3 Best Mattress Wholesale Programs – 2024 Complete Guide

3 Best Mattress Wholesale Programs - Complete Guide for you

Wholesale is the best business model for the business, in this model, the business buys the goods in bulk amount, you people might be thinking, why buy in bulk? So, the reason is when a business buys the goods in bulk, they get them at discounted prices because of it the margin of their profit increases. 

There are many mattress wholesale programs in which brands sell the mattresses in bulk at very low rates so that most small businesses can buy the mattresses. This is the reason why most businesses go for wholesale programs to buy new mattresses. We will tell you about the best three wholesale programs from different brands. 

What is the Best Month to Buy a New Mattress?

If you want to buy a new mattress, then May is considered the best month because many brands launch new models of their products in June so, before their release, they need to sell the previous ones. They dump the old mattresses in the market with many discounts and sales, so; you will have the chance to get the mattress at a very reasonable price. 

If you plan to buy the mattress for your home, we recommend buying it in May because you might get it at a very low price. 

What is a Wholesale Mattress program?

Many companies, resorts, and hotels talk with the brands and get the mattresses in bulk at a very low price. This is what they called a wholesale mattress program. If you have still any doubt that what is the wholesale program then, buying the mattress in bulk at discounted prices is called the wholesale mattress program. 

What is a Wholesale Mattress program

Best Mattress Wholesale Programs

Now you know what the wholesale mattress program is so we will tell you about the best wholesale mattress program in the market. If you are a retailer, you can take benefit from it. We will discuss the three best mattress wholesale programs, so keep reading. 


Amerisleep is an American brand that offers its customers a very high-quality mattress at a very affordable price. They started this mission in 2010 and revolutionized the mattress industry with their mattresses.

They work all day and night to improve the quality of their mattresses, and this is why they have thousands of satisfied sleepers that trust and recommend them. 

Amerisleep’s Wholesale Program

Amerisleep is one of the known brands in the mattress industry, and they provide a wholesale program for small businesses so, they can buy the mattress in bulk at a very discounted price, but those programs are not available for everyone; there are specific criteria to approve which ones are eligible for this programs.  

Suppose you are the interior designer’s company or a home staging company. In that case, you can apply for the wholesale program of Amerisleep and get excellent prices for the mattresses. If you are a mattress retailer, Amerisleep says that you are eligible for the wholesale program. 

You might be thinking that only interior design companies and some retailers are eligible for this program, but that is not true there are many hotels, resorts, and short-term rental properties that you are eligible for this program. 


Zoma is also one of the best mattresses made in the USA. Many certifications and tests show that Zuma has the best pressure relief and motion isolation. There are many layers that make it comfortable for you, and it is also very good for muscle recovery. This is why they are listed at the top in the mattress industry, and they have many satisfied customers that prefer the Zoma mattress to any other mattress. 


Zoma’s Wholesale Program

As we all know, Zoma is one of the most known brands in this industry and everyone wants to buy mattresses from them and want to be part of their wholesale program to get the healthiest mattresses at the most discounted prices. There are eligibility criteria that make you eligible for Zoma’s wholesale program. 

If you are a mattress retailer or a home goods brand, then you are eligible to be a part of the wholesale program of The Zoma mattress, and you can get all the bulk mattresses at a very discounted price.  Home stagers and interior design companies are also eligible for the wholesale program. 

The third person or the companies eligible for the wholesale program are the resorts, hotels, rental property owners, and managers. 


Terry and Tony are the two brothers that made this company in 1989. They were from the background of project management and rocket science, but they switched to this mattress industry to give people the best sleep. They made the hyper-elastic polymer the most elastic, responsive, and durable material for the mattress, and it revolutionized the mattress industry. 

In 2024 Purple celebrated its fifth anniversary, in which it sold its one-millionth mattress. They are determined that there are many millions more to come. 

Purple’s Wholesale Program

When you have one of the most dominant companies in the mattress industry, everyone wants to be a part of the wholesale program. Of all the companies mentioned above, purple has the most advanced and customer-friendly policy regarding the wholesale program, and they provide this program to a wide range of people. 

If you are a big business, small business, wig shop, drama club, dance team, or theater, Purple will help you get the most out of it. If you are not from the previously mentioned businesses or any other person who wants to sell the mattress in some unique way, you are welcome to be a part of the wholesale program of Purple. 

