Does Lucid Mattress Have Fiberglass – Expert Review 2024

Does Lucid Mattress Have Fiberglass – Expert Review

The Lucid Mattress brand is known for making (Budget-friendly) nice sleeping cushions. Other than sleeping cushions, they produce a wide variety of bedding accessories. In the event that you have chosen to purchase a Lucid Mattress, it’s critical to decide if it contains fiberglass. Nowadays, there are many instances of fiberglass Contamination brought about by sleeping pads. To try not to be a casualty of such, sleepers need to see if the sleeping pad they desire to purchase is a fiberglass-free mattress or not.

Is There Fiberglass in a Lucid Mattress?

With regards to whether Lucid Mattress Contains fiberglass, the response is dubious according to the producers. In spite of the fact that they guarantee that the greater part of their bedding is fiberglass free however that isn’t correct. As per research, 80% of Lucid Mattress have fiberglass in mattresses as their constituent material.

In addition, the positive side of fiberglass is that it very well may be utilized as a protecting material. It protects the temperature by building a warm boundary. Working as a protecting material, it shapes a defensive layer that liquefies instead of consumes.

Within the sight of it, the spreading season of the fire is likewise postponed, and it takes a long to arrive at the combustible materials inside your sleeping pad. Accordingly, potential harm can be kept away from whenever dealt with rapidly.

Why is fiberglass used in mattresses?

Everything has benefits and detriments. The equivalent is valid for fiberglass. Regardless of having powerful risks, they are utilized in sleeping cushions in light of their benefits.

It is a more durable significance it is very strong and exceptionally upholds the body weight successfully in light of which it lasts for a long period. Except if it emerges from the cover, involving fiberglass in a mattress is protected.

Why is fiberglass used in mattresses

However, a portion of the clients has stopped protests about the outflow of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, gases) Released into the air out of fiberglass.

What is Fiberglass, and for what reason does Lucid Utilize It?

On the off chance that your area of work or profession isn’t bedding related, then, at that point, you may not comprehend the reason why a sleeping pad would have fiberglass in any case. Right now, all beds sold in the US ought to have some type of fire Barrier which ought to guarantee that the bed can endure openness to open flames for at the very least thirty minutes.

This regulation brought fiberglass into the bedding business. Fiberglass is generally utilized as a thermal Barrier. Protecting homes and property, in general, is utilized. This material is extremely compelling at stopping flames and dissimilar to other fire retardants, it doesn’t disrupt sleeping cushion comfort. 

It’s likewise extremely modest. In view of these reasons, fiberglass is a Favorite among sleeping pad producers, for example, Lucid. It’s successful, reasonable, and doesn’t influence the comfort of the bedding. In spite of this multitude of advantages, fiberglass can be perilous when it gets away from your sleeping cushion.

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What is Lucid Mattress made of?

The Lucid brand makes three kinds of sleeping pads; Hybrid, gel memory foam, and Latex.

In the Latex class, these beds contain a Latex layer on top of the sleeping cushion, joined by poly and gel memory foam. Latex Lucid beds offer fantastic help and are favorable for weighty back and stomach sleepers.

The gel memory foam Mattresses are made utilizing this material. These beds arrive in a wide assortment going from five to fourteen inches. They are perfect at giving sufficient strain help. Yet, there have been grievances about toughness.

What is Lucid Mattress made of

Then there is the foam-based hybrid. These contain foam layered on top of wrapped coils. These are more durable and offer decent support.

Other than being made utilizing various materials, all Lucid Mattresses contain fiberglass. The fiberglass is set underneath the cover, and its purpose is to guarantee the sleeping pad doesn’t get immersed in a fire in the event of a fire.

Every mattress is unique and there are many Facts About Mattresses.

Does Lucid Admit That Their Sleeping pads Contain Fiberglass?

The Lucid brand has decided to keep quiet about the problem with fiberglass. They must have received complaints about fiberglass contaminations given the number of online reviews. That implies they know about the issue. However, nothing has been done. Sleepers continue to purchase beds without realizing the risk they pose.

Here are some ways to tell if a mattress has fiberglass in it.

  • Look for words like “fiber Glass,” “glass wool,” and “glass fiber” on the mattress’s label or description. Nowadays, mattress manufacturers may not disclose the presence of fiberglass on the label because this would frighten customers.
  •  The instruction not to remove the cover is the next warning sign. Even if the cover has a zip, if the manufacturer asks you not to remove it, please do not. If a brand of the bed says that the cover shouldn’t be taken off, most of the time it’s because they don’t want to contaminate the fiberglass.
  • The mattress may also contain fiberglass if certain red flags are present. If the bed is made in China or extremely inexpensive

How to Avoid Contamination of Lucid FiberGlass Mattress?

When you buy a lucid mattress or have had one for a long time, you probably already know this information. Please remember that staying safe never ends. The first thing you should do if you have a lucid fiberglass mattress is to check for fiberglass leaks. The presence of holes in the mattress cover ought to serve as a red flag.

