Can Memory Foam Mattress Cause Body Aches – Latest Guide In 2024

Can Memory Foam Mattress Cause Body Aches – Latest Guide

Back pain is a typical side effect experienced by individuals of all ages. One of the fundamental reasons is because erroneous resting position. Thus, the bed assumes an essential part. Can a memory foam mattress cause body aches?

The short response is yes. Assuming that the sleeping pad is excessively firm, too soft, or too thin, it could cause back torment which also affects your mental health. You should replace this bedding when it’s not appropriate.

This article will give you a top to bottom clarification of how your beddings affect your rest. We likewise prescribe a few hints to resolve the issue. Let’s take a look at this article for additional details.

How to tell if your mattress is causing back pain

If you’re adapting to back pain, you’re in good company. It’s assessed that 50-80% of adults insight somewhere around one episode of back pain during their life.

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Serious or chronic torment generally warrants an outing to your doctor to reveal the underlying cause. Be that as it may if your throbbing back feels far improved after you’ve been up and moving for some time, your sleeping cushion might be the reason. Here are a few indications.

How to tell if your mattress is causing back pain

  • 1. You Wake Up With Back Torment

While it might appear glaringly evident, morning pain is one of the principal signs that you and your mattress may never again be companions. If you feel fine when you head to sleep yet awaken moaning and gripping your lower back, your sleeping cushion could be a contributing variable. A problematic sleeping cushion can add to spine misalignment, which thus prompts morning pain.

  • 2. You struggle To Settle into Bed

Thrashing around the entire night won’t just keep you alert; it could likewise be connected to your back pain. At the point when you thrash around attempting to find an agreeable position, it’s an indication that your sleeping pad probably won’t be an ideal choice for you.

  • 3. You Don’t Feel Rested When You Wake Up

If you’re getting great rest, you’ll wake feeling refreshed and revived. Yet, if your morning schedule makes them say “Ugh!” rather than “Aaah!” now is the right time to consider whether your sleeping pad could have something to do with it.

  • 4. You Feel like You’re Rolling off Your Bed

Does it seem like you’re about to move off the edge of your bed? That is an indication that your bedding needs excellent edge support. The absence of edge support may imply that your sleeping cushion structure is disintegrating and adding to your morning pain.

  • 5. You Have Things That Go lumps at night

This will likely shock no one, yet resting on a lumpy sleeping cushion can make your back hurt. In spite of the fact that turning your bedding or adding a decent mattress topper might fix things temporarily, lumps are a decent sign that it’s the ideal opportunity for a mattress update.

You Have Things That Go lumps at night

  • 6. You’re collapsed Like a Taco

Your mattress shouldn’t make you into a human taco, yet that is precisely the way in which it can feel when you sink in and your bedding folds around you. Not only is sinking bedding not ready to keep your spine aligned, yet it can likewise limit your nighttime mobility, prompting pain when you awaken.

  • 7. Your Sleeping cushion Is Saggy

Dissimilar to a sinking sleeping pad that envelops your entire body, saggy bedding droops where you want to support the most — typically right under your lower back. Mattress saggy can cause spine misalignment, which can add to back pain.

  • 8. You Feel like You’re Resting on a Board

There’s a distinction between a supportive sleeping pad and one that is too hard. A too-hard sleeping pad powers your spine into an unnatural position and makes pressure points. Your bedding ought to have a provision to keep your spine neutral.

  • 9. Your Sleeping cushion is past its prime

Unfortunately, nothing endures until the end of time. When in doubt, you ought to think about supplanting your mattress each 7-10 years, although that number can shift depending upon the sort of bedding you have. In the event that your sleeping cushion is excessively old, it very well may be adding to morning pain. So it’s really high time that you should look for Proper Support Mattress.

  • 10. You Wake Up often at night

In one review, more than 35% of adults reported waking no less than three nights per week, and 23% consistently woke no less than once. Despite the fact that nighttime waking is normal, assuming it’s a new or worsening issue for you; consider whether your bedding is giving you the help you really want to remain easily snoozing.

You Wake Up often at night

  • 11. Your Back pain fades after Waking

If stretching and a decent warm shower mitigate your morning aches, they may be connected to your mattress. However, assuming that your back pain is an entire day sort of thing, there might be other (or extra) causes.

Regardless of whether you suspect your bedding is at fault for your sensitive back, it’s important to talk with your medical care supplier in the event that your back pain endures over the course of the day and is something other than a morning irritation.

What Firmness Is Best for Back Pain?

There’s a common myth that you need a firm sleeping cushion to get the best help for your spine. In any case, firmness and support aren’t exactly the same things.

  • Firmness connects with the amount you sink into your sleeping cushion.
  • Support connects with how well your bedding upholds your spine to keep it aligned.

Anyway, does that imply that sleeping pad firmness doesn’t make any difference? It’s not exactly that basic. We should investigate the distinctions between soft and firm mattresses.

