remove the puke stain. As it has the ability to lift dirt and oil off any surface.

You can also get rid of bacteria and other vomit virus-causing germs so you can take advantage of both germs and stains at the same time.

Use White Vinegar

This is quite a great method to remove vomit stains from the mattress. For this don’t use other vinegar like apple one because it has colorful liquid which can make it more prominent.

White vinegar has acetic acid in it and has the ability to remove the spot without damaging your mattress.

You have to take 50 % water and 50% white vinegar then mix it very well use this solution on the mark and rub it with the rag and then you will see after some time the stain will remove permanently.

After that, you can use a blow dryer or a small stand fan to make that place completely dried.

Use Baking Soda

If you are not satisfied with mild soap and white vinegar then there is no need to worry you can also do this work quite satisfactorily with the use of baking soda by using this you can also save your mattress from vomit stains permanently.

If you don’t know how to use this to remove the spot then I am here to guide my lovely readers.

For this, you just need two ingredients to make a mixture, add 6 tablespoons of baking soda and 1/3 of water then make a paste. 

Use Baking Soda

After that take a rag and apply this paste on the puke spot but keep in mind first that you would have to note that the color of the mattress is not fading. If this paste is not bleeding the color then it’s totally fine. After that wait till the paste got fully dry then wash it with water spray and clean it with a paper towel.

Hide Bad Smells/ Odor

The final step and the remaining one is how to get rid of the odor which is the most important factor in my point of view because the bad smells also cause vomit again. So there are a lot of ways to detach the odor but I will mention one or two.

Use Alcohol

Due to its volatile nature, rubbing alcohol can disperse odor molecules. Sprinkle a generous amount of rubber alcohol over the stained area after pulverizing. Repeat if necessary after it has dried completely. Rubbing alcohol not only removes odors but also removes germs and disinfects the area. 

I mostly recommend everyone use a waterproof mattress cover because they contain polyethylene material so which makes the water and stain easily removable also this liquid can’t absorb into the mattress in deep.

You can also use a comforter to make sure the vomit odor is completely gone.

How to clean vomit from memory foam mattresses

If you are a memory foam lover and also have stomach flu then you should also know how you can clean your memory foam mattress and remove the stain and odor completely.

There is no shame to have this problem but you just need to figure out each and everything that how you can fix all these misshapes within minutes. If you have a problem with throwing up in a bed then you just keep in mind how to get rid of it by cleaning.

So there is no hidden secret for cleaning the memory foam mattress, the process is the same for memory foam as I mention all the ways for regular mattresses.

How to clean vomit from memory foam mattresses

But for your easiness I can explain it again but briefly, so you don’t need to scroll up.

First, you just need to wipe out the solid of the vomit with a paper towel or a rag then flush it so the virus or bacteria does not infect you more. After that take off the bed sheet and wash it with warm water to make sure the germs are completely gone and later not harm you anymore.

Then you have to make sure that stains on the bed sheet and on the mattress have vanished for this you can use some organic way.

You can use baking soda, mild soap, and white vinegar according to your availability at home. 

When all things are done perfectly then the final step is to get rid of the odor, for this, you need to use alcohol or some cloth comforters.

By using all these steps you can easily get vomit out of the memory foam mattresses.

How to Clean up Dog Vomit

Every pet lover needs to know these basic tactics to make sure whenever this type of accident happens to them they how to tackle it. I know human being puke is not bearable and what if it is dog vomit to clean so it could be also very nauseous?

But if you really attached to your dog and also he is in pain so you should take extra care of him.

But also need to make sure that you are protecting yourself and your loved ones by cleaning dog puke immediately and stopping vomit to spread the dangerous virus.

For this, there are a few steps that should be followed to clean up the dog vomit.

Wear the Gloves

I always recommend everyone before cleaning pet vomit to wear gloves because they could have some serious viruses so gloves will protect you from them.

Detach the Solid

The second step is to detach the solid vomit from the carpet or any other thing where it has happened with any old towel or a paper towel to which you can through outside easily, then simply flush it immediately.

Detach the Solid

Sink Up the remaining liquid

The next step is to soak up the remaining liquid until your old towel is not absorbing anymore. 

Scrub the Carpet

After that, you need to completely clean the vomit area with mild soap or baking soda with a scrubber.  The benefit of using things is the stain is completely gone. 

And after that use the spray cleaner and odor remover to make sure everything is back on its track.

Sanitize your Hand

The most important is to sanitize your hand with a germ cleaner because dog vomit has some extra viruses in it. So a clean hand is a sign of good health.

How to Clean Vomit From Mattress – FAQs

Does vomit stain mattress?
Yes, Vomit stains mattresses because it is half-digested food that is highly acidic so it leaves the spot behind. To get rid of the stain you must have to wash the vomit immediately.
How long does it take for vomit smell to disappear?
It takes 6 to 8 hours to disappear completely, but you just need to clean vomit immediately and spray a freshener a little bit.
How do you get rid of vomit smell without baking soda?
There are a lot of ways to get rid of vomit odor without using baking soda you can use mild soap, alcohol, white vinegar, or medicated spray. It helps to vanish the bad smell permanently as well as puke stains.
Can you get sick from cleaning up vomit?
Yes, there are chances that you can sick by cleaning up vomit. You can avoid illness by just taking proper precautions. The important thing to consider is to use gloves and after the procedure of cleaning is complete use hand sanitizer to make sure all the germs are completely gone.
How to clean dried vomit from a mattress?
It is easy to wipe out the mattress because it is completely dried. Just vacuumed the solid and then spray the warm water on it. After that clean with an old towel and then use some stain remover to make sure the spot is no more.



There are a lot of reasons that your mattress, carpet, pillowcase, and other things got dirty from vomit.

I recommend using a washable sheet cover or mattress protector to make sure when any stains or liquid drop they don’t sink into the mattress or carpet.

You can use baking soda, detergents, soaps, alcohol, medicated sprays, and chemical-treated products to make sure every inch of your infected area is completely safe now.

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