A mattress protector, on the other hand, should be purchased if the mattress is in good condition. By layering over the cover, a mattress protector will shield you from fiberglass.

How to Avoid Contamination of Lucid FiberGlass Mattress

Try not to purchase a sleeping pad defender and disregard the fiberglass. Begin your search for a mattress made without fiberglass. There is such countless bedding out there that is made with normal fire barriers. There will be no negative effects from these.

Is Lucid Bed the subject of a Fiberglass Lawsuit?

Sadly, Lucid has not yet been sued for the contamination of their mattresses with fiberglass. This is surprising, especially in light of the numerous reviews that have been written about lucid mattresses containing fiberglass. 

You can always sue to get compensation for property damage and health problems caused by lucid mattress fiberglass contamination for yourself or a loved one. You’ll need to show that the mattress was the problem.

Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

The Lucid 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is available in two firmness levels—plush and medium—to meet the needs and preferences of different sleepers. The Medium is a true medium, while the Plush option has a feel that is soft (3). Most sleepers will lean toward the Medium; however, a few side sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds might like the additional padding of the Extravagant. 

Because of its low cost, the 12-Inch Gel memory foam mattress is an extraordinary choice for financial plan customers searching for a memory foam mattress. The mattress is available in twin, California king, and all six standard sizes.

The Lucid 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress’s Medium model has a support core and a three-layer comfort system. Two layers of polyfoam measuring one inch are sandwiched between two inches of gel-infused memory foam for the comfort system. 

The gel-infused memory foam layer is designed to wick away heat while molding to the body, and the bottom layer of polyfoam acts as a barrier so that the sleeper is less likely to feel the firm core. The top layer of polyfoam has responsiveness similar to that of latex.

Eight inches of polyfoam infused with charcoal make up its core. While the charcoal infusion is intended to prevent odors and allergens, this sturdy material provides support.

Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

The Plush option has a similar makeup to the Medium option, but the layers are different in thickness. The comfort system is made up of 1.5 inches of latex-like polyfoam on top, 2 inches of transitional polyfoam on the bottom, and 2 inches of memory foam with gel in the middle.6.5 inches of polyfoam infused with charcoal make up the support core.

The Plush version’s ample comfort system allows sleepers to sink in further before reaching the supportive core. The Tencel cover on both firmness options is 12 inches thick and wicks away moisture

To sum up our lucid memory foam mattress reviews, we think this mattress is a fair deal considering the price. Just be aware that it’s not the most aesthetically impressive bed on the market, but that’s what sheets and blankets are for. We think this bed is a great option for kids, teens, college students, and couples looking for a 5-year mattress. We also appreciate that it’s available in multiple firmness levels, so you get to pick whichever best matches your sleeping preferences. 

However, there is always an option for How to Return a Mattress

Is Fiberglass in a Lucid Mattress Safe?

Fiberglass is a risky material to be presented to. We invest a great deal of energy in our bedding. Consequently, on the off chance that fiberglass spills through the cover, you might encounter many incidental effects. Fiberglass in the mattress  can influence you in more ways than one;

  • At the point when fiberglass contacts your skin, an irritating rash will create. The skin can likewise become red.
  • When the fiberglass particles get suspended in the air, you can breathe in them, prompting breathing challenges. Individuals living with asthma and different sensitivities might encounter more serious side effects.

As you can see from a higher place, fiberglass isn’t as innocuous as the vast majority think. It’s risky, and long-haul openness can prompt breathing issues. Moreover do check out Mattress Firm Warranty

Does Lucid Mattress Have Fiberglass – FAQs

Does Lucid still use fiberglass?
Well, most lucid mattresses have fiberglass in them. In fact, the latest study confirmed that as much as 80 percent of lucid mattresses have fiberglass in them.
is Lucid mattress a Chinese company?
As with most Amazon-focused brands, Lucid is made in China and sells for a meager price. A queen mattress-size lucid mattress currently goes for $375 USD / $470 CAD, comes with a 30-night sleep trial, and can be returned for a full refund through Amazon
Are Lucid mattresses toxic?
No, the lucid mattress is not toxic. Its polyurethane foam is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning that it’s free from hazardous materials like CFCs, ozone depletes, mercury, lead, and heavy metals. Also, Lucid’s foam products are hypoallergenic.
Do lucid mattresses go off the gas?
It is a very common occurrence in mattresses with synthetic foam, particularly when they are shipped compressed. While off-gassing can be unpleasant, it is rarely dangerous. The Lucid 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress may have a slightly stronger initial odor than some models due to its use of memory foam and polyfoam. However, most odors should dissipate within a few days, so owners who’d rather avoid the smell can let their mattress air out in another room until they’re ready to sleep on it.
What are some of the cheapest fiberglass free mattresses?
There are plenty of brands that don’t use fiberglass. Examples include Saatva, Avocado, Harvest Green, and many others.



The predominantly big number of fiberglass grievances against Clear sleeping cushions show that their beds aren’t sans fiberglass. Despite the fact that fiberglass can save your life in a fire flare-up, it’s undependable.

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