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Soft Mattress

Is a delicate sleeping cushion terrible for your back? It is on the off chance that it’s delicate to the point that it doesn’t uphold your spine. If you sink into the sleeping pad so your hips are lower than your shoulders, your bedding might be excessively delicate and could be adding to back pain.

Remember that weight is a component with regard to bedding firmness. The heavier an individual is the more probable they are to sink into too-soft bedding.

What Firmness Is Best for Back Pain

Firm Sleeping pad

Could a hard sleeping pad at any point cause back pain? Despite the fact that individuals used to accept that an exceptionally firm sleeping cushion was really ideal for a terrible back, research disagrees.

One double-blind study impaired concentration on members who experienced low back pain while in bed, upon waking, and over the course of the day. The members who rested on a firm sleeping cushion had more terrible results following 90 days than the individuals who slept on medium-firm bedding.

Does that imply that firm sleeping pads are in every case terrible for back pain? Yet again weight is significant. The heavier somebody is, the firmer their sleeping pad might be to give the right degree of help for their spine.

Is it a good idea for you to Stress over New Mattress Causing Back pain?

It is energizing to get another sleeping cushion. You expect to slide between the sheets and sleep joyfully on your brand-new bed. However, at that point, you battle to settle in around evening time and you wake with morning pain or stiffness. 

Your body needs time to conform to another sleeping pad. A significant number of us take on poor posture throughout the long term, and a terrible or old sleeping cushion can intensify the issue. It’s generally expected to feel some underlying distress or irritation as your body changes.

Rest on your new sleeping pad for basically a month. If your aggravation doesn’t improve and particularly assuming it worsens, your new sleeping pad may not be an ideal choice for you.

Need to evaluate your new sleeping pad without the issue? Choose bedding that accompanies a 100-night risk-free rest preliminary and a simple return process for real napping and less stressing.

Best Mattress Firmness for Back Pain

For some individuals, a medium-firm sleeping pad is the most ideal decision for diminishing back pain.

One small review tracked the sleep quality of adults with lower back torment. In the wake of following the members’ rest quality for 21 days on their own sleeping cushions, they were given medium-firm beddings with foam and latex layers. Following 12 weeks, the members had logically less back pain and stiffness.

Your sleeping cushion firmness may not be appropriate for you if lying on it makes your spine become misaligned. Check out it this way:

  • Your sleeping cushion is too soft if your hips sink lower than your shoulders.
  • Your sleeping cushion is too firm if your hips and shoulders lie flat on a surface.
  • Your bedding is perfect if you’re sleeping pad forms to your body shape and keeps your spine alignment.
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Best Mattress Firmness for Back Pain

Advantages of Memory Foam Mattress

Prevents Aches and Pains

An element of memory foam sleeping cushions is that they assist with easing body aches and pains. The heat from your body helps soften the memory foam at its appropriate points. The bedding changes with the bends of your body, helping ease pain and keep inconvenience from shaping while you rest.

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Anti Allergenic Properties

The anti-allergenic properties of memory foam assist with easing sensitivities. The hypersensitive eruptions brought about by form, dust parasites, and different microbes nearly don’t exist on memory foam beddings. 

Putting resources into hypoallergenic memory foam bedding that is breathable and anti-bacterial assists you with having a decent night’s sleep. This product is awesome if you are looking to purchase an easy-to-maintain and great sleeping cushion.

Motion Isolation

One endearing conviction says that sleeping close to somebody you love makes you nod off quicker. However, we as a whole realize that being upset by your accomplice’s development won’t make you rest soundly. The movement isolation technology in memory foam contains developments in the space where they happen. Thus, the development of a fretful sleeper won’t intrude on the individual’s sleep on the opposite side of the bed.

Superior Durability

One more advantage of putting resources into a memory foam sleeping pad is its better durability compared to other different kinds of bedding. They are less likely to sagged may endure as long as 10 years. It is definitely justified to buy a sleeping cushion that offers comfort and quality.

Disadvantages of Memory Foam Sleeping pad

Dozing on a memory foam sleeping pad is suggested for individuals who suffer from back pain. In any case, a few sleepers may experience back pain and different discomfort with this kind of bedding. Here are some of the disadvantages of this item:

Disadvantages of Memory Foam Sleeping pad

Retain Heat

Memory Foam beddings retain body heat, an element that can make sleepers self-conscious during warm climates. You may still enjoy the advantages of these items, and pick those that have ventilated plans to further develop airflow. These items have mixed-rich gel foam materials that assist with controlling temperature, permitting you to partake in a more comfortable sleep climate. You can likewise keep your bed cooler by purchasing breathable sheet material, like cotton.

Off-Gassing Property

Memory foam items might deliver an odd smell, generally called off-gassing. These items are made of materials that radiate an irritating odor. The Sleep products safety council Wellbeing prescribes airing out your bedding to disperse the smell.


