The Denver Mattress Reviews – Expert Choice 2024

The Denver Mattress Reviews – Expert Choice

Denver Mattress was initially a major part of the waterbed business, riding the ‘wave’ of the blast until the last part of the 1980s. With time, Denver Sleeping cushion adjusted to offer different beddings for youngsters and grown-ups, opening the first Denver Sleeping cushion retail store in 1995. They offer factory direct costs and online contributions in the event that you don’t wind up in Colorado. They have an emphasis on plush tops and offer innerspring, Hybrid, and memory foam mattresses.

The organization has more than 22 unique models in its mattress setup. These sleeping cushions offer Supreme comfort, pressure-response zoned coils, and high-density foam: the trifecta of the ideal mattress for the normal family. It is by ideals of their superior sleeping pad quality and the price point at which these beddings are sold that makes Denver such a desirable bedding

Denver Organization routinely scores in the A-A+ region in consumer loyalty and the company even has the support of Dr. Brian Wieder (one of the leading neurosurgeons in the world). In a world brimming with apparently high-quality Mattresses. Denver may be the most perfect. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Getting Denver Mattresses


  • Denver mattresses come in all sizes and shapes. Whatever your size and sleeping style perhaps; Denver has bedding for you.
  • Denver sleeping cushions are known for their strength; particularly their Latex models.
  • Denver Mattresses are surprisingly cheap.
  • Denver’s innerspring and hybrid beddings are known for their strong edge support, somewhat cool sleep and responsiveness to help with sex.


  • Denver’s innerspring and hybrid sleeping cushions are not known to be especially durable and are renowned for being loud.
  • The latex models of the Denver co are very warm to sleep on.

Advantages and disadvantages of Getting Denver Mattresses

Mattress Scores

  • Overall Score: 7.1/10
  • Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10
  • Price Value: 7.9/10
  • No Back Pain: 7.5/10
  • Price: $199-$2399
  • Trial Period: 4 Months
  • source: Slumbersearch

Most Popular Mattress by Denver

Doctor’s Choice Mattress Reviews

The best of the best. Doctor’s Choice® Mattress has everything: a lot of firmness options, splendid edge foam support, zoned coils, and in particular, a $349 starting Point. Aside from certain grievances about quick sagging by clients having better-than-expected body types, this may be the ideal sleeping cushion.

Aspen Mattress in a box

The Denver’s Aspen Mattress in a box has 4 layers of foam including, however not restricted to slow response air foam and high-density foam center. The Denver Aspen mattress in a box offers various firmness options and you can pick the one that is most reasonable for you. Very much like the Doctor’s Choice, the Aspen additionally has an issue with quick sagging.

Athletes Choice Mattress Reviews

The athletes are priced at the better quality, $529. For your cash: you get a foam mattress with copper-infused foam that works effectively in diffusing the heat. Clients love the way that the Athlete’s Choice™ mattress feels and most purchasers have been singing praises about the degree of comfort that the athletes give. It isn’t the most durable sleeping cushion available, so you should be somewhat cautious.

Athletes Choice Mattress Reviews

Green Choice® Sleeping pad Surveys

The Green Choice is the more earth-accommodating option by the Denver co. The Green choice arrives in an assortment of firmness options and is budget-friendly too. These sleeping cushions use up-cycled foam to hold the expense down and help the environment. They probably won’t be just about as agreeable as other non-earth-friendly sleeping cushions. Additionally, the green choice experiences sagging.

Buena Vista® Mattress

The Buena Vista Denver mattress just proposes up to two firmness options: firm and Plush. The Buena is very popular with the clients and is the third most famous Mattress in the organization’s setup with an insanely low cost of just $208; it is basically a steal. The Buena flaunts a foam quilted cover and wrapped individual coils for Support. However the Buena isn’t sufficiently powerful to be a super durable installation for the room, it will do pleasantly for a temporary mattress.

Denver Mattress Telluride Luxury Firm Reviews

This Mattress combines inventive materials, luxurious comfort, and a sophisticated support network flaunting almost 3,000 curls to convey a remarkable resting experience. For state-of-the-art comfort, the Telluride is finished off with a liberal 3-inch layer of copper-injected Visco foam that will assist you with feeling revived a large number of mornings, and its zippered weave cover integrates ICE Yarn and a high-level stage change material (PCM) that will keep you feeling cool the entire night through.