The Purple might need some things or information from you that we will tell you here. 

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Contacts Name
  • Contacts Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • What You Are Requesting 

These are things that you need to submit if you want to be part of the wholesale program of the Purple.

How does the Wholesale Mattress Trade Partner Program Work?

If you are a retailer or any other business and want to buy mattress in bulk, you don’t have to buy from the middlemen of the brand. You can directly go to the official website of the mattress and read their wholesale program. The benefit you get from this program is that you can get the bulk amount of the mattress at very reasonable prices, not only this but there are many discounts going on different kinds of mattresses. 

How does the Wholesale Mattress Trade Partner Program Work

Most retailers, hotels, and companies who need bulk amounts of mattresses would go for the mattress partner program, and this way, they get a lot of mattresses at a very reasonable and discounted price. 

Who Uses Wholesale Mattress Programs?

Wholesale pricing can benefit businesses, individuals, or establishments that need to furnish large numbers of beds, especially since some programs start with just two mattresses. Hotels, motels, and resorts are among the wholesale mattress customers. So, if you are among the abovementioned ones, then the wholesale program is the best and most suitable option for you. 

Best Mattresses for rental properties

The Nectar mattress is well-built and affordable for those looking for a well-built mattress for their rental property. It has several layers of high-performance memory foam, and the price is low as compared to some other mattresses so it would be perfect for an Airbnb or vacation rental. If you are looking for the mattress that you want to use on rental properties, then go for the Nectar mattress. They are the best suitable option for you. 

Best Mattresses for rental properties

Is Wholesale Cheaper than Retail?

Yes, the answer to this question is that wholesale is much cheaper than retail because the retailer has to sell one mattress and there are many expenses that he would add to the cost of the mattress, which increases the price of the mattress. But, on the other hand, in wholesale, the business buys the mattress at a very bulk amount so, their prices get cheaper than the retailers. The conclusion is that the mattress from the wholesale program would be cheaper than the retailers. 

Benefits of Wholesale Mattress Programs

Wholesale mattress programs offer discounts on mattresses for many businesses. A set price and a number of mattresses can be determined by working with brands according to your requirements. The business that benefits from these wholesale mattress programs are hotels, resorts, short-term rental properties, home staging companies, and mattress and furniture stores. These are some benefits that you can enjoy if you become part of the wholesale program. 

Best Mattress Wholesale Programs – FAQs

Can you buy a mattress directly from the manufacturer?
The fact is that most factories offer generous return policies for mattresses you buy directly from them. The quality of a $1000 mattress that you purchase directly from the factory is thus higher than the quality of the one you buy from the mall’s home department.
Is selling mattresses a good business?
A mattress offers one of the highest profit margins in retail. According to Consumer Reports, mattresses are marked up by 40 to 50 percent, while grocery store chains might earn a profit margin of 5 percent. It is estimated that a mattress with a markup of 900 percent may only cost $300 to manufacture.
Is there a big markup on mattresses?
Mattresses have one of the highest profit margins of any product in retail. According to Consumer Reports, mattresses have a 40 and 50 percent markup, versus grocery stores earning a 5 percent profit margin. It has been shown that a mattress priced at $3,000 might only cost $300 to manufacture with a 900 percent markup.
How much do Mattress Firm employees get paid?
The answer to the question is: How much do the employees at Mattress Firm make? A Mattress Firm employee’s annual income, including base and bonuses, is estimated to be $129,434, or $62 per hour, while a median salary of $141,184, or $67 per hour, is calculated. Find out the salaries of Mattress Firm’s employees by department and occupation.
How much does a full-size mattress weigh?
The size of a full-size mattress is 56 x 75 inches, and it is best for teenagers and single adults. There is more room for sleeping in a full-size bed, weighing about 50 to 60 pounds. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for any mattress size. You should consider the weight of the mattress because it determines how easily you can move the mattress from one place to another.


Our Verdict

Suppose you are a retailer, interior design company, hotel, or resort. You should go for the wholesale program because when you enroll in the wholesale program, you get a bulk amount of mattresses at a very discounted price. 

This article would help you get the best mattress wholesale program in the market. If you read this article carefully, then till now, you will be able to determine which one has the best wholesale mattress program for you. 

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