These items are very costly. Notwithstanding, their significant expenses accompany durability and quality that allows the purchaser to enjoy a comfortable sleeping pad.

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How Long Does It Take For Your Body to Get Used to It

It might take around 2 to 3 weeks of standard use for the body to become accustomed to any type of sleeping pad. Here are ways of speeding up the method of becoming used to your new gel memory foam bedding:

Carve out the time to walk gently on the sleeping pad a few times day to day. Like most things that are new in your life, you really want time to change and become alright with your bed. You can put a bit of weight, for example, stuffed shoe boxes, and hard-bound books to speed up the process.

The temperature-responsiveness of a memory foam sleeping pad permits it to respond to body heat. This component causes it to respond to body temperature and form the state of your body. It adjusts to the body and is incredibly agreeable even as the sleeper continues in any position.

Is Memory Foam Mattress Good for Your Back?

Memory Foam Mattress was utilized at first for the NASA plane seats. It acquired popularity for its memory foam material and was later acquainted in clinics to make patients feel comfortable.

A night of restful and agreeable sleep is feasible with adequate back support given by a modifiable yet firm memory foam sleeping cushion. This sleeping cushion adjusts to the state of the body and helps keep the proper spine alignment.

Is Memory Foam Mattress Good for Your Back

Sleepers who complain of back torments resulting from poor alignment will profit from the viscoelastic nature of memory foam beddings. This element permits this sort of bedding to adjust to the pressure points of the body, including the hips and the shoulders.

Extra comfort is fundamental, particularly for individuals who need adequate rest to nurture their back wounds. Healing happens most during sleep, and an evening of agreeable and uninterrupted sleep is fundamental to the therapeutic process.

Bed purchasers might track down it expensive, yet it’s all worth the effort, particularly for individuals who experience the ill effects of back pain

Best Mattresses for Back Pain

The common idea is that resting on the firmest sleeping cushion eases a terrible back. In any case, late examinations uncover nobody kind of sleeping pad that meets everybody’s requirements. The most ideal way to select memory foam bedding that suits your need and comfort is to pick in light of your own personal preferences.

Here are fundamental tips to consider while picking your bedding:

  • The products assist with keeping legitimate spine arrangements. Proper posture during sleep assists in relaxing your back while you sleep. Typically, the memory foam sleeping cushion that accommodates your need allows you to awaken feeling good refreshed, and free from soreness. Individuals who experience rest issues related to back torment might profit from sleeping on Spectra orthopedic Bedding. This sleeping pad offers consistent support that holds the waist back from sinking into the bed.
  • Recall that what is too firm or too delicate isn’t something similar for everybody. For instance, a sleeper who feels good on bedding with a milder surface may not feel similar on a firmer one.
  • You might have to apply pressure on the sleeping cushion to check if it returns to its unique structure in a couple of moments. This element guarantees that you can openly move and change your sleeping position whenever.

Can Memory Foam Mattress Cause Body Aches – FAQs

Is memory foam good for side sleepers?
Foam or memory foam mattresses are an excellent choice for side sleepers because the material contours to curves to prevent pressure points.
What mattress type is best for back pain?
Memory foam and latex mattresses are often considered the best options for back pain, as they conform to your body, cradling pressure points while supporting your spine and keeping it aligned
Why does my memory foam mattress hurt my hips?
A memory foam mattress can cause hip pain if it is too firm, too soft, or otherwise unsuitable for your body weight, body type, and sleeping style.
How can I make my memory foam mattress more comfortable?
Memory foam mattresses can be made more comfortable by following 5 steps and use continuously for up to 60 nights. Apply gentle pressure. increase the ambient room temperature. use a slatted wood frame. buy a soft mattress topper.
Is memory foam bad for your back?
No, memory foam is not bad for your back but it depends on your posture, sleeping position, and other factors that affect your back.
Why does memory foam mattress hurt my back?
A memory foam mattress can cause hip pain if it is too firm, too soft, or otherwise unsuitable for your body weight, body type, and sleeping style



Memory foam mattresses are among the most popular sleeping cushions, particularly among individuals who experience back pain. This kind of sleeping pad is ideal among individuals looking for purchasing another bed for their adjusting and pain-relieving capacities. Numerous sleepers prescribe memory foam bedding to new purchasers for its effectiveness in easing discomfort.

Each sleeper’s need might contrast, which provoked Memory foam manufacturers to plan beddings at various degrees of firmness to assist people to rest better. Memory foam beddings assist with easing pain as well as accomplishing deeper sleep and rest. Do keep in mind some Questions to Ask When Buying a Mattress

The right sleeping cushion isn’t the only main factor that matters in easing your back torment. Different elements incorporate sleep position, the kind of pillows, and toppers, and where you place them. Nonetheless, you might have to call and schedule a visit to your doctor if the discomfort has not improved.

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