The construction of the Denver Mattress relies upon the sleeping pad that you buy – there are various renditions that are fit to various kinds of sleepers. A large portion of the Denver sleeping cushions are designed in light of Comfort – many don’t have high levels of support. In this segment of the article, we’ll take a gander at each of the various materials used to construct Denver Mattress. Moreover, Denver mattress reviews and consumer reports are also available. Most Denver Sleeping cushions are fabricated utilizing a Combination of steel coils, Memory foam, and different foams. We’ll analyze every sleeping cushion layer by layer – look at it beneath!



Every Denver sleeping cushion has a range of various layers. Nobody sleeping pad is something similar at Denver – make a point to think about how each of these beddings is fabricated. Underneath we will investigate the sleeping pads and the individual layers engaged with the production.

Doctor’s Choice Firm Mattress

Top Layer

This sleeping pad has a top quilt layer that highlights Micro Denier Jacquard Ticking, 1″ EF Foam, and a natural Rayon fire barrier. To advance comfort, the bedding has a 1 ½-inch layer of 1.8lb Thickness EF foam and a 1 Flex Net Insulator.

Center Layer

The center of the sleeping pad has a B.O.S.S. (Balance Orthopedic Sleep System) and 750 rotating checkerboard coils. These loops are made with 14.5 gauge with twice times tempered steel. The Support System, alongside the sleeping pad’s high-density foam, promotes pressure point Elimination Focusing on your hips and sides. Moreover, the materials in the sleeping cushion’s center increase the item’s life span.

Base/Edge Layer

On the edges of the bedding, you’ll find “The perfect Edge” – a foam material that assists you with making the most of the sleeping pad’s sleeping surface. This will hold you back from sinking into the sleeping pad or sliding off the edge. Also, since this sleeping cushion isn’t dual-sided, the lower part of the bedding is basically the base of the core support system.

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Denver Mattress Doctor’s Choice Plush Mattress Reviews

Top Layer

Contrasted with the solid firm mattress, the Plush Mattress isn’t exceptionally unique – besides the sleeping cushion’s top layer of plush comfort memory foam. This 1.8lb foam forms the shape of your body and continues to support your body with each move you make. Like the firm sleeping pad, there are different blanket layers including a Micro Denier Jacquard Ticking, 1″ of EF Foam, and 1 ½” of thickness tangled EF foam.

Middle Layer

There are two vital parts of the “core” or center layer of the sleeping pad – the comfort layers and the Support System. The comfort layers incorporate 2 ½” of 1.8lb thickness tangled EF foam and a Flex Net insulator. Under the comfort layer is the support system – a Balanced Orthopedic sleep system (B.O.S.S.) and 750 substituting checkerboard coils.

Denver Mattress Doctor's Choice Plush Mattress Reviews

Base/Edge Layer

The sleeping cushion has a “perfect Edge” framework – foam edges that support the comfort of the bedding’s surface and inner layers. This framework balances out your body’s situation and holds you back from sinking into the bedding while you sleep.

Doctor’s Choice Euro Top Mattress

Top Layer

The last sleeping pad we’ll take a gander at is the doctor’s Choice Euro Top Bedding. As the name proposes, the top layer includes a luxurious Euro Top design that gives both elegance and comfort. Customary to the Doctor Choice line, the top layer likewise includes a Micro Denier Jacquard Ticking, 1″ of EF Foam, and a natural rayon fire barrier. There’s likewise a 1 1/2 “layer of 1.8lb tangled EF foam to assist with supporting your body during the evening.

Middle Layer

In the sleeping pad, you’ll find comfort layers that incorporate 4″ of 1.8lb dense tangled EF foam paired with a Flex Net insulator. Like the sleeping pads above, there’s likewise a B.O.S.S. system and the same number of rotating checkerboard coils – 750. As per Denver Mattress, most contending beddings just have 1.1 – 1.5 lbs. of foam, significant Doctor’s Choice has a recognizable sum more.

Base Layer

You won’t find anything different at the lower part of this bedding when you contrast it with the Plush and Firm models. There’s a perfect Edge framework that gives edge-to-edge support (meaning no more sliding towards one side of the bedding).


Denver sleeping cushions don’t ordinarily accompany covers. The sleeping pad is hidden by the outer layers – not at all like most foam beddings, a cover isn’t expected to hold the sleeping cushion together. Denver utilizes the top quilt layer as the resource between you and the mattress. Would it be advisable for you to buy your own cover, you might do as – however, this could build the heat retention in the mattress.

Firmness, Feel, and Support

You can discuss details as much as you need, yet by the day’s end, all that matters is the means by which the bedding feels. You’re never going to purchase bedding that isn’t comfortable – so you should be certain that you will get a decent night’s sleep on the sleeping cushion you buy. Generally, the Doctor’s Choice Denver Bedding doesn’t offer a lot of support – it focuses on comfort over Support.

However, the amount of support you get will rely upon the variation of sleeping pads that you buy. The Denver Beddings are all very comfortable – they give you the feeling that you’re dozing on a really luxurious sleeping cushion. You will not be disheartened with the form or embrace that the sleeping cushion gives you – it’s an amazing decision assuming you’re hoping to exploit the different foams now accessible in the sleeping pad industry. In terms of Support; we will rate the support levels of every sleeping pad variety out of ten. 

Firmness, Feel, and Support

  • Plush – 4
  • Euro Top – 5.5
  • Elite Plush – 4
  • Firm – 6.5
  • Elite Firm – 6.5
  • Elite Euro Top – 5.5

As may be obvious, there is quite a variation in the support levels of every sleeping pad. There are no extremely supportive sleeping pads. In the event that you’re somebody who is extremely overweight, the Denver Sleeping pad is likely not the ideal choice for you. Indeed, even the ‘Firm’ sleeping pad doesn’t give the degree of help you will likely need.

Changes over the year

Dissimilar to many new foam mattress makers in the US, Denver Mattress Co has been around for quite a while. The Company initially began delivering sleeping pads during the 1980s. At First, Denver Mattress was simply water beds – there was a frenzy for these beds at that point, and requests had soared. In any case, the organization then, that point, started to deliver regular mattresses and has developed its contributions throughout the long term. 

It was only after 1995 that the Modern Denver mattress company truly took form – they presently utilize a range of foam and springs to bring the most possible comfort to their customers. So according to Denver mattress company reviews, this brand has made its name and has gained the trust of people.

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There is definitely not an extraordinary level of sinkage on any of the models on the off chance that you’re somebody who isn’t overweight. Assuming you’re more than 230 lbs., you will find that the sleeping pads will sink to extreme levels.

For the individuals who aren’t, the sinkage level regularly rests somewhere in the range of 1″ and 2″, depending upon the model that you buy.


Doctor’s Choice Denver Mattress pricing depends upon the sort of bedding that you’re buying. Each has a different price point – it will likewise depend on how enormous the sleeping pad you’re buying is. Denver Mattress prices are reasonable when you contrast them with other bedding brands. This being said, they actually may be out of your budget range.

In the event that you’re searching for a cheap foam mattress, this probably won’t be the most ideal choice. You additionally need to consider that the delivery costs are very high. Underneath, you’ll track down the cost of different Denver Mattresses to find out about the amount you’ll pay:

Size Price Range
Twin $299 to $579
Twin XL $329 to $979
Full $329 to $699
Full XL $449 to $739
Queen $499 to $1,199
King $699 to $1,849
California King $699 to $1,109
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Denver Mattress Warranty Reviews

Denver Mattress accompanies a non-customized 10-year warranty. On the off chance that your sleeping pad has any imperfections brought about by workmanship or primary parts, Denver Bedding will fix or supplant your sleeping cushion at no extra expense to you. Covered defects incorporate loosened-up coils and body impressions surpassing a height of 1.5 inches. 

Defects in the establishment are also covered, for example, the wood parting. Things that are not covered incorporate stains, ordinary wear, and harm brought about by unseemly use. For the warranty to be legitimate you should be the original purchaser of the sleeping pad and you can’t involve the bedding in any commercial setting.

Denver Mattress Warranty Reviews

To start the warranty process, Denver Sleeping pads encourages you to contact the retail store where you purchased the bedding from. The retail location will either have bedding in stock or request a sleeping cushion for you. 

Since you’ll have to introduce your verification of procurement, it’s important that you keep your receipt close by. Contrasted with contending sleeping pad organizations, the warranty presented by Denver Mattress is standard. Basically, it’s sufficiently long to cover most imperfections that will show up prior to the sleeping pad’s life expectancy.

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  • Return Policy

After four months of claiming the Mattress, you can never again get a discount or have a 100% credit of the sleeping pad’s expense applied towards the expense of an alternate Mattress. In the event that you own the sleeping pad for longer than four months but less than eight months and decide to exchange it, Denver Mattress will give you a 75% credit toward an alternate mattress. After eight months of possession, the bedding company will give you a 50% credit toward an alternate Mattress.

On the off chance that you buy a clearance sleeping pad, you’ll have 90 days to exchange it for a 100% credit. You can’t return specially requested sizes like a Split Ruler or Twin XL. Also, remember, the Denver Sleeping pad won’t permit you to return any Mattress that is stained or ruined.

  • Made in the USA

Frequently modern customer products are made outside the country. Assuming you’re somebody who plans to support American Manufacturing, it’s good to realize that Denver Sleeping cushion makes each of its beddings in the US. You’re supporting nearby laborers and organizations by buying Denver Mattress.

  • Show Rooms

Dissimilar to sleeping pads you find on Amazon and eBay, you can find Denver Bedding products at different display areas all through the country. Furniture Row is the retailer that principally sells Denver bedding. You can utilize the company’s store locator to find the area closest to you. While not all models are on display in showrooms, you can try out different Mattresses and conclude which one is the best fit for you at the best value. This assists you with trying not to need to return the bedding in the relatively near future and loss out on cash.

Show Rooms

  • Shipping

Given the weight and size of a mattress, it’s no question the expense of shipping can be costly. You’ll very much love to realize that Denver Sleeping cushion oftentimes offers free shipping deals on its Denver Mattress products. However, if you live beyond the range of a neighborhood store, you might need to pay extra expenses for delivery, including mileage charges.

On the off chance that you live within 50 miles of a store, Furniture Row will deliver, set up, and eliminate your old sleeping pad (if there are no pervasions) for a charge or free of charge assuming there’s an advancement. Basically, delivery can be costly in the event that you’re not within a neighborhood store, particularly since a Denver Sleeping cushion doesn’t come rolled up like memory foam mattresses that you can purchase on the web.

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  • Financing

In the event that you can’t follow through on the whole purchase price of a Denver Mattress forthright, there are supporting choices accessible. Furniture Line offers financing through its Furniture Row card which is controlled by Synchrony Financial. While applying for a Credit card is fast and simple, you ought to remember that you truly do need to purchase a minimum amount to qualify. 

Denver Mattress Reviews – FAQs

Who owns Denver mattresses?
Denver Mattress Company is owned by Colorado.
Does Denver Mattress work on commission?
Denver Mattress has a very competitive commission rate. It really tries to find good people in its stores. You do work long hours including; Holidays and Weekends. It’s a commission-based pay structure with bonuses.
Does Denver Mattress make its own mattresses?
Yes, they make their own Mattresses because their mattresses are built in their own mattress factory so that they can offer factory direct prices to customers.
What type of mattress is used at Disney resorts?
Walt Disney World uses a special brand of mattresses made by the company Beautyrest. The fun news is that Beautyrest sells a Disney Resorts Collection online so Guests like you and me can enjoy a great night’s sleep at home.


Conclusion Should I buy The Denver Mattress?

The response to this question relies upon the sort of sleeper you are, as well as the features you’re searching for in a mattress. The extraordinary thing about Denver Mattress is the range of choices that you have. Many emerging sleeping pad makers just have a couple of varieties of their beddings – this implies their primary option should suit you impeccably.

With Denver Sleeping cushion, you can pick a range of various construction methods and Support levels. Denver Sleeping cushion puts Comfort at the highest point of their plan – you can expect bedding as comfortable as some high-end luxury bedding brands. Denver Sleeping pad exploits a range of foam and coils – it’s Hybrid bedding with everything to offer.

While there are a lot of extraordinary features included with the Denver sleeping cushion, the way that you need to pay for your own delivery is a genuine killjoy. The Mattress is additionally very costly contrasted with a few online contenders. Furthermore, you’ll need to pay for your own postage in the event that your sleeping pad includes an issue inside the guarantee period.

So much being said, Denver Sleeping pad is an incredible brand with a genuinely decent reputation. The company has been assisting a huge number of individuals with resting throughout the course of recent years. They additionally have a superb rating with buyer-guard dog gatherings!

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